Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A messenger of love

The messenger of love, I call this angel
She brings help and wonders from above--tells us to join in hands and hearts.
She is made in cotton material, and decorated with old papers
in handwriting, and words of wisdom.
I used different stamps on her trousers.
Click on the pictures to see the details.

Lots of birds gathering on my field, on the opposite side
of the street.
If you click the picture, you can see how many they are,
and my welcome angel from the back.

Tomorrow I am going to set up my little exhibition in the
hospital in Rønne. I will try to take some pictures.
Till then, I wish you all a lovely day, and evening.

Love and hugs, Dorthe

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Angels and a beautifull walk

Little angel waiting for christmas to come, not quite finished, as she have to
add a few details to her face, but looking quite happy to be here.
And here a sister, not quite finished too,
Today my husbond, Solvejg and I, took a walk here on this side of the island,
near the coast .
We walked a bit highter than the coastline,so we had the most
beautifull wiew to the Baltic Sea.

Look at this old trees, almost fully covered with Ivy,
I realy had to control myselves,not to take big bunches home with me, for
wreaths.Have to return to pick some another day.

And this is the sunset ,seen from my window ,so
very beautifull, and so autumn-like.

So hope you all had, -and have a lovely sunday
and sending wisches for a good monday.
xoxo, Dorthe

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My first handmade pumpkin

I tryed my hand on my first pumpkin today!! alwayes wanted to do some, but
till now ,it stayed in my head as a wish.
I used different white and tan materials to sew it up.

Then added beautifull laces, Skeleton leaves

An old wood stock

and different twigs-real ones and made
of wire.Lastly a little silver glitter.

I surely will make more , like so much the real ones
and think that even this one enden up a bit flat, I like
it alot.
Hope you all had , and have a beautifull day,

Monday, September 21, 2009

AUTUMN and a wonderfull magazine

Here the last week, we have had the most wonderfull september weather-
a real indian summer . I love autumn, with the special light, the nature
dressed in yellow ,brown and red, and the promises of indoor activities, candlelight,and
This picture is from my entrance,where I have a beautifull old byro, .
The beautifull box, and the candlestick is made of my dear friend Solvejg, she
is doing the most wonderfull art-pieces. Don`t you think?
The letters stand for :Dorthe and Henning
And here two pictures showing the outside of my house,dressed for autumn.

The wonderfull Jeanne d Àrc Living is here with fantastic houses shown,

Wonderfull inspirational artickles ,using the bounty of nature, in many wayes:
leaves,flowers,vegetables,and much more.

It is so very beautifull

I hope you will have a lovely monday
dear readers,and wishes you smiles through your day.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Satturday with beautifull gifts, and friendship

This was the tag-cart that met me, when opening the box----
is`nt it just sweet, I love it Jytte.

My very dear friend Jytte, whom I met many years ago, is one of the most generous women I know.Look here what a gift pack I recieved yesterday from her.This is an old frech party back, so very beautifull and wonderfull.

This is the what the label reads inside

A sweet little bowl, filled with lovely chocolate sweets inside , uhm
A packet of herb tea with a beautifull angel on the cover.
old books : a french text , and a crossstitch pattern bookdating 1947, with lots of sweet patterns inside,to scan in for cards and much more.

Wonderfull laces, and buttons

small candels holders-

and beautifull golden snowflakes.

Such a gift full of friendship, and beautifull things,that maybe
a lot of people would not understand ,can fill my heard with happiness.
But then I feel so blessed that you are all here dear
blog friends, because I know ,that you knows,exatly what I speek about.
Dear sweet Jytte, thanks so very much , you made my day ,and filled my heart with
joy-love to you.
And a wonderfull sunday to all.
XOXO- Dorthe

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MMM- Make something round

This week at MMM my dear blogging friend Anni ( one of the few in Denmark) made the
Art piece and challenge . (make something round), and did a very beautifull challenge piece.
Thake a look at her blog.

I startet with a pink paper cupcake-form with white dots, and from there added small pieces of this and that. I used the lovely item from Arteologi some stamps, and finished with a crepe rushe ? -is it spelled so ? It is app. 15x15 cm. And I think I`m getting a little too much pink here,
but kind of like it.
It is called :"Sisters in love and time"
I had a great time in Copenhagen with my "kids", and have to start with my dolls
again, -so I will be bussy.
Hope all of you had a great week-end, and wishes you a lovely week.
Hugs and love

Friday, September 11, 2009


To small tags -only 6,4 x 4,5 cm.
I punsched them out from an old card, and played with paper
beautifull little fiber remnants from other projects, stamped, and embossed

The images I used is from Itkupilli she sells wonderfull digi-sheets.

Have a great friday, and week-end all
Love and hugs~ Dorthe

Thursday, September 10, 2009

ATC trade, and a new one from me

Last week, LynnStevens asked me to trade ATC `s and look ,what a wonderfull one,
I choosed from her galleri, it is 3-dimentional and very beautifull

She also send me this great card, thanks alot Lynn, I love your ATC-I also managed (in between the doll-making) to do one myselves.
I used an image from Collagevisions -take a look there,
so many wonderfull things to buy.
Hope you are all doing well
Have a great week-end, and take care.
xoxo, Dorthe

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Two wonderfull buyes, and a beautifull gift

From the first time I came across the blog of VIOLA I found all she did eceptional
fantastic, and after visiting her now for some time, I am still overwhelmed of her
Art, so I had to ask her to buy one piece. Among many I would love to have,-this
one became the winner, and I just love it, Viola.
If any of you did not visit her blog, you should go there to look at all the
great art.
And then look here what this sweet woman added in my packet---

This very beautifull white dream-piece- so wonderfull made with
lace,buttons ,and a sweet image, ---
a very dear, and georgeus gift.
Danke ,danke sehr liebe Viola

Another beautifull packet arrived at my door, this week.
I found Julie`s Etsy shop, and fell in love with thiese beautifull green
turquise earrings,---now they are hanging in my ears, they have the
most wonderfull green color, as you can see.
Take a visit there, -so many goodies to look at.
Beside thiese gifts, we were also gifted with a fantastic September day
here, such a beautifull weather, which is only to experience this month of the year.
Hope you are all having a lovely evening.
xoxo, Dorthe

Monday, September 7, 2009

On Mixed Media Monday-----ATC

This weeks teame on MMM is to show a special time in the day, -so
as I just took two pictures here from my window ,that I find very beautifull,
I decided to use them together with the angel image from The last door.. to
get the feeling of night, where the angels are watching over us.......

As I could not choose between the dark and brighter ,I posted both.

Hope you are all enjoing the day / evening--
and wishing everyone happy hours.
XOXO, Dorthe

Friday, September 4, 2009

Remember your inner child----

This doll, -also made for the exhibition, represents, one of the ,for me ,very importent
things in life : hold on to your inner child,-don`t forget to play, experience,dream,and create.
Don`t let your inner child leave,when growing up.But keep her close, and experience with
her, lots of exiting things.
To express the inner child, I used the wonderfull image of the little child,
which I found on The Feathered Nest,- Dawn`s beautifull blog.
I also want to show you a new ATC , I just recieved in the mail, from Julia .
We met on MMM and exchanged ATC´S, mine is now on it`s way to her.
I love this one, thanks Julia.

It`s friday evening, -one week gone again, -tomorrow my dear friend Solvejg is
here , for working together, and enjoing each others compagny, lovely.
Wishing all of you a happy saturday, too.
Hugs to all dear friends.
xo. Dorthe

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I won my first blog giveaway

When visiting lovely blogs ,seing they have a giveaway,or reading of that, I almost alwayes do make a comment, and normally forgets all about it, and till now I did not have the luck to be the happy winner. An so it was when Rein from Plezier met Papier offered a lovely ATC and card, for her 3 years on the blog . So you understand my surprice,and joy,getting a wonderfull message from Rein ,that I was the winner.

Just look at this beautifull ATC,-I love the little face,and all about it.

And this fabulous card, with greetings from the stamping fairy.
that you should : Sing your heart songs-- is so great too.
I`m so happy to have won this , thank`s so much Rein.
They are both displayed in my "office".

Wishing you all a great thursday
xoxo Dorthe

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I don `t remember if I told you, I am having an exhibition in the Hospital,
here on my Island, starting Oktober~january.
I have been asked to make that with my "dolls", -which will be displayed
in the cafeteria in 3 big glass showcases.
I naturelly have started creating, and want to show you one of my fairyes.

I think I like her alot
She is almost 50 cm high, and in beautifully muted tones,
a flower fairy princess

When returning home from my daughter,in Copenhagen
sunday evening, this beautifull sky greeted me ,when the ship
arrived to Bornholm-just fantastic.

I hope all is well around the world, with all you blogging friends,
whom I am so very happy to know.
My life has become so much richer,
meeting you.
XOXO, Dorthe