Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I have for long wanted to tell you about those beautifull little slippers, made by my dear friend  LISA
from Tarnished and Tattered. I fell in love with them, first time seing a pair,-and I think you will too.
And now Lisa have made a tutorial ,for everyone to buy in her Etsy (just click her name-and you will be right there to see for your self).

Aren`t they so very beautiful ? like little dreams, and starlight  fairy slippers-
Lisa is a most wonderful artist, and I`m sure many of you knows her,-but if not you will so enjoy visiting her blog-  Tarnished and Tattered--it is full of  fabolous creations of many,many kinds.

This is a not good photo from my shop showing a simple and yet lovely decoration.
A big silver glass ball on top of an iron urn -surroundet by an ivy wreath sprayed with a little snow, and
with a zinc ornament hanging from it.

Little matchboxes decorated with beautiful little images ,glitter and a faux silver charm.

My father christmas in red velvet and real fur, he is coming with me to the next show-
this week-end, on the "christmas ship" sailing from the island to Sjælland (Køge) friday.
It is loaded with artists and people selling food specialities from Bornholm-
and I will be there ,too-- with a dear friend Lena, helping me--- hoping to sell some angels ,and..and .....
We will be back home sunday midnight again, so you will not hear from me 
the whole week-end- but monday I will be happy to return visiting all of you dear friends again.

 I wish you a wonderful week-end- and great luck to all  others ,whom like me are on shows this week-end.
Sending hugs and love to you all

Monday, November 28, 2011


Burlap  hearth`s  decorated with  sweet images  and  lace

           The faces are transferred to fabric

                                                               And this years Advent`s  wreath
--my old iron wreath decorated with silver glittered  ivy-  little doves also with a bit of glitter, and silver stars

I also want to show you a wonderful  little notepad I won from Antique Paperie    
                                          Sherri also dearly send me this gorgeously smelling  little  lemon soap

          THANKYOU SO MUCH DEAR  SHERRI  -the notepad is here on my right hand, ready to keep                                                 smal great ideas ,and inspirational  thoughts.
             My week-end show in my shop, was compared with other years not the biggest succes- but   I       sold  something,  and almost doubble the amount of saturday-on sunday! So I`m satisfied for now.......

                                     Hugs and love- and wishes of a happy week for all of you dear friends.
NB:  I posted this via Firefox--they don`t want to support Blogger I think -look how  my writing goes here and there!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Tomorrow it is Thanksgiving day in America , so I wish all my dear friends  -over there -
a very happy Thanksgiving  .
May you all have a wonderful day!

This is a pair of candles ,beautifully wrapped in old papers and a lovely image.

                             And this a a winter fairy  telling you all to take care                                                                    

                                                                 HUGS AND LOVE

Sunday, November 20, 2011


I made some cones, for christmas , -not round ,but bent   .I don`t know if you can see it, but the cardboard is simply bend on the length 5 times- , and then glued together , after being covered in tissue paper.

I used tissue on top, too.
Laces , pearls and a wonderful image from JAN ,-- go see her beautiful digi sheet images in her shop.

The heart fairy goodmother

Love her feathered wings.

and my woodland  santa, -a cosy fellow from the north.

Here in Denmark, the sunday is almost finished- we had a delicius supper, and after posting and enjoying visiting some blog friends, I will go on working on my wool elves- the rest of the evening.

I have "met" some fantastic new followers ,this last weeks, thankyou all-
and thankyou to everyone whom comments on my blog, it makes my dayes brighter!
I wish you all a happy new week.
Hugs and love,Dorthe

Saturday, November 12, 2011


My white christmas fairy, with golden hair, made from beautiful mohair I was gifted with from my sweet and dear friend Suzy. from Suziqu`s Threadworks

and a little christmas hanger with the image of my dearest little Mathilde.

AND guess what....I WONN  THIS FANTASTIC LITTLE beautiful and fabolous DOMINO BOOK
from SANDY  of Stempelchaotin

look at the sweet legs

here is the back -AND a gorgeous soldered hanger with a charm dangling from the buttom

Please click to enlarge, to see the so beautiful pages Sandy created, with this sheet,- I was also so generously gifted with, -and to se another side of the soldered hanger.

This sweet friend also added a wonderful tag, 4 domino tiles for me to play with- and 2 rusted charms.
The little tag is Sandy`s  visit-card I love here image :)
Dear Sandy, I treasure your domino book very much- it is such a tiny work of art, and so beautifully made,
thankyou so much dear friend for winning it. I love both wonderful pieces.
My first day christmas show today, was not fantastic......I payed my bill standing there, and earned some 100 dollars more........I hope and pray it will be better tomorrow!
I dearly hope you all have a great week-end ,-dear friends far-and near
Hugs and love to you all.

Friday, November 4, 2011


This little heart made from old fabric and laces ,and with a beautiful Paper Whimsy image found when visiting NANCY  on her wonderful blog, here.... I made today after finishing another doll!

When blogging you find so many beautiful friends, whom all have so very big and lovely hearts.
One of them is the very dear , and fabolous artist,-and my close dear friend, ever since we met ,last year : Suzy 
Just look what the post brought me yesterday-
A fabolous journal, she made for me- as a gift - a gift just like that- !!!
Suzy had told me there was someting on i`ts  way- but I never ,never thought , that that something would be this gorgeous journal.

The 10 pages is filled with beautiful and special fabric-and laces-in many layers,
combined as only Suzy is able to do , as she have her own very special touch to all she creates. 

wonderful stamped pieces

Lovely ,lovely laces, can you see all those wonderful layers of beauty?

all kept in soft tones of aqua and earth

a little gold and rosa tones, too.

and more fantastic stamps---this is the back

and here I try to show, how wonderful "fat" it is!
This gift took my breath away,- It is a gorgeous labor of love- and I never imagined I would hold one of Suzy`s most beautiful journals in my hands.
I felt so thankful, holding this - I can`t express how much, but my heart is so  touched , and I say
THANKYOU   dearest Suzy, I  love you -you know.
Sunday morning I take another little trip to se my daughter, and grandkids an son in law- I am home again wednesday next week.
So dear friends ,if you don`t hear from me, you know why.....I will be back -visiting you all when returning home, eager to see and read all you have posted .
For now- happy week-end to you all-
Hugs and love-Dorthe