Saturday, July 28, 2012


Last week, I recieved another wonderful, and so lovely birthday
gift from a very dear friend  LYNNE  , from  ADORN.

See here how she so lovely packed her gift into the most wonderful
piece of cheesecloth ,she dyed herself-I love those tones Lynne
makes herself.
And her adorable tag.

And outside another packet was this so beautiful other tag.
I love the images Lynne used, and the wonderful layers she added with laces and papers.

And this was the package!! filled with beautiful lovely laces,
and on top the most amazing brooch, she made herself
stamping lovely Portia, and adding her to laces with pearls.

Isern`t it the most lovely brooch? It fits perfectly many things in my wardrobe,
and I love it so much.

Here more of Lynne`s dyed laces and old beautiful pieces.

Maybe you wondered what was inside the great cheececloth packet!!
This sweetest wonderful bird feeder.
See the little bird so cosy in her nest of papers, and feathers,
and the house beautifully dresssed in laces and lovely music paper.

Here you see it on a pedestal in my window,where it rests now.
Thankyou my dear wonderful friend, from my heart.
I love all you so dearly created for me, Lynne, and am thankful
for our friendship.

I also wanted to show you one of the newest mermaids,whom visited me from
the golden sea, just after sunset!

You can see the sun still shines apon her face :-)

Thankyou for visiting me all dear friends, I`m so happy for all your comments, and
sweet concern for me, and my eyes.
Thankyou, -they are almost back to normal,-meaning nothing is to see and feel anymore :-)

I hope you are all having a beautiful weekend, and wisches you 
happines and joy.

Hugs and love,Dorthe


Suztats said...

A beautiful birthday gift made with such care and attention to detail! It looks wonderful, Dorthe!
That's a sweet little mermaid!

sharon said...

Your friend has gifted you with such gorgeous laces and ribbons Dorthe, I know you will be creating wonderful things with those! And your birdhouse is precious! I am so glad you are feeling better....and hope you are enjoying your weekend. OH, and your mermaid is so beautiful, shining with the sun!

Vicki Boster said...

Dorthe-- I think you get to celebrate your birthday Longer than anyone I know--- you are so blessed. Your newest mermaid is radiant- she truly glows she is so beautiful. You breathe life into your beautiful creations---

June said...

Your newest little mermaid is such a pretty one Dorthe! She has the sweetest little face.

Lynn's gifts are all so lovely and looks just like you dear friend.
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend my sweet friend.
sending hugs...

Unknown said...

Oh Dorthe! Happy Birthday! :D These are fabulous gifts! I love the detail and love that went into making each! :) As a sidenote, you are the winner of my giveaway, so if you would be as kind as to send me your address, Ill be a happy addition to these fantastic makes!


Angela Richardson said...

Hello Dorthe,
The gifts from Lynne are so pretty. I love the layers on the tags and the little birdhouse is adorable.
I was at the beach on Friday but didn't see any mermaoids as beautiful as yours.
I'm so pleased your eyes are improving.
Hugs, Angelax

Sarina said...

Hello Dorthe,

Very beautiful laces, indeed.
And the broch is really adorable.
Enjoy al those sweet gifts,


Unknown said...

My goodness, Dorthe! Lucky you! The gifts from Lynne are really delightful and fascinating. I'm happy for you. Lynne produced outstanding works of art and I love her style.
Your Sunset Mermaid is fantastic too. Excellent work (as always).
Have a nice sunday my dear. Hugs MARTINA oxo

Emilie said...

Kære Dorthe.

Rigtig fine gaver og yndig havfrue. Hun må bestemt komme fra solskin med alle de flotte gyldne farver.
Vi har haft nogle fantastiske dejlige solskinsdage, hvilket jeg har nydt i stor til. Nu er det "almindelige" sommervejr så desværre vendt tilbage og den står på regn. Men så kan man bedre få tid til indendørs-sysler.

Rigtig god søndag til dig fra mig.

nelly said...

Здравей скъпа Dorthe, аз продължавам да се изумявам колко много невероятни подаръци си получила за рожденият си ден. Толкова красиви и вдъхновяващи от такива талантливи приятели. И малката златна русалка е чудесна, с характерния за теб маниер на изработка.
Поздрави и прегръдки от мен.

*Pearls on a string** Dorthe said...

Jeg vil bare ønske dig en dejlig søndag, Kære Dorthe.
Var lige en tur rundt og NYDE alle de skønne sager du deler her på bloggen.
Som du ved er ord ikke det jeg har flest af; så .........!

KH & :-) fra Dorthe

Anonymous said...

Your new mermaid sings the sunshine! She is a delight and your birthday gifts, my, my, my, so lovely. xox

Alexandra said...

Your gifts are wonderful Dorthe and I love your little Meermaid ... so beautiful.
Habe auch ein schönes Wochenende meine Liebe!!!
Hugs Alexandra

Rhonda said...

I adore your brooch, it is so beautiful, I agree!

I'm happy you are feeling better, Dorthe. Have a wonderful week ahead!
xo Rhonda

Createology said...

Lovely laces and bird house. Lynn's gifts and wrappings are gorgeous. Dorthe your Sunshine Mermaid is beautiful. Happy week ahead dear...

Yitte said...

The gifts from lynne are so lovely enkoy them. Your mermaid is gorgeous i can see the sun is still glowing on her face.
Have a nce week
Hugs Yvonne

Cindy Adkins said...

How totally beautiful everything is!!!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi dear Dorthe,
love your new mermaid with her sweet face:)The gifts from dear Lynne are gorgeous.Enjoy your treasures and have a lovely start of the week.

Lululiz said...

Your new mermaid is a beautiful little ray of sunshine herself! She has such a sweet smile to light up any room. I love her long braid as well. She is a little sunshiny beauty.
Oh my goodness, Lynne sent you such lovely gifts. The birdhouse is such a wonderful thing, I know it will give you great pleasure every day. And all the other beautiful things as well, wonderful gifts.

Sandy said...

Hi my sweet Dorthe,

Wow you are so lucky girl again. So lovely and pretty gifts from Lynne.
Your mermaid is absolutely gorgeous.
So so beautiful work.
I love them.
Have a lovely week my dear friend.

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello my dear friend, Dorthe
So now blogger is talking and I just want to say how very blessed you are with your beautiful gift from Lynne - Her gorgeous brooch, birdhouse and laces are so beautifully made along with those pretty laces she dyed in such a lovely shade of pink.
I love that dear little tag of that girl with such amazing eyes!
Your angel looks so Summery with the sunshine on her face and golden hair streaming down. She is glowing in the sun!
Life has been so wonderful to you of late and I know just how very grateful you are for all these beautiful birthday gifts to enjoy!
Love you dear friend,
Suzy xox

Anonymous said...

Dear Dorthe
I apologise again that your parcel was not there for you to open on your birthday - I will do better next year!
I knew that little birdhouse and the bird had to be sent to you and it was fun to alter with lace,etc. I am glad you like the brooch, it is only 2nd time I make such a brooch and first time I send to a friend.
Your mermaid is so delightful!!!
Have a lovely week Dorthe - I will catch-up with you soon :)

Viola said...

Yiipppee, der erste Kommentar hat geklappt!! :o))
Wieder sooo schöne Sachen hast Du bekommen. Viel Spaß damit!
Und Deine Meerjungfrau ist wieder einfach zu cool! So klasse, Süße!
Hab`noch einen schönen Abend! Allerliebste Grüße, Viola :o)

Robin said...

Your gifts and mermaid are absolutely delightful Dorthe! Glad to hear you are doing well.


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Such a lovely gift, Dorthe! I'm so glad to hear your eyes are feeling better, too! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my magazine has been fun!

Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

WOW what a beautiful birthday gift made with so much love, have fun with that beautiful present.
Hugs Anja

Terri said...

Hello Dorthe,
I am so glad to hear your eyes are still doing well! Yay! Soon, I hope they will be even better.
Your gifts from Lynne are wonderful! How kind of her.
And your new little mermaid is so fab! Oh my! I do love your style!

Erika said...

Ich schliesse mich meinen Vorschreiberinnen an, liebe Dorthe ♥
Wunderschöne Geschenke und eine wunderschöne Mermaid von einer wunderschönen Frau :) So lovely and nice to see. Hugs from your Erika

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hallo meine liebe Dorthe, Your mermaid is such a delightful girl and she seem to like her visit ashore! Her outfit is beautiful and I love her long braid as well of course as her sweet face.
Dear Lynne has spoiled you big time with lots of fantastic gifts. I had admired the tag on her blog already and the bird house is so lovely too. Enjoy, sweetie and have a great day!
Mange kys og knus,

Rebecca said...

Beautiful birthday gifts for a beautiful person. I hope your day was just as lovely.
Your little mermaid is wonderful!
Many blessings today

Alisa Noble said...

pretty, pretty, pretty!

Glad to hear you are healing up nicely, Dorthe!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

I love the sweet gift you received from your friend, so beautiful.
How adorable your latest mermaid is and love the way the sun is shining upon her pretty face.
So glad to hear that your eyes are almost back to normal.

Hope that you are enjoying the week

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Dorthe, Your gifts are amazing and very specially created just for you. What a blessing.
I love your mermaid. Your talents are incredible. Thank you for sharing and the inspiration.

Enjoy a great day.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Jillayne said...

Hello Dorthe,
I am so happy to hear your eyes are improving. I have been away from blogging for a few weeks now and was so sorry to hear you had to have surgery.
You have received some wonderful gifts from some talented ladies - lucky you! Beautiful treasures for you to keep, and others for you to play with yourself. I am sure you will make wonderful things with all of them.
Hugs and feel better soon,

My Creative House said...

Hi sweetie, beautiful gifts, the bird feeder is so wonderful, your mermaid is so lovely and sweet, love her, tak for hyggelig snak, vil skrive videere mens nettet er oppe, godnat, sov godt.
Hugs Anni

Chenille Cottage said...

My dearest friend,
What a original presentation! Oh, the talent you and your artistic friends possess! I am always in awe of the artful way you use laces, pebbles, wovens, and bits of fancy to create such sweet art pieces!
I'm glad that you are feeling better, Dorothe. You are a treasure!
Blessings and thanks for your thoughtful visits and comments on my blog.
Carolynn xoxo

~*~Patty S said...

Your golden mermaid of the sea is so beautiful and charming...she oozes Love just like you do dear Dorthe!

Lynne's lovely gifts for you are very special indeed!
you deserve each and every one!

Happy August Dear One

Dortesjs said...

waue this gift is awsome what a sweet friend and so gorgeous things

Dortesjs said...

waue super flotte ting du har i din lille lade, vil rigtigt gerne besøge den butik endag super inspiration

Lisa said...

Boy those tags from Lynne are awesome! What a fun package.

Ephemera said...

Another fabulous post I missed. What stunning gifts you have received from the fangtastic Lynne at Adorn, truly beautiful and WOW your gorgeous golden mermaid, I'm speechless, she is wonderful. xx