mandag den 20. juni 2016


and created this little heart, first using the hammering
method of laying a flower between two pieces of nature
fibers, like cotton, or silk, and then using a hammer to add the
juices of the flower and stem, to the fabric.

This was a tiny white flowered wild flower, and as you see it 
resulted in rusty and brownish tones.
I enjoyed embroidering the flowers with neutral tones cotton 
threads , and adding a seambinding to hang it !!

This weeks neutrals also includes my most beautiful 
Madame Alfred Carriere  rose.

It is growing on the wall to my former shop, and have reached the roof this year,
So filled with beautiful fragrant roses .

This flower from a tulip tree, I pass when walking my afternoon tour,
was so pretty even it already started to decay !! 

This ,I know, is the last Simply Neutrals over at Wen`s , for the coming 
month, as our dear friend are to have summer holly day 
so I will thank her for now, for all the wonderful and lovely
parties we had so far .
Thank`s dear Wen.

I myself and my husband, have just sold our house and beautiful
beach area, and the coming month will be filled with
packing and moving to a new destination .
Please know that I might not be so much on blogs, and fb,
dear friends, but I will check on you and  be back again.

Love and hugs, Dorthe 

tirsdag den 7. juni 2016

A gift in neutral tones .

Another wonderful party together with dear Wendy :

This hanger I recently created for a very dear friend, to her birthday.

I used a bingo card as foundation, and added old laces, buttons, and the beautiful old image of
a young girl , and yes I used the original photo :-)

The piece of wood on top is an old decoration piece from years ago,
where they were often sitting on wardrobes , 

Old handmade piece of lace and old buttons !

A wooden heart treated with paint and crackle paste.
I enjoyed creating with fabric and laces again, 

Another old ,I believe ,lace tool ?

The lilacs are almost finished blooming, so these are from last
week, when I treated myself, with a beautiful bouquet of white ones.

Thank you for every visit, and every comment, I treasure both
so very much, and wishes you all a wonderful week.

Hugs and love

tirsdag den 24. maj 2016


Wendy invites to yet another beautiful meeting about Simply Neutrals.

I`m sorry to say that this time I do not have that much to show you, my time have been
shared between my grandkids, and searching for,- and trying selling our house!!
So very time-cunsuming.

But I do have a sneak peak showing a part of a card to a very dear friend, and as she
did not receive it yet , this is what you get now,lol.

The other sneak peak, is from an unfinished page in my Emily book,
created with the instructions from dear Suzy , in her beautiful class,
you can find here . 

She takes you through everything to create a journal in her own amazing way !!

Here she is, older and beautiful , on a photo taken by one of her
admirers , whom also wrote her a lovely not on the photo.

Lots of laces and bits of paper napkins ,creating the romantic
and lovely old fashion feeling of days gone by.

Thank you dear Wen, for this #. 24  of the adventure ,in visiting
you and all the other talented and wonderful friends, taking part!!

Hugs and love -Dorthe 

tirsdag den 10. maj 2016


Yes please have a look over at the wonderful party at:

Here I will show you a summerday in the garden card,
all in neutral tones, and with a very sweet image from Graphicsfairy.

I used a paperclay piece on top, from a mould, and the stencils : brickstones, and
 butterfly `s from Thats Crafty,( dinky line- ),where you can also find the mould.

Please click the photos to see the details. 

I also want to show you a precious packet I received from my dear friend

This beautiful little bag filled with goodies, of buttons, old flower , seambinding and the lovely Charlotte wrapped in lace around a big pin.
And isen`t the bag itself stunning !!!

The sweetness below, also made as a hanger .
I love Kim`s way of creating, her lovely shabby style, and amazing
materials she always use.

 the little bag Kimberly had filled with rosemary and other 
wonderful smelling dried herbs.

Here the old button cards, and seambinding.
Can you tell I love it all, .....I DO !!!

Thank you from my heart dear Kim,  you really blessed my day !!

And to all of you I wish a wonderful week, sunny and happy.

Hugs and love
from Dorthe 

tirsdag den 26. april 2016


Dear Wen, I hope this is not too colorful, to take part in your 

beautiful party of  # 22 Simply neutrals.

as I thought it just needed a little green ,too :-)

I used old burlap ,as I love, having that special tone, muslin and a piece of old 
Walking my daily tour along the beach I found the beautiful driftwood
piece assembling a wing so lovely, the feather and the two rusty capsules,
and decided to create a collage using them all.

You know how I love to use birds and nature,in my creations, so I did not 
think long, before I started this .

A little papers ,fabrics, embroidery, and finds,
many would walk by !!

Love this description of Bird !!

We was visited by a lot of swans some weeks ago,
and I love watching this beautiful bird !!

Evening sky, when crossing the bridge between Sweden  
and Denmark... if you see close you can see all the windmills
placed ,to create current.

Thank you for this week of wonderful Neutrals, over at Wendy`s !
I know you will find so many amazing blogging friend `s ,works,
to enjoy and admire, over there !!

Thank you for visiting and commenting, it always makes me very happy !!

Hugs and love Dorthe

tirsdag den 12. april 2016

FOREVER BEAUTY fresh or dried !!!

Already almost half into April , oh how time fly ....

I hope this card can make it into  dear Wen`s  Simply Neutrals # 21 
even it has a soft color tone .

It is an almost all paper card, but knowing me, you already guessed
there sneaked a piece of fabric into this creation, too.

There are many layers ,from papers, : old brown bag,
wallpapers  and card stock. 

The butterfly `s are die cuts, painted after, and so are the flower.

The old wallpaper was already embossed, and gives a wonderful effect 
when inking over it !!

My last photo are dried hydrangeas from last year, some of them kept the beautiful
shade of former color ,- and am as beautiful, as when fresh blooming.
Now they are only trying to set the leaves free,
but soon there will also, be new flowers. 


Thank you again dear Wendy, for hosting this beautiful event,
I hope of you seeing the post, will also find joy in posting
something to take part, in the party !
You can read all about it on Wendy`s blog ,
see the link above !!!

Hugs and love from Dorthe 

tirsdag den 29. marts 2016


                                                       SIMPLY NEUTRALS #20

Dear Wen shares her no 20 Simply Neutrals,
Thank you sweetie, you are so kind, to also show my medaillons ,I 
created for dear Liz. 
This week I show a card again,...seems I`m fond of
creating cards, this year, lol. And as always nature ,pops up as
my favorite choice. I loved the stamp with Queen Anne`s Lace ,and 
had to have it, and also the geese stamp, from That`s Crafty. 

My dear friend Lynne , 
had newly  send me a wonderful gift
of Walnut crystals , to make ink, and I tried it first time
on this background, and love the soft brown tones it creates.

The Queen Anne Lace, was first stamped with white ink, and then
highlighted with a Sharpie. The little signs, with favorite words, are made from
cork and I also placed two wood cuts , and stenciled using a Dinky stencil, and paste.


We were happy to have our daughter and grand kids, for some days in Easter, 
and we spend some hours in Snogebæk, to walk the beach, and see this, very unusual
view of the rocks on which the island rests. 
Normally this is totally decked by the sea, and no one of us had 
seen this before 
Isen`t it spectacular ?

How was your Easter, dear friends? 
I hope you spend some lovely hours, and that the sun was shining a bit onto you.

Sending you all,
hugs and love