Wednesday, July 9, 2014


This very beautiful icon, I recieved from my very dear Danish friend  BETTINA

Isen`t it amazing I love the beautiful materials she used, the rusted old piece
and the cast head . Bettina also spoiled me with a  gift card to a Danish web shop,
selling goodies to play with ,when creating !! So today the postman also brought me 
some Distress Stain,- Crackle Paint, and two wonderful stencils  :-) which I bought from 
the gift card.
Tusind tak, kære ven, jeg er bare så glad for ikonet og de skønne
ting der ankom idag ,tak også for igår  !! KYS  og KNUS og KÆRLIG HILSEN !!!

And from dearest LIZ I got a pair
of the sweetest ballet shoes !! I love them, Liz.

This little ,dear birds nest which flew alll the way from UK to Denmark ,isen`t it 
adorable?  I so love the bits and pieces .of berries from the bird building it .
It is now in my windowsil inside an old crown !!

And see the wonderful old tray, with the name tiles Liz, dearly also gifted me,
I love the beautiful feathers,too.

Also she send me a huge roll af old wonderful French papers,-

beautiful tapestry papers,

Lovely laces 

and these 3 beautiful old prints of birds, which she know I love .
Thank you so very much, my very sweet and dear Liz, I am so
feeling spoiled with all this , 

Here it has been a most beautiful summer weather this week, almost too hot,
but I enjoy it very much ,and hope it will last for some weeks ,to come. 

I also hope you are all enjoying the weather where you live, be it the starting winter
for some, or the summer , for others .

I send you all loving greetings,and big hugs.
Thank you dear friends for your lovely visits, it is such a joy for me when you have been here!!!



June said...

You have received so many lovely things from friends dear Dorthe. You must love it when the post comes!
I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying your summer my dear. I too have been loving this heat and beautiful days. It seems to be going by too fast though, so lets enjoy it while we can :)))
sending love...

Createology said...

Dorthe Dear your gifts are glorious. Each one custom created to exactly your style and colors and passions. True treasures to behold. Summer is such a wonderful season. Enjoy your Summer Sparkles and Creative Bliss...

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hello dearest Dorthe, You've received such beautiful gifts from Bettina and Liz and as well from Martina, Lynne and Suzy. Enjoy all these thoughtful presents from your dear friends.
Sending mange kys og knus your way, sweetie,

Inkypinkycraft said...

gorgeous gifts ... i am sure you will be creating with some of them some real beauties soon x

junemac2 said...

Thanks so much for your warm welcome back to blogland Dorthe. Its good to visit with you on your gorgeous blog i love the birds nest and all these beautiful items. x

butterfly said...

Another collection of beautiful creations and gifts - what a joy it must be to open all these presents on your birthday... thank you for sharing that joy with us too!
Alison xx

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

You have received some beautiful gifts from your friends.
Love how creative everyone is - especially like the sweet birds nest.
Many thanks for visiting me dear friend and wishing you a happy weekend ahead.


Dortesjs said...

faboules gifts Dorthe.
skønne og lækre gaver du har modtaget især det franske papir og de søde fugle.
og jeps hav en dejlig sommer derovre på SOLSKINS øen

xx Dorte

Viola said...

Super schöne Geschenke, liebe Dorthe! Wünsche Dir ein wundervolles Wochenende und weiterhin viel Sonne. Hier ist es nicht so toll. Ein Gewitter nach dem anderen.Und wahnsinnig viel Regen. Wir sollten uns wohl besser bald ein Schlauchboot kaufen, hihi! Kys, kys, Viola :-)

Suztats said...

Such wonderful gifts Dorthe! I hope you have a fabulous, warm summer.