Friday, July 25, 2014


This is a part of the first page I creates in a gorgeous birthday gift ,journal, I recieved from my dear
friend YVONNE . I made it while on vacation,and with very few materials.
The stamps are from

I did not believe my eyes opening it up, seing this most beautiful journal-book

Yvonne created it on a workshop made by another dear friend of mine NELLIE

this is the back, and beneath you see some inside pages .

There are lots of papers for me to create on, and the journal folds over twize .
I love the blue-red-white colours Yvonne used and little sweet words ,embroidered in ceveral places.

I hope you click for bigger photoes to see, and to read the lovely poem.

Here another beautiful spread .

And on top of such a gorgeous handmade gift I also recieved this most beautiful bag filled
with lovely scenting dried lavenders! I is such a wonderful creation, now hanging in my  eating area in
my kitchen .

Look at this lovely doll attached the packet ,isent it a sweet idea!!!

And this postage stamp writing Denmark.-Copenhagen I have never seen
in a danish shop !!, I don`t know where  Yvonne found it, but so sweet of her to
think about me, and also gifting it to me.

THANKYOU from my heart again, dear friend, You made me so happy with those 
gorgeous gifts, Yvonne. Thank you dear and so very much also for your friendship.


As you might have guessed I`m home again after a vacation celebrating my grandchilds birthday.
Sunday I will see both him and Mathilde again ,here, with their mother,-to spend 10 dayes with us :-)
I am having a lovely summer, and hope all you dear friends, are also enjoying your dayes,
summer,- or winter aproaching, for some of you!!

Love and hugs and see you as I try to catch up with your wonderful blogs.


Saturday, July 12, 2014


My wonderful grandkids  arrives tonight with their father, to spend
some dayes with us here , and I`m so happy to see them,- later they change 
father, with mother :-) and stayes with our daughter for almost 2 weeks!!
What a wonderful summer we will have ,being together for weeks.

Lovely roses strung ,to hang and dry in my window 

Here the dried version, lovely in soft pink.

I created this collage for my dear sweet friend Yvonne,
and as she recieved it yesterday I can show it here :-)

I loved using the handmade plaster head , making it look as a porzelain
head, using Diamond Glace. It mostly consists of old laces in lovely shades of white and nature
colours. I`m so happy that Yvonne loves, it. 

I want to wish you happy weeks ahead, as I will only now and then be on your blogs, dear friends.
Not so much time for that, with quests for the coming weeks.
But I hope to visit a little, and hope to see you all when I return back in August !!

Sending you much love, and hugs.
Dorthe, xx

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


This very beautiful icon, I recieved from my very dear Danish friend  BETTINA

Isen`t it amazing I love the beautiful materials she used, the rusted old piece
and the cast head . Bettina also spoiled me with a  gift card to a Danish web shop,
selling goodies to play with ,when creating !! So today the postman also brought me 
some Distress Stain,- Crackle Paint, and two wonderful stencils  :-) which I bought from 
the gift card.
Tusind tak, kære ven, jeg er bare så glad for ikonet og de skønne
ting der ankom idag ,tak også for igår  !! KYS  og KNUS og KÆRLIG HILSEN !!!

And from dearest LIZ I got a pair
of the sweetest ballet shoes !! I love them, Liz.

This little ,dear birds nest which flew alll the way from UK to Denmark ,isen`t it 
adorable?  I so love the bits and pieces .of berries from the bird building it .
It is now in my windowsil inside an old crown !!

And see the wonderful old tray, with the name tiles Liz, dearly also gifted me,
I love the beautiful feathers,too.

Also she send me a huge roll af old wonderful French papers,-

beautiful tapestry papers,

Lovely laces 

and these 3 beautiful old prints of birds, which she know I love .
Thank you so very much, my very sweet and dear Liz, I am so
feeling spoiled with all this , 

Here it has been a most beautiful summer weather this week, almost too hot,
but I enjoy it very much ,and hope it will last for some weeks ,to come. 

I also hope you are all enjoying the weather where you live, be it the starting winter
for some, or the summer , for others .

I send you all loving greetings,and big hugs.
Thank you dear friends for your lovely visits, it is such a joy for me when you have been here!!!


Thursday, July 3, 2014


First I want to show you these beautiful surprices ,that arrived from my very
Martina and I have been commenting on each other`s blogs for years, but the last half year,or so, we have also become close friends via e-mails, and I am very happy to have met this sweet and wonderful woman.

Look what a fantastic card she made me , with the girl in frame and covered with
Diamond Glace , beautiful with the butterfly and flowers, and shimmering "air" around her.

And the box, so gorgeous , you can`t see it here, but the flowers is treated so they
look almost like porzelain, and also here a sweet girl in frame ,and that beautiful old
silver brooch flower,- and bird on a branch.

Inside Martina have added a lot of wonderful laces, for me.

AND ,here was to celebrate my birthday with lights ,champagne and glasses :-)
Isen`t it a the sweetest greeting !!
Thank you, my dear ,sweet Martina, -your surprice gifts made me very happy, and I love your
beautiful sunshine gifts .

Now ,-from another very dear and very close friend  LYNNE
came a beautiful ,lovely note book . I am so in love with the romantic front ,and the painting
in the softest blue, and the stamped , bird related words.The birdstamp is 
wonderful ,-such a "fat" cutie .

The card is just adorable and lovely with the bird and text stamped on balsa wood, and the 
laces, making it so textured and beautiful.

Here is a close up from the note book, with the gorgeous flover ribbon and sweet feather.

My dear Lynne also added a huge bundle of lace and some wonderful  bark and
wooden charms in a little see through box, to me.
I`m so grateful my friend for your beautiful gifts, and for our friendship, growing every day !

I know this is a -for me-very long post, but I so much,also wanted to
show you what came from another also very , very dear and for long time, close friend,

This card is absolutely gorgeous, with Suzy using wool, papers ,fabrics ,embroidery,
and much more. I love it ,dear Suzy.

The sweetest tag-card with a serene look -beautiful!!

Also an image for me to play with -isen`t it lovely.

And here one of the stitched gifts for me, A stunning heart ,oh it
is so beautiful,- my dear friend, thank you Suzy--so filled with eternal beauty and romance.

Look at some of the amazing details, Suzy added.

The other gift ,this amazing artist friend made me, is a wonderful "doll"
So filled with gorgeous fabrics and laces to form her dress and wonderful wings.

My camera does not capture the beauty of the materials, and this angelic beauty.
So richly equipped ,in browns and dark reds, tulles and velvet -flowers and ribbons.

And on top of all this gorgeousness, Suzy also gifted me this old wonderful magazine ,-

I love it , look what fantastic old images,-exatly this period is so lovely ,and I hope to get time to read 
some of it ,as well as dwelve over the drawings.
Thank you my dearest and treasured Suzy, you so spoiled me, and filled my day with beauty .

The last photo today, shows this sunshine card, created by dear JULIA,
 Julia, pressed the flowers and added them to my birthday card, on top of
lovely papers and stamps. I love the little piece with the D on. It is very beautiful, and the pressed 
flowers still so lovely in colours .
Thank you sweetest friend, for your wonderful card, and your dear words.

I hope you were with me to the end of my post, to capture the beauty, all these wonderful
friends have created .
I feel so blessed knowing them, - and you, all.

Love and hugs ,Dorthe