Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I have for long wanted to tell you about those beautifull little slippers, made by my dear friend  LISA
from Tarnished and Tattered. I fell in love with them, first time seing a pair,-and I think you will too.
And now Lisa have made a tutorial ,for everyone to buy in her Etsy (just click her name-and you will be right there to see for your self).

Aren`t they so very beautiful ? like little dreams, and starlight  fairy slippers-
Lisa is a most wonderful artist, and I`m sure many of you knows her,-but if not you will so enjoy visiting her blog-  Tarnished and Tattered--it is full of  fabolous creations of many,many kinds.

This is a not good photo from my shop showing a simple and yet lovely decoration.
A big silver glass ball on top of an iron urn -surroundet by an ivy wreath sprayed with a little snow, and
with a zinc ornament hanging from it.

Little matchboxes decorated with beautiful little images ,glitter and a faux silver charm.

My father christmas in red velvet and real fur, he is coming with me to the next show-
this week-end, on the "christmas ship" sailing from the island to Sjælland (Køge) friday.
It is loaded with artists and people selling food specialities from Bornholm-
and I will be there ,too-- with a dear friend Lena, helping me--- hoping to sell some angels ,and..and .....
We will be back home sunday midnight again, so you will not hear from me 
the whole week-end- but monday I will be happy to return visiting all of you dear friends again.

 I wish you a wonderful week-end- and great luck to all  others ,whom like me are on shows this week-end.
Sending hugs and love to you all


Hopemore Studio said...

I love Lisa's booties, they are precious!

Hope you are able to take a picture or two of your Christmas ship adventures. It sounds like a fantastic event. Best of luck!

morkaren said...

Hej Dorte, det er altid spændene at besøge din blog, vidunderlige små sko, og tændstiks æskerne er så skønne, hvor er det ærgeligt at man næsten ikke bruger tændstikker mere.
Jeg fandt frem til "Lululiz in Lalaland" via dig, et spændene sted, der går bare meget tid med det her blogrundfart. knus morkaren.

Mosaic Magpie said...

I am not familiar with Lisa's blog I will have to go and have a look. The slippers are sweet. Good luck to you and I hope you sell out!

Yitte said...

Lisa's slippers are so beautiful, really fairy slippers. Thank you that you tell us about her tutorial.
Your shop looks wonderful i am sure your will have fun this weekend, Hope you are selling alot and maybe you have some time to take some pictures.
Have a nice weekend
Hugs and love

Plush Possum Studio said...

Have a perfectly wonderful time on board the Christmas ship! So many pretty things to choose from!
Best wishes for good sales!

Sandy said...

I am going to have to check out Lisa's tutorial! Beautiful creations!

Rebecca said...

My best to you dearest... I hope you sell out!
Sounds like a wonderful show, on a boat!
All they sell at my show are hotdogs and carnival food.
Thanks for the info on Lisa, she is a sweetheart and soooo talented. I love her work as I do yours!

Vicki said...

Love the little decorated matchboxes and definitely Father Christmas! Hope you are well. Love Lisa's tutorial.

Suztats said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and sell everything! Your Santa looks very cheerful.

Hearts Turned said...

Hello to you, sweet Dorthe! What lovely fairy slippers she made for you! And what a wonderful Father Christmas you've created! You have such a gift, my friend!

Wishing you the loveliest of days...


the old white house said...

Those slippers are so sweet! Have fun at the sale, I just know that you will come home pockets full and all kinds of new happy customers! t.xoox

Ella said...

I love Lisa's work, thanks for sharing! I love all of your holiday touches, so unique n' beautiful~

Sandy said...

Oh wow what a lovely gift from Lisa. This shoes so pretty.

I wish you best luck my dear friend.
Have a lovely day sweetie. xoxo

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Lisa's ballet slippers are just so lovely and and make a very sweet Christmas decoration.
You've created such beautiful things again, sweetie. I wish you the most of fun and success on your boat trip. Hopefully you'll sell a lot of your gorgeous dolls and other creations.
Have a wonderful day :-)!
Mange kys og knus und allerliebste Grüße

Jillayne said...

Good luck in your show Dorthe - I hope you sell everything!
I love the little slippers and am off to check out the tutorial - thanks so much for sharing it.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings from Cindy said...

Have a wonderful time on the Christmas Ship & you will definitely sell some angels!! The slippers are so lovely! Can't wait to see pics of your adventure!

Viola said...

Die slippers von Lisa sind wirklich toll. Habe sie auch schon bewundert.
So niedlich! Dein Gesteck finde ich ganz klasse und Deinen father christmas sowieso. Ebenfalls die süßen Schachteln, so lovely. Liebe Dorthe, ich wünsche Dir ein tolles Wochenende auf dem Schiff. Gaaanz viele gute Verkäufe und natürlich viel Spaß. Alles Liebe, Viola :o)

Diane said...

I wish you much luck at your show this weekend!!
Lisa's slippers are beautiful!

Ineke Original said...

Super! Just love this!

Alisa Noble said...

I hope you have a fabulous show, Dorthe!

June said...

Lisa is a super artist!!! I love everything she does. And everything you do too Dorthe. I love your beautiful Father Christmas. He will be a big hit at the show I am sure of it!
I am so in love with your burlap hearts in your previous posts. Just lovely.
I am surly working on my 'pie' hips and making room for all the Christmas baking I do ;-)
Have a wonderful show dearest!
sending warm hugs your way...

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello my dearest friend,
I can see just how really busy you have been getting ready for the Christmas ship. I hope the weather is good for your weekend and when they see that gorgeous Father Christmas on your table people will come running! He is so gorgeous!

Wishing you lots and lots of doll and fairy sales for you sweet friend.

The faces on the matchboxes are so pretty and Lisa's little fairy shoes
are so beautiful - pure delight. She makes the most exquisite items.

Wishing you well and my heart will go with you on that ship!
Love you dear friend,

Lululiz said...

The urn with the glass ball and the ivy looks so elegant and tasteful, I really like it a lot. Ah, and those sweet little matchboxes, they are lovely.
Have a wonderful time on the ship, over the weekend, and sell lots! I'll be thinking of you. xx

Holly Moore said...

Wow Dorthe, it has been too long since I have browsed blogs. Yours is so very pretty, it makes me sigh with happiness all the wonderful things you have posted. :)

My Creative House said...

Good morning my sweet friend, some beautiful creation for your shop dear and a gorgeous father christmas, love his dress, ringer til dig inden vi tager afsted.
Knus Anni

mette laumann said...

Weeee... så er nedtælning til Køge i får så travlt det kan jeg mærke , og julemanden er væk før du får set dig om ;O)
Sikke en fin bod du får med alle de skønne ting du skal have med .

Anneke said...

wow, dorhte,
you slippers are gorgeous and i have never seen such beautiful booties.
they are so exclusif.
and then i saw your matchboxes and what a lovely work.
this post is a joy to see.

Evy said...

I admire the work of Lisa for a long time, these slippers are magnificent!
I like very much your limp with matches sprinkled with silver!

Beautiful day

Tanya said...

Ah, Dorthe...those little shoes are magical...much like your Father Christmas...many good wishes for BIG sales for you this weekend! XOXO Tanya

Lisa said...

I've been busy these days with my own special project, so I come to check on you & see this post! You are too sweet to show my slippers & tutorial. Someday after Christmas is over I'd love to see how you'd do them.
I love how you've created for Christmas & I pray that your show goes well. May you sell everything!! That is my wish for you sweet friend. You are such a beautiful artist & person. Love to you!

Old Paper Roses said...

Dear Dorthe,
good luck with the show.
Your father christmas looks so sweet!

Hugs Michelle

Alexandra said...

Hallo meine Liebe, die Schühchen sind ja wirklich ganz arg zauberhaft. Ich kann gut verstehen das du dich in die verliebt hast :)
Ich wünsche dir was liebe Dorthe
Hugs Alexandra

Suz said...

Best of luck with your show. They are fun and kind of stressful. I love your little matchboxes and Santa and Lisa's slippers are gorgeous. So nice of you to present them!!!!

Lynn said...

Hi Dorthe, I hope your weekend show was a huge success, and you are not too tired out :) I love the darling little slippers, will go check it out.

Emilie said...

Kære Dorthe.

Din julemand er noget så bedårende! Han ser så rar ud. :-) Og tændstiksæskerne - nøj, hvor er de fine. Det er altså sådan en rigtig god idé med dekorerede tændstiksæsker. Det ynder jeg også selv at gøre...

Og selvfølgelig:
Tak for din søde hilsen!
Ja, jeg har været meget væk på det sidste og kommer muligvis også til at være det mindst et par uger endnu. Forsøger dog at snige mig til lidt "blogging-tid" i ny og næ... :-)
Men sådan er det jo inden for uddannelsessystemet: Der er altid så vanvittigt travlt i december pga. af eksamener og lignende. Desværre! Det er så ærgerligt, at der ikke er bedre til at hygge, når det nu er december, og man ekstra gerne vil julehygge...

Varme knus herfra!

QueenBe said...

I hope your show was a huge success!! Happy Holidays~

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

The little slippers are so sweet and thanks for showing us.
Also love the sweet matchboxes and Santa.
I do hope that the show was a wonderful success and you had fun.

Happy new week

helle said...

Hej Dorte
Tak for dine søde ord, jeg er også hlet vild med dit univers og er tit på besøg!

Kram Helle

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh what gorgeous creations, Dorthe!!! And her slippers are pure magic....WOW!!! How enchanting. I hope the shows are going great, my friend!!

Unknown said...

Oh Dorthe, your little matchbooks are so darling! I hope you are enjoying your holiday season and all of the preparations.