Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Witch, and new Pashminas in my shop

Look here, isn`t she a sweet,smiling witch ? I like how she turned out.
She is ordered, and wayting here flying ,to be picked up.

This beautifull rose is from a little plant, I got from my friend Solvejg
And then look here --lots of Pashminas in my shop, in every kind of collors.
Se her Pashmina sjaler og tørklæder, helt nye i min butik
De er i en skøn kvalitet (cashmere og silke)
og sælges for tørklæder kr. 100,00
og sjaler kr. 200,00
Der er masser af skønne farver at vælge imellem.

I think thats it for today,I startet a new witch,that is half finished.
And I did some playing with a book-mark ,I`ll show you later.
Today the weather here was very pleasent, sunny,and no wind,
almost like spring.
My little grandchild,Mathilde, had her two years birthday today,
so we had the flag up, ---im going to see her and her brother next week, and are looking so much forward to it.
I wish you all dear friends and costumers, a wonderfull week-end.
XOOX Dorthe

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My number 2 doll in the workshop


This is my number two doll made after the instructions in
the wonderfull workshop that JoAnnA from Moshill Studio
are doing here on the net, she will soon start a new workshop
too, take a look on her blog on the adress above to se how to join.
Now its satturday again, so I`ll wish you a wonderfull week-end
whereever you are in the world.
Thankyou for wonderfull comments on my dolls send to me in the workshop
XOXO Dorthe

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The result from a very special workshop

As I told you in my last blog comment, I have taken a workshop at JoAnnA Moshill Studio
that for the moment are teatching a wonderfull class in her very special way of doll making.
Here is the result- Its a wonderfull class,with lots of people joining here, in making their own very special doll, with the guidance from JoAnna.You gets a lot of help, and she is there for you whenever you need it. I have really enjoyed this.

I call her :Live while you can
Have a wonderfull wednesday everyone. Hugs Dorthe

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Better late than never

Better late than never: happy Valentines day All.
This is my attemt on a heart wishing you all a wonderfull sunday.

For the moment im attending a Class in doll-making here on the net
at Mosshill Studio
take a look over there , and JoAnnA`s blog will guide you on to the class,its very exiting
and you can still join .

XOX Dorthe

Monday, February 9, 2009

A coupple of new art-pieces, and a gift

I tryed my hand on some new pieces
to hang. They are made on heavy
cardstoc, with plastic coated paper
on the back.

And this one is my Valentine piece,
thiese two love-birds realy sayes

And then i got a very sweet and lovely
packet in my mail. It came from Mette
that just resieved the white (I ame merried)
fairy. look what she have send me of
beautifull goodies.
This card with a beautifull dressed girl
is so sweet.

And look on this beautifull scented

And look the small icons, and all the other
beautifull things, collected with the heart,
im sure, -because its all just me.
Dear Mette, thankyou so very much.
Its monday evening, and i just finished
in my little shop, placing a pair of new
things, made of me, and bought.
I wish you a wonderfull tuesday all.
OOX Dorthe

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some more wonderfull gifts and a beautifull buy

I want to show you some wonderfull gifts
i got in my mail . This one i actually got in january
from a dear friend Anette from KØLN in
A spool full of golden threads , and a glass
og silver glitter

There was also a map full of beautifull
prints of pictures made from flowers

And look of this wonderfull pink box of chokolates
(emty) tasted very good.
im saving it for storage of something special.

This was only some of the gifts i resieved, but the rest
are eighter eaten or hidden away with other
christmas goodies. Thanks so much Anette.

Then look here, -a few dayes ago i resieved a box full
of doll-related goodies from Nellie -beautifull hair, and
yarn , doll hats, ribbons

and some beautifull laces, thanks so very much
dear Nellie. Ill have funn using this on my
dolls ,and show you , how they ended up.

The last thing i want to show you today
is a beautifull charm i ordered from
Alicja in Poland,-look a wonderfull job
she did, and is`nt it a fantastic motif
-the back reads : "Par Amour" i
love that.
Thankyou Alicja

It has been a cold day here on my little island
without snow or rain, but with green lawns
and birds singing, a little bit too early for
spring , and who knows -winter might come
back , not that i want that, but somehow
its not right having the feeling of spring yet.
I hope you are all feeling well out there,
and wishes you a lovely evening
Hugs from me to you. Dorthe