Friday, March 29, 2013


.I received my dear friend Nellie's DVD ...." One of a kind fabric book " CLASS ,---and want to show you a few
spreads I made till now,- I choosed a nature theme, -you know I love
working with pieces from the nature, and I try to incorporate some
finds with copies, and photoes.

Here one of my beloved skeleton leaves with a stick,and some 
seaweed from the beach, and  a fabric transferred bird,on the other page.

I have tried to prepare the pages after Nellie`s suggestions, and love it.
She explains everything so wonderful, and shows all in beautiful pictures ,
Thankyou dear Nellie.
Below a piece of bark a leafe and a piece os an old shirt.

I don`t know how many pages there will be, in my book, time will show,
and also if those pages are all finished, or I will add some more fabric to them!!,
I think I might.

Those of you whom don`t know NELLIE FROM :
please go visit her and her wonderful blog, you will
just love her amazing creations.


To all you dear friends out there, I wish you  a 
and hope you can all relax a bit  ,and enjoy 
the Holidayes maybe with friends and loved ones.

Much love, and hugs from Dorthe

Saturday, March 23, 2013


I have known dear  TERRI for some years now, we have commented on each others 
blogs, and once I won a fantastic giveaway from this sweet woman.
Some weeks ago, I once again was touched so very much
by the kindness from this lovely friend.

I recieved , just like that,-a gorgeous packet from Terri, 
with beautifully wrapped sweetnesses of all kinds.

AND THIS amazing and so beautiful wristcuf that Terri made for me!
I was in love at first sight, with this wonderful jewelry -please click the photo 
to see all the beautiful stones,and crystals- it fits me perfectly, and
is one of my favorite colours: the colour of the Sea.
Thankyou my dear friend, I am so touched by your beautiful gift,-and
kind heart.

And if you look through the photoes you can see that Terri in every way
had made a Sea  theme, in the things she send me.

Beautiful seambindings , wonderful handmade papers,
and a roll filled with the most gorgeous strips of velvet and silken fabrics.
There was also a lovely inkpad in the turquise sea colour.

And here so lovely packed ,seambinding and a stamp,
shown below, -wrapped so sweetly with the feather ,I believe also 
found on the shore.

Dear Terri wrote me that she found the shells in Canada,
when having a vacation there, and
brought them back home to wrap and send some to me!!!

Isen`t it the sweetest thought! You can see  the shells and 
a wonderful collection of buttons ,wrappen in turquise tulle, both.
And have you seen the old papers that I love and the yummy teabags,
she also send me :-)

Here you can see all those goodies a little bit closer..Please
click my photoes for a bigger view! I haven`t beared to unpack these
lovely collections yet---as I so love to watch them in their seablue tulle.

The beautiful tag Terri had already made for christmas , for me,
it is so gorgeous  !
Thankyou from my heart dear Terri, you have made me very happy with all this
beauty, and  most of all by the act of wanting to do it. 
I feel so happy knowing a special kind and lovely woman like you.
I know that many of you often visits Terri and her : Teacup Tuesday-
to see her collection of amazing teacups, -but if you don`t  please click her name,to
see her wonderful blog.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend- here I`m off to watch the 3, period of 
Downton Abbey  - LOVE IT...

and love and hugs to you! from me.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Another week have gone, and already it is saturday again.
I created this collaged hanger for a friend, and hope it will soon
arrive at her doorstep.

The wonderful image is from that I fell
in love with when seing dear  NANCY  from
using them in a beautiful creation.

I used different pieces,  like old laces, both handmade 
and machine made- papers- the top of the flower was 
attatched a gift from a dear friend. The sisters are transferred to cloth.

The beautiful nature heart, is actually  seaweed of a kind, having these lovely
endings to it- isen`t nature amazing! 

Like " my " Baltic sea this week ,where we had a huge storm,
with waves very high-my fhoto does not show it really, but it 
was a fantastic sight- Today the sun shines beautifully, but they
already again have "promised" us a huge snowstore the coming dayes!
I know many of you are screaming for spring,too...
lets hope together it will soon be here.

Welcome to new followers, I am happy to see you arrive,and 
follow me, and try to get around to say hello.

Sending you all precious friends much
love and hugs.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


I know I have introduced you to my very dear danish friend BETTINA
not long ago,-last week my mail woman, came with an envelope  holding
these sweeties from her. She crocheted all this beautiful flowers for me,-
using my favorite colours !! aren`t they lovely!

and also made this wonderful tag , - thankyou my dear Bettina,
they are so sweet and lovely, you made me happily smile.

I am a little smitten with all the beautiful eggs and Easter creations I see
on blogs and Facebook, and have made a few myself.

Theese are cotton eggs, covered with white paper napkins, inks,
The sweetest PAPER WHIMSY images, old texts and gesso.

And here two henns eggs, treated almost in the same manner, and also here I
used the beautiful PAPER WHIMSY images

It is so very cold here again, freezing and storming,-and with new
snow on its way,-I hope it will be only a short return of winter, and
that the sun will be here soon ,to warm my heart and spirit.

I hope your weekend have started pieceful and happy, and  wishes
you wonderful hours today and tomorrow, hopefully enjoying some time off from
normally duties!

I welcome new followers , and send you all blessings ,
love and hugs.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Some time before christmas my dear sweet friend MARIE from Lost Bird Studio, and I 
desided to wait till after christmas with our gifts for each other, and
therefore they became a spring-swap.

You can visit Marie, to see what I created for her !!!

This beautiful giftbag was what I found when opening
the packet from Marie- Isen`t it gorgeous,with the lovely
charms ! The D ,for Dorthe and the key, that she so lovely altered.

And inside...Oh sorry I jumped to open the gifts,so no photoes of the 
adorable wrappings.- but look at this sweetest charm, with my Mathilde
on one side - Marie asked for a photo and this one fitted perfectly inside.

The other side shows Marie`s wonderful mini collage,
. I so love it  and the heart you added . And it is around my neck  :-)

And oh my heart skipped when I found this gorgeous wristcuf ,- I have alwayes wanted
a charm wristcuf and this is the most beautiful one, I could ever wish for.
See the soldered charm, that Marie dearly made for me, and all the 
sweet french items attached,-I am so in love with this ,dear friend.

As if this wasen`t enough Marie also spoiled me with  a lovely tag, and the paper
spool with wonderful seambinding, and the brooch.

Some lovely napkins,old numbers,another brooch ,and ....

these wonderful embossing  folders -see how sweet there is a little charm on everything-

I am so thankful for all your gorgeous gifts to me, my dear Marie-
and I feel blessed with your friendship, thankyou from my heart for everything!

Today the weather have been so beautiful, and I had to take a walk to the beach,
where I found a lot of swans, on the quiet sea, they were unfortunately not
real near me, but I think you can see, and feel the lovely flat sea, and
them enjoying swimming in the sun.

Thankyou to all new followers, you are very appreciated and welcome-
And thank`s to all that visits my blog,-you are such sweet friends.

Love and hugs,