Saturday, April 30, 2011


After watering my potted plants outside-and doing the laundry this morning, I sooo wanted to make a collage in my studio. So I found some old laces, embroideries-and an old drawing I transferred  to fabric,some time ago .

I added old music sheet ,a piece of teabag -stamped with a leaf pattern
and made a small rosette from some lovely seambinding I just bought. ISEN`T THE OLD EMBROIDERY BEAUTIFUL?

For some time I have bought old sweet cups-with or without saucers-as I have been so inspired seing my dear friend  Dawn  ,and others making pincussions inside cups.

So yesterday I made those 3 cups-one in brown tones-and two in pink--I used lace embroidery-velvet -flowers-and added a few pins. My romantic heart likes them very much.

And look here, at last the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom-I can`t wait to see the many trees near by- full of those beautiful flowers.

How was and are your saturday, my dear friends?
I hope it is as lovely as mine was-and wishes you all a beautiful sunday.
.I dearly hope all our friends in the south of US are all well ,and not affected by the monstroues tornadoes.
Love and hugs, to you,near and far .

Monday, April 25, 2011


And this was what I did.I wanted to make an angle from one pattern-wings and all in one.
They are app. 28 cm-long and in different white and natural colores-

They are 198 ,-dkr. or  35 dollars

Yesterday my husbond and I made a trip to an antique shop.
And I couldn`t believe my eyes finding  4 old big books-with each collections from one year ,of two different magazines--some from 1909- and two others from 1886-1887

They are BIG ,and filled with beautiful images

I feel so lucky- and they were all together very cheap :)

I also found some lovely embroideries-like 4 of this kind-all different

Beautiful laces-and 3 with monograms

and this beautiful flower embroidered table cloth

Thise from my garten- I think though- are the most beautiful ones--

I hope you all have had a beautiful easter- --tomorrow it is a normal working day here in DK, again-
after the hollydayes. Well I have worked every day in my shop- and creating.

Wishing you a happy rest of the week, sweet friends and followers-
Love and hugs,-Dorthe

Friday, April 22, 2011



I just had to try it out- it is all about bleach--and stamps...

All the light places on the two collages I made, comes from dipping a stamp in bleach,and then stamp on a piece of paper.
The paper I used was a piece of light brown colored- that when being stamped turned out with pale patterns.

I hope you can see it--

Here maybe.....

But surely here-- a dark brown -and light blue paper stamped with bleach
isen`t it fantastic?
Thank you my dear Anni ,it is lots of fun--I know you will try it off ,too friend.

And because of the easter  friday ,I show you a few pieces from my collection of old  small crosses.

and two rosaries-this one is made with amber pearls

and this is wood.

I very much hope, you are all having a wonderful friday, dear friends and followers.
Big hugs, to you all.
xxx Dorthe

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Little birds tags for Easter--
this first one, is on it`s way to a very sweet blog friend.

The next two, I incorporated  pieces from the same napkin

and lovely birds images

The beautiful anemone ant the heart stone,was both found on my tour yesterday

This last so beautiful tag is a win-gift  from Cindy  from Whimsical Musings
You have to click on it to see how beautiful it is- I love it- and the many details,dear Cindy added.
have you seen the key-and little sweet flowers. And the mini tag with D-on it-
Thank you so very much Cindy.I am proud to add it to my tag-collection.

I wish you all a beautiful-and happy easter hollyday-and hope that spring are soon appering everywhere it has been expected for so long.
And a little prayer to the followers whom have a blog themselves- it would be so nice if you added your blogadress in your blogprofile-so I could visit you-and say hello, I would love that.
Sending you all big hugs,-and love.

Friday, April 15, 2011


I can`t seem to let go of my spring-nature collages-and made one today-again-
this time using waxed french papers -again skeleton leave-and also a tea-bag -dryed after use..

The teabag is behind the bird ,and adds lovely texture-as does the piece of white barck-the little bird is resting on-together with a piece of old heavy lace.I also painted a mini wooden egg- and added some branches

This is the piece of barck-I found together with the skeleton leawes-and a few wild orchids- isen`t it a wonderful display from nature?

This is a knittet nest, made of one very dear friend- Vicki --and I just have to tell you, she is giving this little wonderful nest away-You just have to click on her link-or go to my side bar to click on her link, there.
I love Vicki`s nests , and owe two myself-- they are wonderful little adventures and fairitales- and so beautifully made with the most gorgeus yarns. If you don`t know this lovely, dear lady,you should go visit her blog-also to have a chance to win - or to even order one from Vicki-as I know she takes a certain amount of orders every year.

The week-end is here,- and I dare almost say, spring is here,too-we had such wonderful weather today.
I hope you will all -see beauty in nature where you live-- does not matter if it is spring-or autumn- that arriwes in your very own place-every season are wonderful-- but I have to admit, that after a very long-and cold full of snow-winter, I`m very happy, to see the sun again.

I wish you all from my heart a lovely week-end-and sends you
love and hugs,

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Little clown fairi-and cards for two friends

When having some half hours now and then, I love making cards, to use for dear friends,
like this made with a beautiful old wallpaper, stamps and a beautiful image.


I also finished a doll project yesterday--a little fairy clown --here she still misses her wings

It has rained here all day long- but the garden loves it,-- everything looks much greener and with the better weather, everything starts to grow-and will hopefully soon be bloming.
I`m off to bed now,-but I hope you all have,- or have had a lovely evening.

Big hugs, and love

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I just have to tell you about a new giveaway

I only realy met her some months ago, and we have become close friends already...
She is the most fantastic artist, making such wonderful patchwork art  and mixed media collages and much more.You just have to take a look at her blog, --You will love all the vibrant colors, and beauty  seen there
-I do!

Suzy is having her 200 followers giveaway, and among the gifts are this beautiful,beautiful piece,
I`m totally in love with it-and I think everyone would be happy to win it.
CLICK the button-to go visit, this dear lady, and her beautiful blog.

Crocus`es from my garten  wishing you  a lovely week-end

Big hugs and love to you all

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New nature inspired collage- and... I made a necklace

Walking my tour the other morning I found ceveral skeleton leaves, on the ground near the beach,and home again, I just had to try using one in a collage.

As it was naturally very fragile, I added it with two coats of Goldens matte medium-that left it soft and non breackable.I formed paper leaves from different papers, and a bird image printet on fabric--I believe the image is from , sweet Dawn whom alwayes generously shares lots of lovely images.

Here you see the leave- so beautiful.

and here the nature and man made leaves together--also added a piece of barck-
Last year I got some wonderfull resin pieces from a dear friend  Angie    Hopemore Studio
One of them I made this necklace with- using a piece of driftwood from my beach-  little flowers,
and 2 buttons from France

I like it is both rustic and romantic ,in one time.
If you don`t know Angie- click on her shop name, and pay her a visit,
she has a wonderfull Etsy shop- and a very beautiful blog.

I love my Tour Eiffel jewelry piece- thankyou for the beautifull resin piece again, Angie.
Already friday tomorrow--again-- well dear friends and followers,- I wish you all a beautiful week-end.
Hugs and love ,Dorthe

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It feels like I have known them all for years- and DAWN  is the one I met first-she has alwayes been a wonderfull  and precius friend to me, and her gorgeus art is hanging in my home and are dearly loved .
She  is having a  1600 Post Giveaway--WOW  what do you think--
it is fantastic , dearest Dawn.Click on Dawn`s name to bring you to her blog- it is so beautifull a place to visit, and be inspired.

And LISA---Lisa I have known forever,too--forever is since she startet her fantastic beautifull, and inspirational blog--she too, is a beautifull friend- and a wonderfull artist,
that I treasure from my heart. She makes the most gorgeus things , some which  also is part of my life , as there are some beautifull pieces hanging just next to me, here. 
Click to see her giveaway , -she reached  ONE THOUSIND followers-congratulations dearest friend.

And the third:  dear MARIE  .  Marie is my neighbour -as we live closer to each other .
We met some years ago, too- and have been visiting each others blogs -ever since-and I love visiting with Marie. She makes the most  lovely and beautifull art, and there are also a little bit of Marie`s "heart" in my home-she is a sweet, friend- and  wonderfull artist, too.
Go congratulate her on her 200 post giveaway. 

I truly feel blessed being able to call  those 3 special women dear friends-
I LOVE YOU ALL ,-and congratulates you with your lovely giveawayes.

Hugs and love, Dorthe

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Seing Tracie Lyn Huskamp`s beautifull book : Nature inspired

I was very inspired to make some collages with lovely birds ,too-
Not to paint them myself-but the use of birds and lace looks so very beautifull,together, I think.

There is steady paper inside, and cloth in the backside,too.

A little rusted pieces holds the cord for hanging.

Also I made those little hangers, with roses from the sheets I bought last week.
The metal frames , hold holy pictures, and are some I bought for my shop ,some years ago.
The other day I found some left, and desited to alter them, and this is the results.

There migt come some in my Etsy

I think,they are quit beautiful

This last one is a present to a very sweet and dear friend, whom I happen to know- loves birds
and love watching them.It is not send yet, as there have to be a little bit more in the package  :)

I hope you are all happy and cosy in your doings, this saturday-
And wishes you all, dear friends- and followers a wonderfull week-end.
Love and hugs,

I`m linking this to Rebecca`s sunday studiotour as nature inspires me so very much-XXXOOO