Friday, November 4, 2011


This little heart made from old fabric and laces ,and with a beautiful Paper Whimsy image found when visiting NANCY  on her wonderful blog, here.... I made today after finishing another doll!

When blogging you find so many beautiful friends, whom all have so very big and lovely hearts.
One of them is the very dear , and fabolous artist,-and my close dear friend, ever since we met ,last year : Suzy 
Just look what the post brought me yesterday-
A fabolous journal, she made for me- as a gift - a gift just like that- !!!
Suzy had told me there was someting on i`ts  way- but I never ,never thought , that that something would be this gorgeous journal.

The 10 pages is filled with beautiful and special fabric-and laces-in many layers,
combined as only Suzy is able to do , as she have her own very special touch to all she creates. 

wonderful stamped pieces

Lovely ,lovely laces, can you see all those wonderful layers of beauty?

all kept in soft tones of aqua and earth

a little gold and rosa tones, too.

and more fantastic stamps---this is the back

and here I try to show, how wonderful "fat" it is!
This gift took my breath away,- It is a gorgeous labor of love- and I never imagined I would hold one of Suzy`s most beautiful journals in my hands.
I felt so thankful, holding this - I can`t express how much, but my heart is so  touched , and I say
THANKYOU   dearest Suzy, I  love you -you know.
Sunday morning I take another little trip to se my daughter, and grandkids an son in law- I am home again wednesday next week.
So dear friends ,if you don`t hear from me, you know why.....I will be back -visiting you all when returning home, eager to see and read all you have posted .
For now- happy week-end to you all-
Hugs and love-Dorthe


the old white house said...

What a gorgeous gift! you, my friend, are a lucky girl! t.xoxoox

Alexandra said...

Wow da hätte ich mich auch tierisch gefreut was für tolle Geschenke!

bohemiannie! art said...

You know what? I love Suzy. And now I love her even more.

Suz said...

Such lovely treasures! That journal is amazing. I can just see the hours and hours of work. I must go visit Suzy's blog and see what she creates!!!
Big hugs,

Anonymous said...

Oh blogland is full of beautiful hearts! and artists that create!
this journal really is a labour of's stunning!

ciao bella

stop by and enter my giveaway, if you like!

creative carmelina

Unknown said...

happy week-end to you too dear dorthe! have fun visiting your family and we will chat when you return! your gift form suzy is so lvoely! ;)

Rhonda said...

Absolutely gorgeous - all of it - your heart collage - your wonderful gift book - I had to look at them all twice.

Have a nice time, Dorthe. It is always good to stop by and visit with you. xo Rhonda

Suztats said...

Dorthe, Suzy's art is made with her heart in her hands. What a beautiful and loving gift. I know you will treasure it.

Hopemore Studio said...

The journal you received is incredible, What a wonderful piece of art to hold in your hands!

Have a great trip to see your family.

Angela Richardson said...

Hello Dorthe,
How lucky you are to have one of Suzys incredible journals. You are so right, blogging creates some wonderful friendships across the miles.
Have a great visit to your family.
Hugs, Angela.

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

Such a beautiful gift from your friend Suzy and one you will be able to treasure very much.
It is wonderful meeting so many lovely blog friends, and the friendships and love we can share.
Have the very best time away with your dear family.

Sending hugs from NZ

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

The heart is so beautiful, my dear Dorthe! I love it.
Like you, Suzy is such a sweetie and fantastic artist. The journal is gorgeous with all the wonderful layers of fabrics and laces. Again I love her choice of colors and the texture. Enjoy this great gift, my friend!
Have a save trip and have fun with your family :-)!
Big hugs og mange kys,

nelly said...

Здравей Dorthe, пекресни дантелени произведения! Благодаря за хубавити думи, които оставяш в моя блог.
Поздрави и слънчев уикенд.

Sandy said...

Oh what for lovely gifts from your friends Dorthe. You are a lucky girl.

Wish you a lovely weekend sweetie. xoxo

morkaren said...

Hvor er det smukt, Dorte, er det dig selv der laver det scrap? jeg holder af den måde du blander stof og papir. v.h. morkaren.

Emilie said...

Sikken en utrolig bedårende og smuk bog! Hun har virkelig lagt meget kærlighed i den.
Ha' nogle rigtig dejlige dage hos din datter og familie, kære Dorthe.
Og selvfølgelig også en god weekend!
Varme hilsner herfra.

Lululiz said...

OMG Dorthe, you lucky lucky ducky! You got a journal from Suzy?!?!?!?! I adore her journals, she is such an incredible artist, and you have one, you can hold it in your hands and fondle it, and ooh and aaah over it. It is so beautiful, I bet you had trouble putting it down and getting on with other things. Can I be the tiniest bit envious? LOL, you know that I am very very happy for you, you are such a dear friend to all of us, you deserve being spoilt with beautiful gifts.

the old white house said...

Hello Dorthe, it's me again... I tried to leave this as a reply to your comment to me but it came as a no-reply so here goes ~ first of all, thank you for your always sweet comments! The flower was made from burlap ribbon but it could be made from a yardage of burlap too. I just made the burlap into a rosette and then sewed it to the stocking. Happy Weekend ! t.xoxoxo

ale said...

hermoso!!!! besos!!!

Jensters said...

Such true words i have made some amazing friends here in blogland some i hope to one day meet! such beautiful work of yours x

Vicki Boster said...

Hi sweet Dorthe-
You really are amazing-- you find inspiration for your creations everywhere you look! Your latest little treasure is so dainty and pretty.

Oh my goodness- Suzy's creations leave me breathless- her artistry is so exquisite- I know you treasure your beautiful gift!

Oh do have a lovely visit with your family. It must be so precious to have you as a Grandmother--

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Dorthe! It's just amazing. I love it! I hope you have a great weekend! xo

suziqu's thread works said...

My dear friend Dorthe
Your Paper Whimsey image sits so beautifully surrounded by all of your lacey embellishments in this soft heart. It is gorgeous!
The paper and fabric journal is a gift as you are a gift to me which is treasured. It is a "thank you for your friendship and kindness".
Blogging has provided such an amazing venue for friends such as you to be found.
I am sure so many new friendships have been created here for so many.
Enjoy it my sweet friend and use it as it should be used.
Much love and hugs,
Suzy xoxox

Createology said...

Your heart is both generous and giving and lovely in lace that you have created. Such a beautiful journal and special gift. Safe travels my dear...

Mosaic Magpie said...

What a beautiful gift to receive. I know it one that you will cherish. So very nice to have someone send such a special gift, they have spent so much time on. You are blessed to have such friends.

Alisa Noble said...

What a stunning gift, Dorthe!
Have a good trip.

Lynn Stevens said...

oh my Dorthe, Suzy's gift is just incredible. You are well loved my dear!

Thank you for entering my giveaway and best of luck!
hugs Lynn

Anonymous said...

Ah, Dorthe, what a treasure! Suzy is so good at what she does! And she's so very thoughtful too!

XO Diane

Anonymous said...

YOu get the best gifts ever from the most talented ladies of all - you must have a pure, pure heart Dorthe since we all love you so! xox Corrine

Wanda said...

How wonderful to have a friend like Suzy and receive such a beautiful gift, her work is so outstanding, I visit her blog often to see the beauty she has created.Thanks for sharing. TTFN

Vicki said...

The journal is incredible. It takes my breath away. I hope you have a safe trip!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

What a lovely surprise...just beautiful!

blackenpot said...

What a beautiful gift and very kind thought! Amazing.

Enjoy visiting your grandchildren.

Your latest follower.

Lynne Moncrieff said...

Dear Dorthe
Your heart is stunning, it is just so perfect in every way.
The gift from your friend well isn't that something special to treasure.
To sit and while away the hours looking at all the details and feeling the texture of the lace and trims.
I have a link for you, as you asked about Deko Ice. I hadn't forgotten, life hasn't been very good here due to elderly relatives.
The link I came across is

I was lucky enough to get the product when I was on a DT last year but that store is no longer open.

Ella said...

How magical this is; what a wonderful, generous gift! You give so much! Suzy gift represents the special bonds we can make through typing and sharing our hearts online~
Thank you so much for sharing! xo

Guriana said...

What a gorgeous gift!...You are lucky girl!!:))


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi dear Dorthe,
your heart is just beautiful with all the lace and lovely image.Suzy's journal is absolutely gorgeous and a gift from the heart. You are so blessed my dear.
Have a wonderful week.

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh WOW, Dorthe, the gifts from Nancy and Suzy are over-the-top GORGEOUS!!! Amazing!!!

Sandy said...

Wow that journal is just amazing and I can't think of a nicer person to receive it as a gift.

Minna Perälä said...

What a beautiful piece of art is that fabric journal!!! It´s lovely when you find a close friend like Suzy - and you both are great artists!!

Have a wonderful week!

Tanya said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Dorthe...this is BEAUTIFUL! You are truly wealthy in friends! Glad you've got to spend more time with your loved ones, too!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Oh Dorthe
your heart is just precious! I love her on that piece! And the fabric book is divine! SO many gorgeous pieces! thank you for sharing them with us!

Lisa said...

I hope your having fun right now with the family & Mathilde.
I cannot believe you got one of Suzy's amazing books! Oh Dorthe, I spend so much time on her blog & flickr page just staring at them! Such a talent. Your a lucky girl.
I got a gorgeous book myself this week from Tina. I need to post about it & show it off.
Love the new heart, the Paper Whimsey images go perfectly with your hearts.
Have fun sweetie!
Lisa said...

Have a wonderful trip!

Wow, that book is just beautiful, I'll bet its a joy to flip through it.

Evi said...

what an absolutely beautiful gift. This truly comes from the heart!
This shows, that she feels about you the same way you feel about her, a very special friendship.
I know you will treasure this forever. I love all the little details.
Hope you had a wonderful time with the family.
Many hugs,

Anneke said...

dear Dorhte
the heart is stunning and the lace is so beautiful and has an aged look.
the gift comes truly from the heart.
hugs and a nice weekend

Viola said...

Da hast Du aber ein tolles Geschenk von Suzy bekommen. Traumhaft!!
Dein Herzchen ist auch wieder ganz zauberhaft! Hoffe, Du hattest eine schöne Zeit mit Deiner Familie und es geht Dir gut? Alles Liebe und jede Menge kys,kys, Viola :o)

Anonymous said...

they are all so beautiful Dorthe.
I hope you have a lovely time with your dear family and a safe trip
hugs June x

Anonymous said...

Dorthe, just a quick note to wish you much success at your show this weekend! I have taken this week "off" from painting and have been trying to just relax and do some other artsy things that I love. I needed the break and it feel wonderful!

Blessings to you this weekend! Enjoy the shows!!

Big Hugs and Love,

Unknown said...

C'est vraiment très beau, bravo.