Monday, July 29, 2013

FORGOT TO TELL YOU THAT .................

visiting you all ,on your blogs!!

I will be back next week again...and am looking forward visiting and
experiencing all you have created and shown!!

Happy rest of the week, and see you soon!!!

and --WELCOME to new followers , I feel so blessed you are visiting!!!

Love and hugs to my sweet friends,-

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


From The Netherlands and my dear friend YVONNE I recieved 
a beautiful birthday gift, and so lovely packed!!
See those paper napkins, I can`t wait to use them!!

And another beautifully wrapped gift, with Yvonne`s embroidered 
lavender pillow , so gorgeous!! There were two, and they are just so wonderful!!

Here you see  both ,-together with the most gorgeous French soaps, 
I already use  one ,and it smells heavenly!!!
Also beautiful and special fabric pieces for me to create with!!

A close up of the napkins,..have you ever seen the like ?
Not me,!!!!! They are so beautiful!!!

This is the lavenderpillows seen from behind -you can see that sweet Yvonne made
them ,so I can add new lavenders when this do not send it`s fantastic smell ,anymore!
Also I found this most adorable little mouse on one of the gifts, isen`t she darling!!! I simply love
 her and her cuteness!!

Here you can better see the beautiful fabric`s -I love them, and all the other most gorgeous gifts ,
Thankyou from my heart my dear ,dear Yvonne, you have so spoiled me this year with your amazing
gifts,- you know I treasure them all, and so much our friendship!!!
I will get back to you, hopefully soon.

Also,-  some time ago  I purchased  two beautiful rosaries from my dear LIZ`s etsy shop

They arrived in this most gorgeous box, that Liz created , in her 
so beautiful and romantic style!! which I love- see all the tiny pink
stones she added , and the beautiful old drawing of the sisters!!

Here they are ,so beautiful,  inside  the cover from the box!
See the envelopes they came in !!
Isen`t  the cover great inside ,too!

Also  Liz , had added most gorgeous braids , and a lace doily
inside the box- thank you dear friend, so very much! 
This was such  a beautiful birthday gift box, my dear Liz!!

Look at this sweetnes inside the box, I so love those old  engravings 

THANKYOU dearest friend,- I so love your beautiful gifts, Liz, and treasure our friendship
from my heart.


I hope you are not tired seing all this beauty from around the world,-
I feel so very blessed with the friends I have found via my blog, and treasure all of you, dearly!
Blogging friends are the most loving and generous ones you can ever wish for, and alwayes there
for me,- if needed, with an ear or with an advice- that is the biggest gifts !!! Thank you.


Love and hugs, Dorthe

Friday, July 19, 2013


I just want to tell you that I`m all fine, but still having so much to do, being with my family ,
and caring for my grandkids!!

So here is just a few pages from my Nature Journal  workshop with ROXANNE (click here to see more!)

I painted the little sparrow , on a piece of eco dyed paper, and placed it on one page with another 
beautiful piece of paper, also eco dyed!! in the same bath!!  As you know I love
lace, and just had to add a piece of old beauty ,too!!

On the other page I placed a skeleton leafe, and wrote a little text around it!

Here is my painted bird close up,- I like him !!

This weekend we celebrate my grandchild Gustav and my husbond`s birthdays....
they were born on the same date :-)  .
This means I will be very bussy again,-but I so hope to be able commenting on your blogs,
from monday, again.

You are all very dear to me, and I look forward seing you again!!!

Love and hugs,Dorthe

Thursday, July 11, 2013



This beautiful heart hanger was given to me from my dear BETTINA , my Danish friend
living on Bornholm too, and not that far away from me!!

Isen`t it the most gorgeous piece made with bettina`s favorite medium : wool !
I love it with it`s embroidery.

And then look at this goodies, that she dearly gifted me, after knowing my husbond
gave me a needlefelting maschine for my birthday. 
Have you seen all those gorgeous colours of wool!!
Soon I hope to get more time, to play :-)
Thankyou my dear friend,- for your lovely gifts.

And from ROBIN another dear soul friend, I recieved a gift ,holding one  the most favorite dolls in my life
packed so lovely with this card and sweet tag.

Here she is my sweet  Checker Spot fey!!
Isen`t she just wonderful!!

Robin is an amazingly gifted dolls artist and story teller, I have been in love
with her and her dolls for years now, and both she and the dolls still makes me feel
loved and makes me smile !!

All those beautiful tags and a stamp, were also in her wonderful gift.
Thankyou my dear friend, so very much!!

For today lastly,- I recieved another oh so beautiful gift from my so lovely friend LYNNE 
Lynne has become a dear and close friend,too, and her gorgeous pillow
made me swoon. 

Please click all photoes to see the details ....dosen`t it look so beautiful!!

I love lace, naturel colours and romance ,and Lynne knows that and made me this beauty!
Also I found the sweetest little canvas ,on it`s own  easel-
decorated with lace, and stamped with a word very dear to me---:friends!!
I`m happy to be your friend, Lynne, and treasure our relationship very much!

The wonderful stamp, was extra in my package,  with some
of my favorite items,-bird and flowers!!
Thankyou so much my dear .

I still have a few gifts to show you, but will leave them for another time,-they came from England and The Netherlands and are from very dear friends too!!

Here before saying goodnight a photo from my garden with a beautiful rose bush.
I`m so happy that no roedeers are eating them this year!!!

From saturday almost untill first week in August, my dearest grand children will be visiting 
which will make my life filled with lots of activity and joy-but not leave much time
blogging!! I hope to see you now and then, but I know it will only be very little for the coming 2 weeks!!
So please bear with me and my absence- 
I wish you all very lovely and happy dayes, untill I see you again!!

Hugs and love

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Costum ordered dolls- and my first try on Eco dying!!

First of all. I wish all my dear American friends a very HAPPY  FOURTH OF JULY !!!!
Have fun and take care !!!

And then to these two friends,  they are costum ordered, and will soon be going away with their new owner :-)
can you see they are on their way to a dance in the woods !!

I love the bright and sweet looking fairies, they alwayes have an extra
twinkle in their eyes-LOL

I am attending Roxanne`s and on her blog saw an exiting link to some Eco dying pages.
Please go and check out her beautiful blog!!!
I had to try, and from mugworth I made a bath, which gave me 
the most lovely fabrics in soft tones of rosa.

Look how beautiful.

I also tried some leaves which made this beautiful grey tones!
the "pattern" is from a few rusted keyes, I rolled into the fabric!

those are papers I boiled  after adding plants  inside the pages- here the mugworth- and 
some eucalyptus leaves...I love the print on the watercolour papers.
The brown page I only used mugworth and it did not give the same striking effect!

Although it also looks very special with the spots of dark ,which came from the clamps 
that closes the layers together ,before cooking them.

Here is some leaves print ,after trying to damp and cook,different ones!!
 It is so very exiting and very difficult to foresee
what comes from each  cooking ,so just to have try and try over again!!!

Goodnight for now ,---- wishes my blackbird and I-
can you you see he is singing a lullaby for you- :-)

I have to tell you that I am so very thankfull for all your dear comments ,both for my private life, and for my 
art pieces and happy playing with different medias,-THANKYOU -you are so lovely friends all!

Thankyou also new followers.- I can see that our Friends Connect is still there, but I guess
it will suddenly dissapeer , and I hope you will then all follow me on BLOGLOVING-I have 
the botton on the left side of my blog, on top of the page!!

With hugs and love
from Dorthe