Saturday, June 6, 2020


I wanted to show you some of my latest Eco-dyed papers 
so here goes ....

I used different leaves and a few flowers, 
below rose leaves , which always gives a lovely print, for me .

I don`t remember all , but  I used old book pages ,khadi paper, 
and old  envelopes .

This is beautiful in real life !!

Here I used Alun leaves  ( Heuchera) which tends to
give this beautiful tone . 

This is a bough from an Elderberry, still with green berries.

Another rose leaf ,- and below I used tiny Daisies,
giving this print ,which I love . 

And below on e of the collages made using a print as 
background .
 The link should hopefully take you to her online classes ,and this 
Botanical Collage  Miniclass.

It is a wonderful experience to dye with nature items, and to follow 
Kate in showing and doing how to !!

Have a lovely weekend- 
Hugs and love