Thursday, May 30, 2013


I recieved a rather large box from The Netherlands some weeks ago, and was at once
so exitied as I know when Yvonne sends me a gift, they are alwayes amazingly beautiful!!
And this is surely a fantastic proofe of that!

If you don`t know Yvonne please visit her blog ,by clicking her name!!!

See this gorgeous bag YVONNE made me , I totally gasped when 
seing it, it is so very beautiful, I love my name tags on the flap- which
when opens up ,reveals this gorgeous front filled with little pieces of lace! and the
beautifully rosy fabric  inside!

And as if this was not all a girl like me could dream of, another gift was there,and 
I have to say dearest Yvonne, that I gasped even as much over your fabolous book!
Thankyou my dear friend, I am still overwhelmed recieving those
most amazing gifts- 

(PLEASE CLICK the photoes for bigger images )

This is the most lovely front,-

I so love the girl in the sweet frame-all the laces and bits of all kind of
beauty sewed inside the romantic and gorgeous book!
I will let the photoes talk for themselves !
it is truly a dream-book.

Aren`t those pages ,the most marvelous little stories, all in themselves!
So beautifully told with lovely fabrics, and images, sweet pieces like this butterfly,
and here and there Yvonne`s wonderful embroidered  words!

Like here, and see all the layers in every page, and the beautiful colours,and laces she used!

Can this really be mine !!! YES it is
and I`m so thankfull, sweet dear friend!

This darling hanger is now in my kitchen on a cupboard in exatly the same 
colours -blue- I love it !

and also those pretty embroidered birds and the wonderful fabric!

Isen`t it fantastic, I have never seen anything like it !
And lastly some for me to use, little words and amazing butterflyes ,
Yvonne also maschine embroidered!

I am so very happy for my amazing gifts, and thanks you
from my heart , my dear Yvonne, you are a wonderful friend-
and I send you love and hugs !!! THANKYOU sweet!!


Also thankyou to new followers, I hope we can still find each other when the reading list from
Google dissapears this first of June- (I might be wrong here, as Alison told me it is only July!!!!)
But  we should all consider what to do ,when it has gone!!
Please start following me  from  BLOGLOVING  or another possibility,-  DEAR FRIENDS !

Hugs and love ,also to you !

Saturday, May 25, 2013


I almost think this is my first play with a canvas- as I normally
prefer fabric and papers! But it was fun trying!!

I used old tulle as the only fabric here, and the rest is papers!
stamps and dies!!

I love this image from JAN- and the die cut swirls-

Also used a Paper Whimsy stensil, with paste I coloured after dried! 
My photoes came awful out, bad light -apologice for that!!

So on to something better--this tag is a gift from my dear friend Bettina so beautiful made
with the lovely butterfly stensil, and the one flying on top!!

The sweet woman, also made me all these lovely roses in white, as It seems I have 
some difficulty rolling them myself, she dearly send me all those...
am I lucky or what !!!!!
  Have to experiment some more, myself  :-)

And the beautiful collage, so gorgeous with the stensiled leaves, and beautiful flowers.
The piece below is a gorgeous card she made me,too!!
I so love the embroideries-they are lovely, my dear- as are all these
beautiful gifts from you.
Thankyou from my heart my dear friend !


I also want to thank you and welcome all the new followers, you are so very 
appreciated , and I try finding each of you, for a visit on your blog!!
It can sometimes be difficult, when not left a link to your blogs-I`m sorry.

How is your weekend my dears? 
Maybe cold and wet, like mine ?
Well we do have sun in between- and that is such a wonderful happy feeling!

I wish you all happy hours, and to my American friends , a happy Memorial Day holiday!

Sending you love and hugs

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Lately I bought some new materials, to play with, -among them something called Inka gold,
some Distress  Acrylic Paint dappers from T.H. and something called Terra..a 
gel like medium super cool to use with the stencils!

I used a very loved Paper Whimsy image- and some Tim Holz dies I borrowed from my dear friend Bettina- the flowers and the gear--also added an old  watch wheel!

Here you can see the wonderful effect created with the Terra and a stencil!
I sewed with gold thread around the sweet girl, and added the Inka gold to the 
stenciled parts! Please Click the photoes for bigger pictures!!

Yesterday I attended the first bigger fleamarket here this year! And I was very'
very pleased with my finds!!!
Look here at all the wonderful  old wooden pieces- I love such things!

A close up of some of them! and two silver salt/pheffer shakers.

An old bowl- very tarnished -with a smaller inside... I love when 
they look old and used!

I also found some beautiful lace pieces -

two table cloths with lovely embroidered flowers,-an old box-some 
pearls  and zinc key holes..

Isen`t those old handmade laces amazing!!

Brought home a roll of wall paper ,too- it will look beautiful in collages,
with it`s satin finish!!

And the last thing I will show is an old box- normally used to store
the silk stockings from dayes gone by----but here used to fill older 
sewing notions inside!!

I love to open up such a treasure box!!

What have you experiensed and created this weekend- my
treasured friends??? I would love to know!!

What ever it is, I hope you have had-and have a beautiful sunday!!
Here it has been grey and rainy since yesterday evening- and 
I`m very pleased with that, as our garden was so very dried up!!

I hope you are all having some happy hours and sends you 
warm hugs, and love.


Sunday, May 12, 2013


Every year for christmas I have some orders for Vergin Mary and  the Jesus child!
And also this year- so I thought to make them early, -for my costumers to
have them ready for displaying in real good time!

Here is one , in tones of green- 

with the child securely sleeping in her arms!

And here in blue tones! Both dolls are app.50 cm ( 20inch) high, and very often 
ordered also with Josef, and next year the 3 wise men!!
I hope they will be well recieved, in their new homes!

This is the beauty of nature just now,-the photo taken in a wood near my home!

And here the evening view behind my shop,- some few evenings ago!
Beautiful sunset over The Baltic Sea!!

I have had a beautiful Mothers day- with the most wonderful weather, -the Nightingale 
has arrived on our property, and sings all day and night!!
And my dear husbond made me a lovely breakfast ,and bought me
those beautiful roses!

I hope you all ,also have had a wonderful sunday, I am grateful for 
your sweet and kind comments on my blog, and for your friendships!!
And I send you smiles, with

Hugs and love-

Monday, May 6, 2013


On this number 2 try with my Gelli plate, I used a bit more colours, as you can see,
and therefore my collage was also very much more coloured than I 
normally do!!

Here a close up of the part with the Gelli print.

And those 2 photoes shows the sheets before I cut into the one on top!
I used stensils this time, and tried a feather ,too.

Here the whole collage,- truly outside my comfort zone with all those colours!

But I kind of had to add the heavy cotton background, and then
to create the flower with almost equal amount of colours!

To wish you a beautiful week I want to show you this sweet fellow, living inside the stach of my
husbonds chopped wood, isen`t it just cute?
Well we know it will grow, and later eat our salat and greenery in
the vegetable garden , not so sweet then!!!

Can you see the sun??? Yes it is here, so I send you all lots of
sunny hugs ,and love ,too, thanking for all your wonderful comments on my last post!!!
Smiles, Dorthe