Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have finished a few new fairies, and this very spring-like one is
a salute to Spring arriving here, with birds singing, flowers blooming,
and the whole world waking up , again after winters cold winds.

She is aprox. 50 cm high, and just ready for spring

Her wings are made of rusted metal, covered in a very thin material
She is proud of her ring and arm collar
She is 112 dollars,or
675 DKR plus mail.

I so hope everyone are doing great, and
enjoing spring, and I wishes you a very wonderfull thursday.

XO to all.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A pair of metal tags

I, as many others, have long had a kind of love/hate relation to the story of
Marie Antoinette, so I could not let go of the wish to do a pair of Tags, with
her image on. I used a metal tag, and did a few "pictures " on them

They are not so very artistic, but I kind of liked doing them, relaxing
with the story, and the beautifull image.
Hope you are all having a lovely wednesday.
Thanks for wisiting
XOXO Dorthe

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Help to a friend

One of my dear blogging friends ,JoAnnA from
Mosshill Studio is having a very hard time ,her husbond suffering
a braintumor,-- and because of no work, there are no money
to pay the health-insurence.
Please go to her blog for more information,if you could maybe think
to help,or go to her husbonds CHIPIN to read more.

Sunrise in april
Hope you all are having / had a beautifull day
XOXO Dorthe

Monday, April 20, 2009

My dear friend Dawn is having a giveaway

I think you should take a look over at Dawns blog :The Feathered Nest
Where she is having her 900 blogpost giveaway.
I ofcourse was there, and it`s the most wonderfull piece of art you
have the chance to winn. So hurry everyone.

Thanks for stopping by, and a sunny monday to all of you.
XOXO Dorthe

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I ame so very honoured

Look here what a wonderfull thing that happened to me today:

I have been featured on Inspirational , a wonderfull blog making an effort showing different artists, to inspire everyone taking a tour
on the blog.

Gillian Murray, a member of this blog, have been watching mine , and then asked me if I wanted to be featured.

And oh yes , I`m honoured to be there together with a lot of wonderfull artists.

Thanks a lot Gillian.
Take a look here if you want.

new driftwood dolls

Here a pair of driftwood dolls, -the wood newly found, on the beach.
This sweet one wearing a red dress, and several rusty elements.
She is for sale in my shop for DKR. 285,00 or 48 dollars -plus shipping

This sweetie is made on a beautifull grey,and rosa piece of driftwood, the heart
is made of cobberthread my daughter found me, and she is bringing an old
stockingholder with her ,as a happy reminder of dayes gone by.
Already sold

Here she is hanging in my garten.

Its already week-end once again,and the sun is
still here, even it`s so very cold with the wind
coming in from north-east, -here it means
cold weather and big waves on the sea, which today
is soo very beautifull darkblue, with white tops on it.
Wishing you all ,near and far a peacefull and quiet week-end
XOXO Dorthe

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring forever in my heart

Hello everyone,-I hope you are all having a happy easter, with friends or
Dear JoAnnA chalenged us in her workshop to make a PURPOSE -Doll
every month, and as I did`nt found the time last month do do her, I
started early here in april, --so here she is.
She is called: SPRING, and the purpose for me is to -hopefully always
remember to keep: SPRING FOREVER IN MY HEART-meaning I
hope never to loose the spirit to "play" and create, and being open
for all things new.

She is made on a spool Nellie gave me, -her dress is made of wallpaper pastet
newspaper.I cut a piece of wood for her stand and "dressed" it up.
Her crone is stiffened, and she is bringing her little spring symbol, -a bird on nest.

I like her,- she is full of spring power.
Thanks all dear friends reading, and commenting
on my blog,-and wishes for a happy week to come.
xoxo Dorthe

Friday, April 10, 2009

A fantastic giveaway

Take a look here in this beautifull shop of Alicja`s
where she is having a giveaway.
The piece I`m showing here is one of many I love

I already bought one of her beautifull Retro Charms ,but I would love to
winn , Alicja......I know you know.
Hugs Dorthe

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A new sweet Fairy and a Witch

This could be a witch --or a FAIRY --I think she is a very sweet fairy

She is about 55 cm high and a darling
she costs dkr. 675,00
This is diffinetly a witch, and a little bit of a trouble-maker I think.

She is the kind of witch ,looking straight forward
and doing what she wants.

She is already sold.
Hope you are all having a wonderfull evening
Hugs to all.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The latest creations from the workshop

Here is my first attempt from JoAnnA`s workshop: Tattered Threads.
Its done on a quiltet piece, cowered in old lace of different arts.
I used a picture of a little girl from Gails shop : Shabby cottage Studio made
the little roses , and an old door thing for hanging.

I love the old embroidered piece
and had to add the beautifull pink little housestogether with an angels wing.The piece is called :
"little wonders from heaven to earth "

The other piece is my first soldered one, -it was`nt easy, but
I managed in the end.

Its sealed with a kind of wax, running from the top of the
bottle. I like it

The sun is shining here from a clear blue sky,
it`s so wonderfull, -brings the spirit on.
so I`ll go to make a new fairy in my studio.
Sending lots of good wishes for the day, to everyone.
xoxo Dorthe