Monday, April 30, 2012

LONG AGO- so starts many magic stories!!!

And this should have been told long ago, as this wonderful parcels were send me very long ago-

Dear  Lynne  thankyou so much for your lovely ,beautiful tag,and the lace,holding that great bundle of old bingo cards - I  LOVE them , and it was such a sweet surprice to recieve, my dear friend.

It means so much to me we have become friends, after meeting here in blogland!

I`m sure so many of you knows Lynne from ADORN and her beautiful creations- you can click her name above to visit her  wonderful blog.

And dear Jytte , thankyou also from my heart for all those wonderful treasures.
(Some of you know I have written about Jytte before, she is a dear danish friend--no blog !)

The great tasting tea- the cards and lovely flower seeds-

The gorgeous piece of fabric-so real fairy and angels fabric :-)

A most lovely piece of soap-and beautiful old family photoes

This is priceless and so sweet.

And you know I love that old ledger book.

Thankyou sweet dear Jytte. I will phone you soon.
I also want  to show you my MAGICAL win from Robin- 
and the BEAUTIFUL gifts from Suzy- you are both between my most dear friends from blogland, but I  choose to wait till my next post, as here are already so many photoes.

I hope you enjoyed seing this lovely gifts, I sure was happy to open them up.
I wish you all a happy week- 
and sends you HUGS & LOVE

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Hello my dear friends- here I am back again- Mathilde is home with mom and dad-we were both so sad when saying goodby yesterday in Copenhagen!
So to make me feel a bit better I thought I would post one of my newest nymphs from the sea!

I used a piece of a kind of plastic-- from a fishermanns net for body, and then my beloved driftwood pieces for arms and legs,and wings. Hair is also found on the beach-

and that goes for the gum pieces also. 

She landed far away as a gift for a very dear friend-so I thought I could show her off now.

I look forward visiting you all again, and hope your week have been happy as mine!
I came home to the Island and a beautiful warm-and sunny weather today, so have been sitting out with a friend for some hours,chatting and relaxing-I hope your saturday will be equal lovely.

Warmest hugs and love to you all.
And welcome to new followers.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


New petite angels, only about  10 inchies high- dressed in white and frayed beauty.

They may end up in my empty Etsy shop in May-and only May--- 

as from tomorrow and 7 dayes forward I`m grandma on full time:)

So no time for adding ,photographing,and writing on Etsy!

From tomorrow my sweet Mathilde will visit us, and make this house full of happines, and joy for the next week.

I will try to visit and comment, as I love following you, but if I miss a post or two, you know why!
So from here  for now - A very happy week-end to you all.
With hugs and love and lots of sunshine , from me :)

Thankyou all for your kind and loving visits, I apreciate it  so very much-
xxx, Dorthe

Monday, April 16, 2012


This best friend collage made in black and white, using fabric,paper,laces, and mica, is now on its way to a wonderful friend-

A new driftwood and beach doll- Her body is a floater? normally hanging in the nets of the fisher mens, to hold their nets floating-arms and legs are driftwood, and she has also other pieces found on the beach.
She was sold in my shop 2 dayes ago.

Today I made those two Icons- also from driftwood- the first one have the images transferred to a piece of zinc- a very fast and great tecnique.

Here I used a transfer on fabric, wonderful barc- and little fabric pieces 

On top a piece of zinc- I kind of like those two, and Think I will make more.

A dear danish friend and shopkeeper  Mette from Prikker-asked for an exchange of ATC`s 
and she send me this wonderful , old lady- atc- I love how she flipped her over, and the red adds. You can visit Mette and her blog, by clicking her name above- she is painting some gorgeous and happy pictures.
Thanks for the ATC and your sweet letter, Mette-

I was also so exited to recieve this beautiful calender from dear Diane-
I know so many of you know Diane, and her fantastic skills, of drawing,painting and all kind of sewing  and paperworks aswell,  She has made 12 wonderful paintings for this calender for 2013, they are all beautiful and in the cosy country style.

This is just one of the months ,isen`t it so lovely-You can visit Diane and her blog, where I am sure you can find more informations of this calender to see where to purchase it.

Thankyou my dear Diane, I am so happy for your beautiful gift, and can`t wait to hang it, it was so sweet of you  .

I would have shown you one more packet I recieved long ago from another danish friend- Jytte- but I think this is long enough,so next time ...

I hope your week have started beautifully, and wishes you happy dayes ahead.
Thankyou to all new followers, I`m so grateful to see you,follow my  blog.

Hugs and love to you all, dear friends-you filles my life with daily joy-thankyou.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


those wonderful spring gifts from my dear friend Julia Vintage with Laces

I think they are very elegant in their old ledger pages,and the brown seambindings.

This beautiful heart was inside one of the packages,I so love Julia`s handmade flower-

And the most romantic and stunning needle book -see the embroidered pearls-

and inside a pocket, and pages for needles.. Isen`t the tag beautiful,also?

Here the second heart , on the bag of the needle book. All pure beauty.

The  card so gorgeous ,and sweet- I love it all, dear Julia, THANKYOU sweet friend so much- it was a very beautiful gift ,and I adore all your creations, 

At the same time Julia send off the gifts to me, I had also made her a a little something to tell her :
"happy mooving"

A collage using lots of laces and lovely old pieces-

and an angel to travel with her to the new adress.

The cord is old golden cord,-not easy to see here- and I used a button from Abby`s wonderful collection

Well I think this enough for today, 

Being here I want to welcome new followers, to my blog- I feel so flattered you want to visit now and then.

And to all of you I wish  a happy day or evening... take care of each other, and be well.
Hugs and love

Saturday, April 7, 2012

                                   A very short post to say you all a glorious easter , dear friends.

This lovely little bouquet  my husbond came home with the other day-they are the first I have seen this year, and so sweet.

A tiny easter decoration, with a very old plaster rabbit- living together with the most beautiful eggs ,dear Julia   gifted me with some years ago,, and a wonderful flower purchased from dear Rebecca.

From my garden- Carole aren`t they the same ,you showed in your last post ? Anyway they are so lovely and the most beautiful blue.

I hope you are all fine-and having some wonderful dayes-
I send you love and hugs- dearest friends-
take care and enjoy your good dayes together.