Thursday, November 27, 2008

A few pictures from my shop

Beautifull things for sale in my christmas shop.

Beautifull blue paintet balls, made by Solvejg my dear friend
they kosts 125,-dkr, a piece, and my blue ikon seen inside.'

And here 2 balls more in pink,so beautifull
with the poor mans silver candle holders.

And last some of my angels packed to travel with me
to Sjælland and hopefully being sold some af them on
the christmas ship tour. We are staying for the week-end
in a city called Køge (lots of artists and Bornholmske
food specialities) where costumers then gets on bord,
looking and enjoing and bying .
I hope we all are getting a wonderfull trip.
And last but certainly not least, i had a wonderfull 3 dayes
with my grandchildren i Copenhagen, its difficult returning
and not being able to see them for weeks.
I wish you all a happy week-end

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A few pieces of my latest doings

Just a quick hallo, while im of to copenhagen
visiting my grandchildren and daughter, leaving
my husbond here , for a few dayes.
I did an Icon all in blue, its sold but i wanted to show
it to you, and then some cone angels,the cones
are all from our garden.
And the little sea-angel, is driftwood from the
beach. She is sold too.
Wishing dear friends, and everyone else
a beautifull week.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The moon sayes hallo - En måne hilsen

Just a moon hallo from a littel moon-girl
Luna, flying happy high up in the sky
waiting for christmas to arrive.
En hilsen fra månepigen Luna, der flyvende
på månen venter på jul-
måne m. Luna er ca. 45 cm høj i grå/sølv
og sorte toner-Hun koster 475,00 kr.

I hope you like her.

Happy friday to all out there in Blogland

from Dorthe

Monday, November 17, 2008

I managed a little spare time so here is some pictures of my buttons

I realy think i have a wonderfull collection
of buttons--everydayes-and specials---look here.

The buttons in the old matchbox are black glass buttons,
and the man on the box is King Christian the 10, the
grandfather of our present queen Margrethe.

old Glassbuttons

Old Bling bling buttons

I never get tired of collecting buttons, they

can be small wonderes.
All of you have a wonderfull tuesday.
xxoo Dorthe

The week of buttons

Look here and joyn the wonderfull idea
of a button week.Its hosted by:

En skøn ide -en knappefest for hele verden,

Alle kan deltage med en historie ,og billeder
på egen blok.

Hope ill get time to show some of
mine , but ooh im so busy working with christmas.
Well ill see if the evening brings
some spare-time.
A wonder full day to all dear
blogging friends.
Hugs Dorthe

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A few new dolls for christmas sale

Alle viste dukker sælges på Juleskibet.

Et par nye dukker til julesalget

Two Elfs ca. 50 cm and 35 cm.high
De er begge alfer, og koster kr 625,- pr. stk-

Winter angels in fur made from drift-wood

Vinterstrandengle -et nyt tiltag -de er varmt påklædt
i pelskraver

Her en i fuld figur ca. 25cm. kr. 95,00

Her tre mini 10-15 cm i ny udgave, alle i drivtømmer,og
glitrende som små juveler.
The tree last mini angels are ca. 10-15 cm. and costs
ca. 75 dkr.
Wanted to show you more pictures ,but blogger hasnt been easy
tonight, so im tired for now.
Happy friday to all , from Dorthe

Monday, November 10, 2008

Another wonderfull present

Look what a german costumer send me,
a box full of wonderfull things all old and
beautifull, im so very thanks full for all that.

And last the wonderfull nature,have you ever seen such
a fantastic sunrise as this one, here in november? So

Happy Tuesday everyone- Dorthe

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Den skønneste bog til salg-The most beautifull book for sale

Så er Jeanne dÀrc livings skønne bog
i min butik . Der er ikke mange eksemplarer
tilbage så .........

This beautifull book are now for sale in my
shop-its a book that will inspire you for

Today one of my friends are giving me
a hand with the christmas production.
Time is running, so have a happy day all

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hallo to november and the coming christmas

Some angels in progress for the coming christman sale.
Look at the mess i have got on my table.uhh!!

Halvfærdige engle der alle er på vej til at deltage

i salgsudstillingenpå juleskibet, der igen i år lægger til i Køge.

Have a happy week-end all.