Monday, February 9, 2009

A coupple of new art-pieces, and a gift

I tryed my hand on some new pieces
to hang. They are made on heavy
cardstoc, with plastic coated paper
on the back.

And this one is my Valentine piece,
thiese two love-birds realy sayes

And then i got a very sweet and lovely
packet in my mail. It came from Mette
that just resieved the white (I ame merried)
fairy. look what she have send me of
beautifull goodies.
This card with a beautifull dressed girl
is so sweet.

And look on this beautifull scented

And look the small icons, and all the other
beautifull things, collected with the heart,
im sure, -because its all just me.
Dear Mette, thankyou so very much.
Its monday evening, and i just finished
in my little shop, placing a pair of new
things, made of me, and bought.
I wish you a wonderfull tuesday all.
OOX Dorthe

1 comment:

My Creative House said...

Wonderful collage for Valentine's Day you have made.
Hyggelig at have fundet en blog hvor jeg kan skrive dansk, har tit tænkt om jeg er den eneste i Danmark der laver disse anderledes ting, flotte collager du har lavet til Valentin, kan se at du er en samler ligesom jeg.