Sunday, May 12, 2013


Every year for christmas I have some orders for Vergin Mary and  the Jesus child!
And also this year- so I thought to make them early, -for my costumers to
have them ready for displaying in real good time!

Here is one , in tones of green- 

with the child securely sleeping in her arms!

And here in blue tones! Both dolls are app.50 cm ( 20inch) high, and very often 
ordered also with Josef, and next year the 3 wise men!!
I hope they will be well recieved, in their new homes!

This is the beauty of nature just now,-the photo taken in a wood near my home!

And here the evening view behind my shop,- some few evenings ago!
Beautiful sunset over The Baltic Sea!!

I have had a beautiful Mothers day- with the most wonderful weather, -the Nightingale 
has arrived on our property, and sings all day and night!!
And my dear husbond made me a lovely breakfast ,and bought me
those beautiful roses!

I hope you all ,also have had a wonderful sunday, I am grateful for 
your sweet and kind comments on my blog, and for your friendships!!
And I send you smiles, with

Hugs and love-


Sophie said...

Eine wunderschöne Natur, herrliche Blumen und süße Puppen.
Du Glückliche.
Ich freue mich mit dir, Dorthe.

Liebe Grüße von Sophie

morkaren said...

Ja, men Dorte, du bor jo i den smukkeste natur på en meget særpræget ø i Danmark, nyd det selv om du syntes der er langt til alting, og dine madonnadukker er da så søde, og i god tid til jul. knus morkaren.

Shane Pollard said...

Oh Dorthe
Your new "Mary and Jesus" dolls are so pretty - you have been busy!

I see your husband spoiled you with a sweet bouquet of red roses to say "I love you".

I enlarged your Baltic sunset photo - what a wonderful vista to look out on.
I also can see you still have a good stack of fire wood left over for next Winter!
I photographed these stacks in France too - it's a very European thing!

Wishing you a happy warm Spring time week dear Dorthe.
Sending hugs from across the seas!
Shane ♥

butterfly said...

The dolls are so beautiful, Dorthe - I love the expression of compassion in the glowing eyes of the blue Madonna - wonderful! And thank you for sharing those other photographs too - so glad you had a lovely day!
Alison x

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh Dorthe your Virgin Mother and child dolls are both just so heart warming! Their long platted hair looks amazing and the child's sleeping eyes!
Love the way you have adorned them so beautifully and trimmed one of
them in golden stars.
Your customers will be thrilled to receive them from you!
Great to see you getting so organized already to take the pressure of at Christmas time.
Sending big hugs and big love,

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hello Dorthe,
I'm so glad that you are having a nice Mother's Day.
I love your sweet Mother and child dolls. They are so beautifully created and special. I know your customers love them.


Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

So glad that you had a lovely Mothers day with red roses and a cooked breakfast.
I love your gorgeous new dolls and looks like you have been very busy.
Good idea getting in early for Christmas, as the time comes around pretty quickly.
How gorgeous the little flowers in the wood and the sunset are.
Wishing you a happy new week and many thanks for visiting me


Createology said...

Dorthe Dear your most recent dolls of Mary and child are beautiful. They possess the love and calm that will make the holiday season really fit the reason. Lovely landscape you have. Happy Mother's Day...with your special treats.

Lululiz said...

OMG, Dorthe, they are absolutely wonderful! I love the expression on the beautiful face of the blue Mary, so serene and so loving, and I very much like the shades of green you have chosen for the first one. I hope you are going to make many many of these beautiful figures and put some in your Etsy shop..... xxx

Monica said...

Your dolls truly capture the sweetness of the nativity, Dothe! I'm sure they will be loved and treasured for a lifetime!
Sending warm hugs xoxo

Astrid Maclean said...

Oh Dorthe, both of them are just so beautiful! I love the protective gesture with which they hold their child, and their sweet, sweet faces! I am sure the beautiful surroundings where you live must inspire your work all the time, each of the photos is amazing! One day I want to come and visit you and see all this beauty in real life!!

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Dear Dorthe, your Madonna and child dolls are lovely. I love the beautiful faces you paint. I am glad you had such a beautiful Mothers Day, mine was wonderful as well.
enJOYa sweet week, my friend,

Yitte said...

Dear Dorthe,

Your Mary and child dolls are so adorable. The green and blue tints are so wonderful and the expresion on the faces are so sweet. Love the photos of your beautifull island. And your mothersday must have been great.

Hugs Yvonne

Anonymous said...

So pretty Dorthe, love the rich deep color tones you have used. You are planning ahead for the shop, wonderful to be so organized. xox

~*~Patty S said...

Dear Dorthe ~
It is always so lovely to visit with you!
Your Mary and Child are absolutely precious in each of the different colored garments ... your creativity is amazing! It makes me smile to know how many people you delight again and again with what you create, spreading Love and Beauty all over the globe!
I am happy you had a lovely Mother's Day thanks to your dear husband for extra thoughtful touches too.
I am going to YouTube to see if I can hear what a Nightingale sounds like ... it is always special seeing photos of your beautiful home by the sea ...
♥ Extra hugs to you dear one ♥

Vicki Boster said...

Dorthe- I am totally captivated by your beautiful new Madonna and child. She is truly a treasure// from her beautiful face to her exquisite clothing- you have dressed her so perfectly. I am in love with the green tones-- if you make more I'd like to purchase one.

You are so gifted--

I'm happy your Mothers Day was wonderful--
mine too :)


Suztats said...

Such a beautiful post, Dorthe, starting with your Virgin Mary and child dolls-so nicely done! Love the pics of the woods and the sunset. A lovely spot.

Sarina said...

Hello Dorthe. I really LOVE your mary and little child. They are wonderful. But Christmas or no Christmas, those lovely dolls are a great ornament, all year long.


Mom E. said...

You are so talented! I LOVE the Nativity dolls! The Green color is my favorite and it's beautiful! I do love the expressiveness you paint on your dolls faces, on ALL your dolls.And the face on the Blue Mary is just so sweet and caring and loving. I HOPE you make lots and put htem in your Etsy Store as well! I would LOVE to purchase some, with a Joseph too!
Your fabrics are beautiful, as well. I may have to custom order, Do you make custom orders? LOL Please let me know
All your dolls are so lovely, Dear Dorthe!
Heart hugs to you!

Mom E. said...

And your nature photos are so beautiful! What a Lovely area you live and work near!
Thanks for sharing these ictures with us as well!

marie said...

Your Mary and Baby Jesus dolls are beautiful Dorthe! Their faces are all beautiful!
So glad you had a lovely Mother's Day. Your husband was so sweet to make dinner...mine did as well. Such dear men!
How wonderful to have the Nightingale singing...I would love to hear that.

Bente said...

Så nydelige de dukkene var, Dorthe.
Så fin utsikt du har fra butikken din. Vakkert er det.

Ha ei flott ny uke


Jayne said...

The dolls are beautiful Dorthe, you are certainly getting organised. I am sure the owner's will cherish them and admire them year after year at Christmas time. Jayne x

Rhonda said...

Hello Dorthe,
I adore your dolls and those faces are so sweet. Like you!!

It sounds like your Mother's Day was nice. Your flowers are very pretty.

I've been meaning to email you, I have not rec'd any parcels yet. I will let you know when I do.
xoxoxoxoxo Rhonda

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Dorthe, Your Mary and Jesus dolls are simply gorgeous. Your designs are so very special and what a blessing they are. I love the beautiful faces you created from your talented hands.
Love the view from your window and your flowers for Mother's Day are so pretty. So glad you enjoyed a wonderful day and dinner cooked by your thoughtful hubby.
It does not get any better, and to have the Nightengale singing is pure joy!

Hugs and blessings, Celestina Marie

nelly said...

О скъпа Дороти,куклата и толкова красива!!! Много мил жест на умиление характерен за религиозните сцени. Страхотна е, поздравленя за невероятната творба отново направена в твоя неповторим стил.
Прегръдки и хубава седмица от мен.

JansArtyJunk said...

Oh your dolls are beautiful Dorthe...the faces are adorable...what wonderful heirloom treasures these will make x

AppleApricot Wen said...

Hello sweetie, what a most beautiful view you have from your shop, wow!
Your Mother and Child dolls are gorgeous and precious dear. I really wouldn't know which one to love best, although green fits best in my home, but the deep blue is so beautiful too. They have such a sweet and peaceful countenance.
I'm happy to hear you had a lovely mothersday. We had a wonderful holiday in the south of our country.
Wishing you a beautiful day. Warm hugs, Wendy

Bettina Breiding Hansen said...

Hvor er de bare fine - dukkerne - so lovely...mmm og jeres udsigt er bare såå fantastisk. Håber på godt besøg i dag hos jer - Knus BB

Bente said...

Hei kjære Dorthe.
Den stauden du spurte om, er en Astilbe.


sharon said...

You are so ahead in you planning, so good for you, and the dolls are spectacular! They are really so beautiful and unique, I am sure they will be the first to sell!
I am so glad your Mothers Day was perfect. and the landscape was too...sending hugs and love from afar dear friend!

Lynn Stevens said...

Dorthe your dolls are so precious and good for you to get ahead of the game this year. It gets quit crazy closer to Christmas.
Hugs Lynn

Emilie said...

Kære Dorthe.

Hvor er de bedårende.
Ja, det er klart, du skal være ude i god tid med at kreere jule-dukker, for så snart sommeren er slut, begynder de første bestillinger vel at dukke op. :-)
Fint skov-billede. Min skov er også fyldt med anemoner, og jeg har allerede haft en buket med hjemme og pynte.

Knus, Emilie

Paula said...

Hello my dearest Dorthe, I love your Mary and baby Jesus! You are amazing sweet friend! They are both so beautiful and detailed! The woods near your home are as lovely as can be Love the amazing sunset over the Baltic Sea too! I am so glad you are enjoying the sweet Nightingale. I have never heard one sing, but I would love to hear it! The roses your sweet husband gave you are beautiful! I hope your Mother's Day was blessed and happy! You deserve it sweetheart! Love you! Paula

Rustique Gal said...

Dorthe Dear,
What wonderful dolls your Madonna and Child are! I love their special outfits and beautiful hair and eyes!
I'm glad you had a wonderful Mothers' Day! What a sweet husband.
Take care of your self, dear!

Terri said...

Oh Dorthe, I can hear your heart singing with joy that spring is here! Yay!
Your beautiful doll artistry is amazing. Your Mary and baby are so totally wonderful! What a precious creation you have here.
Your sea view looks gorgeous. How lucky you are to have your home so close.
I really am taken with the your beautiful dolls.

June said...

Oh Dorthe, I love them!!! How beautiful! Your gift at making dolls is so inspiring!
I am so glad that your Mother's Day was good. I had a wonderful day too.
Have a beautiful weekend my sweet friend.
hugs from me...

Uniquely Ella said...

WOW Dorthe, your new doll creations are so beautiful. The babies are so cute. Loving your Mother's day flowers, what a sweet hubby.

rivergardenstudio said...

Dear Dorthe, I love everything here, your dolls, the flowers, the Baltic Sea and how your sweet husband took care of you on Mother's Day. Mine made breakfast as well, what a treat!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Dorthe, hope you are enjoying a nice weekend. So love viewing your gorgeous dolls once again. Your talent for details is truly a gift.
You give honor to the Blessed Mother and baby Jesus.
Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment.
Wishing you a wonderful day.
hugs, Celestina Marie

earthen-magic said...


Marjanne said...

Hello I hopped in via Terri, love your blog, your dolls are awesome and your other creations too!! I wish you a lovely Sunday

Jillayne said...

Beautiful roses Dorthe!
I love the pictures of the Baltic Sea - the trees silhouetted look marvelous, and the water... so lovely.
I have never heard a nightingale sing - I expect it must be a lovely sound.
As for your beautiful dolls - they are gorgeous and I bet they will be received in their new homes with much joy!

Karina Beck said...

Flotte dukker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God pinse.

Tanya said...

What a sweet husband - the roses are beautiful as the tiny white flowers behind your hosue! And Your May and Baby Jesus are SO sweet, could they NOT be loved in their new homes?!!! They are perfect! Tanya

Alexandra said...

ohhh sind die süß geworden Dorthe
Ich liebe deine Puppen :) und deine Flohmarktfunde sind auch genial.

Alexandra said...

Deine Puppen sind einfach die Schönsten :)

Viola said...