mandag den 26. september 2016

A few photos from my new home .

A new week started, and even autumn is here, we still have a lovely
sunny and mild weather.

I`m getting closer to finish my interior decorations, and wnated
to show you a few corners, from my home.
This first photo is from the window in my workroom,
showing the most beautiful art card from my dear friend Suzy.
SORRY for the "greeting" from a bird on my window, LOL .
I have enjoyed unpacking art from my friends, from all
over the world, after moving.

This is the dining room corner, facing the street , so much light from
outside, so not very good, but you get an idea od my white corner .

Back in my workroom again, shelves and shelves filled with
materials and here and there, beauty from friends.
The beautiful hanging paper bag, was a gift from my dear Lynne ,
filled with goodies, and the little birdhouse on the shelf, too 

I wanted to show you my bulletin board ,also, but the photos I have are all
'so filled with too much light, so I`m trying again, another time.

I hope, you all have had a wonderful weekend, and wishes you
lots of lovely hours, in the new started week.

Hugs and love

fredag den 9. september 2016

Dear friends, I hope you haven`t totally forgotten me, in my absence  from
my blog, and yours....... 

We are finally almost settled, and I love it very much here, in my new home.
This is the view from the kitchen table to the garden. 
The beautiful Dahlia bouquet, are from my old garden, which
for this month, is still ours !!

A little shot from one of the bureaus, this is in one os the 
dining rooms, and as you see filled with a little collection of
old pieces, and beautiful art from my friends. 
The little blue paper mache heart is from my dear Lynne-, 
and the book with the bird, is one I once bought from dear Dawn, both such lovely friends.

This is from outside with some of my treasures ,
the head, created by my friend Matthias Masswig- and I
love the lead leaves with a crystal as flower, on top.

I hope to see you all again, and will slowly visit each and everyone of you, 
as I used, before. 


Hugs and love from Dorthe 

onsdag den 10. august 2016

Dear friends and followers, thank you, so much!!

Thank you ,to so many of you, whom have visited the interview ,my dear friend
made with me ,earlier this summer.
I have had so many overwhelming comments from
I have been blushing and am so very happy ,for all your loving
words about me, and my creations, which dear Wen,
showed so beautifully throughout the interview .
You are all, a bunch of the most wonderful friends I could
ever wish for, and I feel so blessed.

Also thank you Wendy ,dear , you made an amazing work, to frame
my answers ,and show my art. I`m so very thankful ,my dear lovely

Now it is soon close to leaving my beach home, and all the mermaids,and 
fairies I have befriended here, --but new adventures will arrive, on the 
other side of my island, when we soon are living there.

Also my garden will be so much smaller, but surely ,and hopefully
with beautiful flowers and plants there, too. 
I hope I`m not neglecting you, too much, I`m still packing, and 
parting with things, but I try to visit you, whenever I can .
Thank you for so many wonderful friendships, all !!
Hugs and love from Dorthe 

søndag den 31. juli 2016


While still packing ,I wanted to create a birthday card for a few friends,
and among them my dear Julia

I know many of you have seen my gifts and cards on FB, but the friends of mine
not having a FB account, I want to thank you here, for their cards,
and gifts.

This beautiful nature card I received from dearest Julia, she knows I 
love birds and nature and created this wonderful card.
Isen`t it lovely, with the real feather attached .

Thank you so much my dear friend, and 
love and hugs to you.

This is the card I created for Julia, a mermaid  just 
visited from the Baltic Sea,

to take a travel, to far away from here,
to greet Julia.

The Paper mache  doll is still from
I love to use them for cards ,too.

And then I received this very beautiful back, from my other dearest friend Marie

Isen`t it gorgeous !!!!

And Oh my, inside a big bunch of wonderful materials to create with.

Some Marie bought, -and some is her own wonderful soldered pieces, which I so love.

Also the sweetest tag from her

and another one. 

Thank you my dear Marie, it was such a wonderful gift,
and you totally spoiled me.

Sending you love and hugs .

Tomorrow a new months starts, -July flew by, and I guess
it will be the same with August, thinking of my move ,soon to be :-)

I wish you all a wonderful new month, -thank you for visits,
and comments, they mean a lot to me.

Hugs and love from Dorthe 

søndag den 17. juli 2016


A short hello, to you all 
with a little tag made for a new friend.

Nothing much is going on here, apart from my packing 
the life live, here, down in lots of boxes,, to be
moved and packed out, on a new place , and for a new life.

I tried using more colors, on this tag, as the receiver ,loves
colors. The funny pattern comes from adding a piece
of paper napkin over  some kind of lace.
The birds nest I created from fresh grasses, and used a piece of
sea glass from the beach,which I soon have to say goodbye !!

I hope your weekend has been safe and wonderful, and wishes you all 
a lovely new week.
Thank you for always popping in, and for your wonderful comments.
They means a lot to me.

Hugs and love

tirsdag den 5. juli 2016

My first interview : about my life of creating ,and a little more :-)

As many of you know, I have my dear granddaughter here this week, but seeing my dear friend
Wendy , from  publishing the interview she did with me last month,
I had to do a shout out here on my blog, to tell some of my readers, that there is possible reading a few thoughts of mine here  :

Thank you , ---it will make me happy if you have the time, to visit Wen, and se her 
lovely questions , and what I answered.
She is the sweetest hostess, and I enjoyed her questions very much !!

Thank you dear Wen, you made the experience  ,so fun and happy, and you 
made the interview so much more interesting with the photos of my creations, you added!!!!!!
You are a dear !!!!

Hugs and love from Dorthe 

fredag den 1. juli 2016


Hello dear friends, 
Showing a little card I created for a dear friends birthday.
I love to use old embroidered pieces, together with stencils, stamps and die cuts , and always have to add a little nature ,too!!

Here I also hand colored the bird and leaves !!

A new stencil showing bark from an old tree,
here mostly in white, and some lovely flowers.

Torn edges !!

I hope you like it :-) 

My grand daughter will visit with us for the next week, and I 
look forward being with her, and making tours and fun ,together.

Also a break in all the packing down my home, lol.

I wish you all a beautiful week, and will return
when Mathilde is home again.

I also have wonderful birthday gifts to show you ,
so see you soon.

Hugs and love, Dorthe