Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Dear friends and followers, thank you, so much!!

Thank you ,to so many of you, whom have visited the interview ,my dear friend
made with me ,earlier this summer.
I have had so many overwhelming comments from
I have been blushing and am so very happy ,for all your loving
words about me, and my creations, which dear Wen,
showed so beautifully throughout the interview .
You are all, a bunch of the most wonderful friends I could
ever wish for, and I feel so blessed.

Also thank you Wendy ,dear , you made an amazing work, to frame
my answers ,and show my art. I`m so very thankful ,my dear lovely

Now it is soon close to leaving my beach home, and all the mermaids,and 
fairies I have befriended here, --but new adventures will arrive, on the 
other side of my island, when we soon are living there.

Also my garden will be so much smaller, but surely ,and hopefully
with beautiful flowers and plants there, too. 
I hope I`m not neglecting you, too much, I`m still packing, and 
parting with things, but I try to visit you, whenever I can .
Thank you for so many wonderful friendships, all !!
Hugs and love from Dorthe