Saturday, July 28, 2012


Last week, I recieved another wonderful, and so lovely birthday
gift from a very dear friend  LYNNE  , from  ADORN.

See here how she so lovely packed her gift into the most wonderful
piece of cheesecloth ,she dyed herself-I love those tones Lynne
makes herself.
And her adorable tag.

And outside another packet was this so beautiful other tag.
I love the images Lynne used, and the wonderful layers she added with laces and papers.

And this was the package!! filled with beautiful lovely laces,
and on top the most amazing brooch, she made herself
stamping lovely Portia, and adding her to laces with pearls.

Isern`t it the most lovely brooch? It fits perfectly many things in my wardrobe,
and I love it so much.

Here more of Lynne`s dyed laces and old beautiful pieces.

Maybe you wondered what was inside the great cheececloth packet!!
This sweetest wonderful bird feeder.
See the little bird so cosy in her nest of papers, and feathers,
and the house beautifully dresssed in laces and lovely music paper.

Here you see it on a pedestal in my window,where it rests now.
Thankyou my dear wonderful friend, from my heart.
I love all you so dearly created for me, Lynne, and am thankful
for our friendship.

I also wanted to show you one of the newest mermaids,whom visited me from
the golden sea, just after sunset!

You can see the sun still shines apon her face :-)

Thankyou for visiting me all dear friends, I`m so happy for all your comments, and
sweet concern for me, and my eyes.
Thankyou, -they are almost back to normal,-meaning nothing is to see and feel anymore :-)

I hope you are all having a beautiful weekend, and wisches you 
happines and joy.

Hugs and love,Dorthe

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Last year I found a blog : ART JOY STUFF   

And a new friend Kimberly.

I at once loved what she created and sells in her Etsy shop

And have purchased several beautiful things.
So when Kimberly sweetly asked, if we should swap,I was thrilled!

Look at the lovely tag she made me! It shimmers
so beautifully.

This is the BEAUTIFUL heart I got,
See how lovely all fits together, with the wonderful
image and the gorgeous old bits and pieces ,Kimberly
always uses in her lovely art.
I love it !

She added the most sweet little tags  for me also ,
as a birthday gift -so very kind and loving of her.
I love them and their tinynes ( 5*5 cm)
and see the number 7 round tag-also so 
beautifully shimmering.
I guess you all know I love shimmer :-)

I had difficulties taking a good photo of Kimberly`s other birthday 
gift to me...but if you click my photoes you can see them better.
Isen`t it the dearest wonderful little porcelain doll swepped in lovely thin
old lace-and so wonderfully decorated with the old watch face,
and beautiful buttom

Dear Kimberly,-Thankyou  so much , you made me very
happy,with your beautiful gifts.

This is the heart I made for her, she had asked for something with a bit of
driftwood,so I added a few wonderful pieces,to this
natures heart.

And wrote my thankyou for the swap on the bach of this card.

Thankyou again dear Kimberly.

And also thankyou to all of you dear followers, new and old- I`m so happy
you are here visiting me, and commenting .
 I wish you all a beautiful rest of the week.

I know I have reached 500 followers, and will soon have a giveaway !


Tuesday, July 17, 2012



Wanted to say HI and show you another angel from the sea.
Made totally from a floater and driftwood , her hair felted fishing yarn,
and she holds little treasures from the beach.

She is aproximately 25 cm long and dressed in white ,like the foam on the waves!

A tiny sea "snail" visits her :-)

Also wanted to show you this darling card I recieved from my dear  Julia, Vintagewithlaces
isen`t it lovely.-- thankyou so much my far away friend. Julia just showed her fantastic new studio on her blog, you will love to see it!

Now as some of you know, I have had many troubles with roe dear in my garden, eating all my roses!!!
As we can`t fence in all the garden I am now covering the most beautiful ones of them with a netting every evening, and that helped :-)
and gave me (among others) this very beautiful rose.

My eyes are a bit better, and if all goes well ,the doctor will remove the draths tomorrow-
they are still swollen, but from what I hear it is totally normal!
Thankyou wonderful friends, for all your sweet and kind comments ,they warm my heart ,and made those dayes easier to go through..
You are all so loving.

Love you back!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012



This is how beautiful the packets   looked , and please see the so beautiful tag Liz made me,
 with Mary ,the holy mother, I love it.

Opening ,I saw this dear friend send me the beautiful, beautiful box she made, and showed on her blog,
and that I so admired and now adore. It is holding  the lovely and sweet pillow Liz made, to put in the box to 

hold this gorgeous wristcuf.
 My sweet Liz  I`m so happy to wear this  carved pearls from an old rosary, with the charms from France ,that you added .

I also love the card Liz made for me ,with her birthday greetings inside.
It is so very lovely, with all the wonderful laces.
The little birds image,is actually one, I send Liz as she   was in France ,this spring :-)

Thankyou my dear friend for your beautiful and so very amazing gifts.
I feel so happy to have recieved all this fantastic works of art from you-

But that is not all, because for some weeks ago I saw the most beautiful Rosary on Liz`s Etsy shop :

Isen`t it just beautiful with the sea blue pearls,and lovely cross!

It came in this wonderful packet!

inside  Liz`s  most beautiful little box, that she had altered with music papers and religious
items,and sweet laces -here the top cover.

And those two are the end pieces from the box. I love them  and the old images used.

Also there was a gorgeous TAG that Liz had made ,and a wonderful old key!

Sweet buttons, and this most special piece of beauty, Oh so wonderful.

Also Liz added gorgeous laces and tulle, with  a ricrac so special.

And the little old spool of  thread, isen`t it wonderful? I will NEVER use one inch of the thread ,but just look at it :-) and enjoy.

My dearest Liz, you have made me such happines those last months,
thinking about me, and sending all this beauty to me. 
You are a very treasured friend, and loved ,too.
Thankyou for all your beautiful gifts, I love them ,and also thankyou 
for your loving concern .


I want to also welcome new followers, and thank you for visiting me, it means a lot to me.

Tomorrow I am having a minor eye surgery, but may not be able to visit your blogs for some dayes, so please know I will return as fast as possibly-to take part in all that happens and to comment,on all the posts.

I send you all my HUGS and LOVE.

Friday, July 6, 2012


and I desided to make a birthday swap,--- as we have birthdayes with only a few dayes difference)
----- making a little house to each other. 
We  could fill it with whatever we wanted-and both choosed to add little sweet sewing notions.

Here I first show you what Anni made me,and then what I made her !

This is her wonderful little house,.--it is altered with old pages and music papers outside,

and filled with the most lovely things from dayes gone by,inside.

Spools of threads , and laces -
beautiful button cards that Anni made herself, the dearest little pin cussion,

and see this wonderful tags with lovely laces around.
I love the messure band on top, and the thimple. 

Anni also made this resin picture ,using one of my doll images,
it is so lovely, and a sweet idea.

Here is my birthday card from my dear friend,-thankyou so very much Anni,
I love my little house.

Here also a few photoes of the house I made for Anni.

This is a piece of glass I altered with ink,and a beautiful image.

I had so much fun creating this , she stands on a wood button,
and the spool is also made from them.

Some fabric rolls ,behind pearl curtain-

A little pin cussion and an A-for sweet Anni.
It was a wonderful swap idea, tha Anni had, and we are both so happy for our mini homes.


And then today I also want to show you what sweet Sherry   from Createology --,totally unexpectedly send me for my birthday,
what a  sweet surprice.

A lovely happy birds card in beautiful blue and green tones,- look at that cute bird.

One of Sherry`s  heart pincussions in lovely rose fabric,-

And also one of  Sherry`s thread bags-to collect all those threads we cut of when sewing.

This is how it looks when laying flat , isen`t it wonderfully made, and such a good idea.

Thankyou so very much dear Sherry,  it was so very kind of you, to think about me.


I also want to show you some amazing gifts from my sweet dear friend Liz,- but you have to wait till next post, as it will be far too long for this time - tease,tease :-)

I hope you love to see all those gorgeous art creations from sweet friends all over the world- they are all made beautifully and with love, so I feel they are all to be shown to the "world" ,and to be admired,
I certainly do.

Friday already again, so I wish you all some wonderful week-end hours ,and
sends you HUGS and LOVE.
xx- Dorthe