Thursday, November 27, 2008

A few pictures from my shop

Beautifull things for sale in my christmas shop.

Beautifull blue paintet balls, made by Solvejg my dear friend
they kosts 125,-dkr, a piece, and my blue ikon seen inside.'

And here 2 balls more in pink,so beautifull
with the poor mans silver candle holders.

And last some of my angels packed to travel with me
to Sjælland and hopefully being sold some af them on
the christmas ship tour. We are staying for the week-end
in a city called Køge (lots of artists and Bornholmske
food specialities) where costumers then gets on bord,
looking and enjoing and bying .
I hope we all are getting a wonderfull trip.
And last but certainly not least, i had a wonderfull 3 dayes
with my grandchildren i Copenhagen, its difficult returning
and not being able to see them for weeks.
I wish you all a happy week-end

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