Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring forever in my heart

Hello everyone,-I hope you are all having a happy easter, with friends or
Dear JoAnnA chalenged us in her workshop to make a PURPOSE -Doll
every month, and as I did`nt found the time last month do do her, I
started early here in april, --so here she is.
She is called: SPRING, and the purpose for me is to -hopefully always
remember to keep: SPRING FOREVER IN MY HEART-meaning I
hope never to loose the spirit to "play" and create, and being open
for all things new.

She is made on a spool Nellie gave me, -her dress is made of wallpaper pastet
newspaper.I cut a piece of wood for her stand and "dressed" it up.
Her crone is stiffened, and she is bringing her little spring symbol, -a bird on nest.

I like her,- she is full of spring power.
Thanks all dear friends reading, and commenting
on my blog,-and wishes for a happy week to come.
xoxo Dorthe


The Feathered Nest said...

I just love her Dorthe!!!! She does speak spring to me!! You are such a wonderful artist dear friend ~ I hope you are doing great as well as your husband!! xxoo, Dawn

nanazanne said...

hello dorthe! i just found your blog this evening...i love your spring purpose doll! she is so inspirational! what a cutie, i must start on mine soon, xoxo
from zanne (nanazanne)

nanazanne said...

dorthe, i cannot seem to read what i am supposed to do as to post this, hope you get this! zanne

Viola said...

Suuuuper, Dorthe! Deine doll ist fantastisch!! Liebe Grüße! :o)

Gillian .... said...

She is utterly fantastic Dorthe, I love those zesty colours, so perfect for "Spring". Love how you made her dress too. :)xox