Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Yes I chose to show you more gifts from two very dear and longtime friends!!
I know it is a long post from me, but I so wanted to honor both friends ,by showing their 
beautiful gifts and hearts,-before Christmas, so I hope you will
be with me all through the post !!

The one I opened up first arrived from dear Lynne https://lynnesbowsandbelles.wordpress.com/
Isen`t this one wrapped so beautifully, with the gorgeous tag, an art piece all
in its own !!

This is the card, deserving so much more,than this photo gives it,
but if you click on it, you can see the shine ,and beautiful texture ,
and the little but so effective adds Lynne did.

And Oh my , look what I found inside , --the most gorgeous 
jewelry, that Lynne created herself, just to me-.

See the texture, the little cheesecloth and gorgeous  rhinestones, I
so love it ,and know it will be one of my very used and treasured 
necklaces. It is so very stunning, Thank you my very friend.

Also my dear Lynne, gifted me with this special and angelic canvas,
which fill the room with lovely shine, and the peace of Christmas.

I love the material she used to deck the stamped word, and which gives it 
a blurred or foggy look, with tiny bubbles ,which gives an ethereal feeling.
It is gorgeous, Lynne, dear.

As extras, yes you read it right,...I was also gifted a bunch of wonderful
paper clay items, Lynne created herself,-- some lovely snowball ribbon.
and blinky "rhinestone" ribbon. 
What a feast and surprise ,to open up for all these lovelies !
Thank you so much  from my heart my very dear friend!!

The other dear friend of mine whom also send me wonderful gifts and greetings

See this beautifully wrapped gift  and her sweetest envelope,
Santa looks at me as to say : "Don`t open up until 24 /12 "  but
 dear Marie, wrote me not to listen to him , lol.

Here is the card which is such a beautiful, Christmas card all in neutral tones ,
and with one of the most lovely drawings of Santa, I think.
Look at all the layers ,rusty bells,and snowflakes, and old papers,
I love it Marie.

AND I also love your amazing gift. It is a beautiful Christmas treasure,
With the soldered bottle neck, the lovely tiny tree, with star and sign,
and oh see the gorgeous snowflake, glittering from the rhinestones.

Inside are lovely silver glitter, pearls, and two little
signs :love and peace-click the photo to see.

One thing I also found great is this stamp on the back of the envelope,
it looks wonderful,dear ! 

Now this one with the very spoken text, I have not dared to open up, but
last week Marie wrote me to say, it was ok, and only for fun, :0 
so as we are to be with my daughter ,grand kids and their father, this year,
and as I know there will be so many gifts for the kids, I preferred to open up all,
in my own piece, and so little lovely creations, would not disappear in papers !! 

And boy it was a surprise,... Marie  know that I for long have wanted,
to buy something like this to learn to create soldered charms, and bezels, but
that all I can buy here in DK, are very expensive tools for making
Creme brulee , and I did not have money for such.
Thank you for your kind heart, and sweetness, my dear Marie , I look so much
forward trying this after Christmas !!
And thank you also to you from my heart for all your so beautiful gifts to me.

So this was the last ,I promise, :o post before Christmas Eve,

Again I wish you all a



Hugs and love from Dorthe 

Friday, December 18, 2015


Yes love it must be, that Suzy http://suziqusthreadworks.blogspot.dk/
put into this packet for me, so filled it is with gorgeous laces, and
pieces of wonderful beauty.

And her gorgeous card, ,with the powerful word : PEACE , of which we 
need so much in our world, is so very beautiful, I`m sorry my
colors does not do it justice, but not possible to make a good
photo these rainy and grey days ,we have here.

Isnent it a wonderful image, too.

And then all the old laces ,that unfolded for my eys, when unpacking the
different sweet packs from this lovely, and very dear friend.

The photos speaks for themselves I think,!!!!!

So please enjoy this feast of most gorgeous 

and fragile looking pieces, like recieving a 
                                           breath of many angels wings, as these fine thin stuff
                                                           makes me think of angels !!!

Isen`T it amazing and gorgeous.

And then lastly but not least, Suzy also packed me some of her lovely softest
mohair wool from her own goats !
It will be a joy to start using some of all this wonders, and also the 
sweet birds paper has been saved : ) 

Thank you from my heart my dear friend, you made my eyes
wide open  and my heart happy, when seing all this adorable pieces.
You have been so generous, to me, and I am blessed with your 
warm friendship, THANK YOU !!!


As this might be the last post before Christmas, I want to thank all of you,
for bringing so much joy to my life ,here and on FB , it is a  constant
joy ,meeting all of you, and seing your wonderful posts .

I`m truly thankful for you being in my world, and also for some really
special and treasured ,close friendships .

To everyone reading this I wish you all


Take care . and see you in the new year 2016 .

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Just a little shout out for my dear friend Liz !!

My very dear friend ,

tries to collect money for dogs shelters in
 Bulgaria, Romania and Portugal, where it seems they are 
treated so very badly by many people, it is really heartbreaking photos .

But this wonderful lady have decided  to try collecting money to help those 
working in the shelters to rescue as many dogs as possible from the 
terrible "life" they are living.
As many of you know,  Liz is a collector of all things French, and from her many 
wonderful finds, she now offers a lot of different things on auctions,-
for you to bid, if there are some of the pieces, you favor.

Here is an example 

Here another,  but there are so many wonderful finds to study, and maybe
bid on, if you want to give yourself a special Christmas gift, and in the
same time help in making better circumstances for some dogs, needing to
be just a little lucky !!

Thank you for reading this, and for maybe visiting Liz,
and bid,- for her to help!!

I hope your weekend will be just wonderful.

Hugs and Love

Friday, December 11, 2015


Little by little, Christmas is arriving to my home, but I have not all up, yet,
and as many of you knows, we only bring in the Christmas tree a few days
before Christmas Eve, which here is on the 24`th .

But in some of my windowsills, Christmas is glittering and sparkling,--
this little house I made last year ,  it is difficult to photograph in all
the light, but you might see, the manger to the left, and the deer
and Christmas trees to the right. Also my little loved angel, which  I recieved
from a dear friend, Terri http://artfulaffirmations.blogspot.dk/. is there.
She created this adorable angel for me ,for christmas, one year, isen`t she lovely !

Here a little closer, for you to see her better .

I love "Buttle brush trees " and this little collection shows,
two smaller I purchased from another dear friend, Kimberly, https://www.etsy.com/dk-en/shop/ajoy2bheld?page=1- the taller one I bought last week in Copenhagen,
...it was the first year ever I spotted something like this in Denmark.

On my TV table some lovely hyacinths and a tiny glass piece, with place
for decoration inside and 4 candles in the corners .

And one of the cards send this year, to someone ,
I love sewing the cards, and just add a little paper.

Here a close up of the lovely lady ,and how I added a 
tiny bit of light to her, with paint, and stones.

Dear friends I wish you a wonderful weekend,
hoping you are all well, and wishing you some happy days, to come.

Love and hugs from

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Simply Neutrals # 13

This the last time, for Wendy`s Simply Neutrals,

 I have choosen a few
photoes from our nature , showing first the sea after a huge storn,

And these beautiful dried seads from a flower , which I`m not 
sure what is called , but looked so amazing,

that I brought them home, and decorated with them in my kitchen.

And lastly there is another photo of a beautiful sky, over the
Baltic Sea.

 Thank you  sweet Wendy for  this first many weeks 
of your wonderful neutrals party , dear friend,
I will look forward starting again in the new year.

And thank you to you ,visiting to see my blog and read my 
little ramblings. 
The rest of the week I will not be near my computer,  but with
my grandkids , so you will not hear from me, untill I`m home again. 

I wish you all a blessed week, and happy hours.

Love and hugs, Dorthe