Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Number two artc piece finished

I`m not at all used to post every day, but decided to do that as long as
I`m able to finish a piece , for the workshop I posted about yesterday.

So this I made today, using only the ghost item from Karla`s ,artch for today.
I also used the wolf and little bird,from some other papers.

The background ,is  from a card, lovely shared by Diane 
the photo is not very good, but I hope you can se the house between the treas!
The bat I stamped and painted myself,then added some black lace and tulle,
and golden glitter.Made shadows around the ghost and wulf.

This is some milimeters bigger,than the one from yesterday.

UUHH this is fun !!!

Big hugs, Dorthe

Monday, August 30, 2010


As I told you I am one of the happy members in the wonderfull workshop
teaches this coming weeks ON THE NET,--- and the first lesson was today.

This is my first piece made for the arch  banner

As I made the tag smaller than actual size ,and did not have all the right
materials, it is not exatly the same as Karla`s ,
but I`m sattisfied, how it turned out.
My size is only 15x 6 cm. (6x2,2 inch)

We were asked to do two different pieces today, but as I also was sewing 3 small mermaids for my shop,
this was, what I was able to do.Maybe my banner have to do with 3 -and not 5, pieces.
Thanks Beth and Karla, the instructions were great and easy understandable, the photoes great--can`t wait to go on with the next one, tomorrow.
If anyone wants to join you can click on the batch in my right sidebar,or on the names here,to read more about this fantastic workshop.

Now it is late again,-time for my cup of tea,before bedding with a Stampington magazine.
Wishing you a wonderfull day,-and evening,all.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Saturday, August 28, 2010


If you do, then look what the postwoman brought me,last week.
Already when seeing whom send it, my eyes were big,as I know
makes the most fantastic art.
Opening up, the packet I saw, was wrapped in this wonderfull handdyed piece of fabric.

and out of it came this sweet and lovely card. Viola could not know,but
this old card,showing 3 sisters- almost looking like the 3 of us.
My little sister alwayes a little round, me with my long face, and my mittle sister ,yes -just in the middle
of us, in face shape,too.
Thanks dear Viola

There was also this special ATC -

And then friends, look what this dear soul  giftet me with.The most gorgeus little shoulder bag.
Look at all the detaiels, and the so yummy colors.It is fantastic, and so lovely heavy,hanging .

And such a beautifull work of art,I`m totally in love with it,and already used it.

But my goodness, there were more,(see the tag )  sweppet inside a wonderfull old embroidered fabric pice,
I found:

the beautifullist (can you say that?) collage,  ever---the colors cheeting a bit here---
you can immagine that my heart hopped ,holding this -
see the soldered Paris charm,all the flowers added,laces,pearls,stones,all in the
quiet beautifull tones of beige,creme,and a tiny spot of blue

I love it Viola, ALL and every thing,-you are a so giftet artist,and the most
generous friend,-thanks from my heart dear, you not only giftet me with all those gorgeus pieces,but also
gave me a happy day,by knowing you did all this for me.

Showing this beauty, I`m wishing you all, a very wonderfull week-end.
Hugs and love to all my dear friends.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Romantic Ghost workshop- and some mini pillows

Two new mini-pillows in Etsy , both  so romantic.
You can use them just as eye candy, or a little pincussion.

They both have a tag placed in a small pocket.

You can soon read more about them in my Etsy shop

This one is all in beige,white and brown/black tones


Yesterday I was invited to take part in the most wonderfull and "scarry"
Halloween workshop, offered from Karla and Beth

This gorgeus cone,is just one of many beautifull, and gothic ghosts
art pieces those two fantastic artists are showing us, how  to do.

Please visit the workshop link above for further informations, and photoes.
I can`t wait to try my hand on some of those special pieces-Thanks, both.
Well enough for today, one of the next dayes I will show you a most wonderfull belatet
birthday gift I recieved from a very dear friend in Germany.

Till then all the best, with Love and hugs
from ,Dorthe

Friday, August 20, 2010


Driftwood  and  Angels--
two very beautifull,and lovely words,-for me ,----one you can hold in your hands,---
the other in your heart-----and I do.

You can read more about them on my Etsy shop

they are  15--18 cm high

one queen --the other little lady

I hope you likes them !!!!!!!!

This beauty is 22 cm wide,  and so fantastic.

It is week-end again, time running ,running-- so fast-
I hope all of you will have, two happy dayes, where you have time to live and experience.

Love and hugs, dear friends.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wishing you a happy week-end showing a wonderfull gift and a sweet winn

Some weeks ago, I "visited"  Angie from Hopemore Studio
and saw her wonderfull glass slides charms.
I wanted to buy one with a Paris image on, and asked, when it would be on Angies Etsy!!
And just like that Angie told me ,she would gift me with one!
I could only be very happy, -and after a while, the post brought me a little package,from
this dear friend.
Today it is Angies BIRTHDAY  go and tell her  :happy birthday...

See how beautifull it is packed,with the little hearts,and the most beautifull fragile
piece of finest cotton and lace.And inside the little packet I found-not one,-
but 4 gorgeus charms, ready to be hanged, in a necklace, or on the wall with something else,
I do have a plan!!!

They are beautifully made,clear and schiny-they are gorgeus
dear Angie.
Thankyou sweetest friend ,I love them, very much.

Also I had the fortune to winn Karla`s  -Karlas Cottage  giveaway ,a wonderfull  pair of earrings,
a few weeks ago.
They also arrived  beautifully packed in an old kerchief, closed with the most
wonderfull old flower.

Aren`t they sweet with the fresch water pearls?
I love them, thanks so much dear Karla

I know I said this before, but realy it could not be said too much:
" all you wonderfull and lovely people out there, all over the world, thankyou for being such fantastic friends,  ,-so full of kindness, and alwayes ready to help,  with big,big hearts -
I love you all.

Have a very happy week-end. Mine will be bussy, so if I`m not visiting, that`s why-
I will say hello again next week-and visit all of you, again.
Big hugs, and xxxxxxx

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lavender "Pillow" for Etsy-----and a beautifull package from A Little Bit French

For many years I have collected those little round "Flacons", french used word here,
for little round table-cloths that we used to place under vases,or candleholders....

I have used them for angelwings, but today I suddenly got this nice
idea!  I folded it over,placed a bag inside filled with Lavender,
and then collaged it on the front.

I used old laces, buttons, made a rag-rose, and
sewed on a vintage photo ,copied on cloth.

I love to imagine ,that this woman could have knitted the -flacon!!!!
It can hang in the lace wound wirethread.

Last week, I fell so in love with one of Rhondas (A Little Bit  French) notebooks,and some
wonderfull laces, That I had to buy it. And after 9-10 dayes it was here.

When opening ,I first found this wonderfull bunch of lace,
together with another (right corner) soft colored piece lace, and,the piece of cotton
closed with a wonderfull  pin and a tiny holy emblem, all gifts, from this sweetie.

And those two packages , aren`t they beautifull?
Inside one was this small sweet notebook,see
all the laces and wonderfull ribbons, dear Rhonda have used around the edges,
and the sweet little charm.
I love it Rhonda.

A little peak inside!!

Do you remember the brown Paris-envelope from phote above?
Look what this dear lady had hide inside!!
Lots of wonderfull french inspired tags, they are gorgeus,
Thankyou so very much dear friend.
Rhonda also gifted me with the big bunch of the softest beautifull lace (in upper
right corner), the same as I had ordered from her,that you can see, in the
sweet stamped cloth pin.

 I so adore it,and the sweet stamp on the cloth pin,too, that
hold the lace I had ordered.
Dear Rhonda, it was the most beautifull, and lovely gifts you send me ,
I love it all very much,sweet friend,-Thankyou ever so much, I`m overwhelmed,and you made me so
happily smiling.

It is nine o`clock and I want to go wisit some of you,
so Happy day and evening to all,--- all around the world.
I send you hugs, and love.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My miss fairy on Etsy

This is miss  lovely, fairy.
I am offering her on my Etsy ,-she is a new kind of more longlegged
doll,and dressed all in beautifull creme,tones.

She can sit -or hang.

I also wants to show this beautifull find,
a box so lovely , with this (guess it is kind of plastic)
wonderfull Rococco motiv on top.

and inside the sweetest letter paper, and envelopes,
all in pink,- isen`t it gorgeus?

Today it is pouring down with water, looks like it could go on the whole day, and we
needs it, so big smile.
I want to thank all of you dear people ,that so sweetly welcomed me on Etsy,and
wished me the best of luck, you are all very dear to me, and I am humble thankfull, for
your kind and encouraging words.
Also thanks to you that already found mee, and bought a piece of mine, you made my start
so very happy and positive.
Love you all.
hugs-hugs-hugs--- and kisses too.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New sweet and shappy heart, listet to my Etsy shop

My newest  listing on Etsy,
this lovely lavender heart

I printet the image over an old wonderfull french text
--used old laces and embroderies,buttons, and a
steal wire to hang it.

I wish you all many blessings, and sends you
love and hugs, for this beautifull wednesday.


Monday, August 2, 2010

Announcing my ETSY SHOP opened.

Well I pulled myself together, taking the big step, to open my Etsy shop.
I hope you will like what i`m offering there.
It will be a mix of  dolls- and mixed media ,paper art and fabric-- so in time you will find many different things there ,to watch.

This is one of my first entered items.
A prinsess mermaid ,from the East Sea

She and I are welcoming you to all visit  my little shop, that in time will be bigger.

I`m wishing you all, dear friends and followers a wonderfull
week, and sends you love and hugs.