Friday, August 31, 2012


Finding beautiful pieces of driftwood on the beach ,alwayes makes my heart smile-
and I can`t help picking it up, bringing it home.
This was such a beautiful and flat piece,-just the right for one 
of my little nature collages.

The nature pieces are all from the beach.
My dear friend   Lynne   have alwayes inspired me with her lovely 
dyed fabrics, and after having recieved beautiful pieces from her, I thought 
I would try my hand on it also.
So all the sea green pieces are dyed in an acrylic water bath.
You can visit Lynne`s beautiful world by clicking her name.

As some of you know, I was gifted some money from my dear mother, for which I just had
to purchase one of  Sharons  fabolous necklaces.
Look how beautiful she packed it for me, with the milinery flowers,
and her wonderful madonna tag.

Here it is, a stunning piece from dear Sharon`s magical jewelry world.
I so love it my sweet friend.

But Sharon, not only packet my buy beautifully,she also dearly send
me this gorgeous wristcuff , so fantastic embroidered, and with pearls, in
such amaxing colours complementing the turquise silk.See the huge brooch 
used as button -I LOVE it  so much !

More wonderful gifts to use for projects to come,-

and  with the sweet card even two holy medaillons, 
which I not easily find here in Denmark, and therefore 
treasure very much.
Please click Sharon`s name on top of this page, to visit her wonderful blog
and find out about her shop,filled with gorgeous pieces.

Dearest Sharon, you made me very happy ,with those
amazing jewelry pieces and your sweet gifts,
Thank you sweetest heart.


I want to welcome new followers, and tell you, that it means a
lot to me, you actually find my blog worth visiting, and sometimes
writing a few words. It alwayes makes my day brighter.

To all and everyone I wish a happy and beautiful weekend,
with love and hugs 
from Dorthe

Friday, August 24, 2012


I have cought a nasty cold, but I have to show you what I recieved in the post some time ago, from dear 

Katherine from Chatelet. I am sure many of you already knows her beautiful blog,
but if not, please go visit her, and see all her wonderful posts.

I won her gorgeous giveaway, and recieved a big heavy parcel.
This is what meet my eyes when opening it up !

Look how beautiful it was all packet,
this bag hold two of the actual giveaway gifts!

This wonderful  yarn holder with scissors- it is so big and beautiful.

And this sweetest tea-candle holder, with the little birds on top,
all in iron and in a lovely green colour. It is also maybe 
9 inchies high. 

In the long beautiful packet with the star bling ,was lots of lovely pearls in different shades ,
to be used for dolls or collages- 

And here her beautiful,sweet card.

But sweet Katherine also send me some belated birthday gifts,
look at this beautiful box ( I`m sorry for the wrong colour,you can see the real in the photo below)

the most stunning wrapped piece of soap, I don`t know how you made this dear Katherine,
it looks as if the soap was born with the lace and lovely trims around.
And look at that piece of jewlery on top!

Isen`t it so beautiful ,laying in the gorgeous box,this clever woman also
created herself. I think I will alwayes admire, and not use this beauty.

Also this most beautiful lavender pillow, was in this gorgeous packet
it is so beautifully made ,and so sweet- 
you totally spoiled me dear Katherina.

As if that was not enough I found this most adorable box  

containing candy, the sweet lady made for me herself.
If you visit Katherine, you will find she is a master in making such sweets,and 
meals, as well as her handmade art pieces.
They taste wonderful, dear friend,and I thank you from my heart
for all this beauty ,your lovely handmade pieces, and the 
fantastic giveaweay. You really made my day so special.

I want to thank you all for such heartwarming and sweet comments on my blog, and also for the many visiting me, without leaving comments- I feel blessed with you all, 
and would not do without you !!!

It is friday again- my sweet husbond will take care of the shop today, so I can rest at home,
and hopefully soon get rid of that stupid cold !
I wish you dear sweet friends a beautiful weekend, and hope you can enjoy some 
wonderful hours with family or friends.

Love and hugs from Dorthe

Monday, August 20, 2012


Start of a new week!! 
Time to show a few new creations!

This is a card for a very dear friend, I so hope she will like it-
the little girl is my last purchased image, from Paper Whimsy-
isen`t she lovely?

A romantic lacy hearth in nature colours,which I love,
even I try now and then to add more colours to my creations,
 this is what I alwayes returns to .

Roses from the garden- isen`t it funny they are from the same bush?
They start as the soft orange ,and ends up white with pink dots- 
Nature is truly amazing!

Photo from my garden, with a chopped wooden stack -some of my husbonds
many and hard works ,here on this big soil.

Sweeties, I wish you all a wonderful new week, filled with 
hopes and dreams, love and happines.

From me a big hug -
Love, Dorthe

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Even it is 3 weeks ago, I still have some wonderful gifts to show you,
but first I wanted you to see this beautiful  Elder berry tree.
The leaves and greens are totally dark wine red, almost black-
and the flower as sweet pink as you see it here.

But now to my gift from my dearest friend ROBIN  
whom alwayes sends such happy and colourful  gifts.
see the sweet dragon flyes.

And inside was  ROMA FEY ,the most wonderful sweet 
fairy, I am so taken with Robins dolls ,and as many of you knows,
I have quite a collection , but I goes on loving every single new
"person" she creates, and can never have too many.

Isen`t she  gorgeous, I love her hair and wings,
and her personality. I love her colours -could you imagine me kissing this little 
one??? Well I could do it as she sits here looking at me with her happy expression.

And then there was also another packet,
equal beautiful and colourful, just as the creator of them.

Inside I found this adorable top in the most beautiful 
soft pink, and attatched a sweet  brooch/ hanger.

Here it is hanging -in my little private computer room, where the light is not the best,
so the true colour is something in between the two photoes.
It is soft and so lovely.

And here the sweet "medaillon" 
Robin also gave me some wonderful cut-outs 

My dearest friend, you spoiled me as you alwayes do,
Thankyou from my heart for your amazing gifts, and for your 
wonderful friendship, which I appreciate so very much.


I hope you all have a beautiful day, my dear friends and followers
I send you 


Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I very seldom shows you my fleamarket finds,
but just had to let you see thise cute little canvas childs shoes.

Look how worn out they are- I could not leave them, but took them home with me,
together with the beautiful photoes, and the rose.

Also This tarnished little metal bowl,the string of crystal pearls,and the
medal, which is an old piece ,used to be sewn into the coats ,so when they were
hung somewhere, they would be recognised again because of the initials  etched into it.

Two beautiful plates

A top made in wonderful ...can`t remember what this is called :-)

Little embroidered pieces

and this fun sewing journal, where a clever woman have 
drawn and cut out the patterns in mini format--

and written down the measures and sizes
Isen`t it i very beautiful work?

This was some of my week-end finds-
I love fleamarketing, so it was a joy to find those little treasures.

I hope you are all ,my dear friends, being well  &,feeling good ,wherever you reads this post,
and wisches you a happy week- and august.
I hope you are having a wonderful tuesday.
Thankyou for being in my life.

Hugs and love 

Friday, August 3, 2012

READY TO PARTY-a new fairy

I think it is about time to show one of my latest dolls,
so here is my pink fairy, all ready to go have fun!!

Isen`t she lovely colourful! she is app. half meter / 20 inches
and with 3-dimentional face.

I used a schawl which had seen better dayes, for her dress.
And some wonderful mohair from my dear friend Suzy for her hair.

After taking good care of my  rose busches with the netting, I now have several wonderful 
roses blooming- this is a new one, -in the most lovely light lillac colour.
I don`t remember the name, but can find it, if any of you are interested?

It is friday morning here, and the week-end is again over us,-
Tonight my mother will be here for supper,and saturday and sunday,
there are two fleamarkets to explore,and hopefully be lucky to find
some fun and lovely pieces.
So some cosy dayes are in front of me.
I hope you too, can look forward to a beautiful week-end sweet freinds.

Thankyou to new followers, you are so apreciated -
I`m sorry that I still can`t figure out how to add my followers gadget,to be seen 
here in Denmark!!!! If someone knows please help me ,thankyou.

Best wisches for a happy week-end 
and hugs and love
from Dorthe