Saturday, November 12, 2011


My white christmas fairy, with golden hair, made from beautiful mohair I was gifted with from my sweet and dear friend Suzy. from Suziqu`s Threadworks

and a little christmas hanger with the image of my dearest little Mathilde.

AND guess what....I WONN  THIS FANTASTIC LITTLE beautiful and fabolous DOMINO BOOK
from SANDY  of Stempelchaotin

look at the sweet legs

here is the back -AND a gorgeous soldered hanger with a charm dangling from the buttom

Please click to enlarge, to see the so beautiful pages Sandy created, with this sheet,- I was also so generously gifted with, -and to se another side of the soldered hanger.

This sweet friend also added a wonderful tag, 4 domino tiles for me to play with- and 2 rusted charms.
The little tag is Sandy`s  visit-card I love here image :)
Dear Sandy, I treasure your domino book very much- it is such a tiny work of art, and so beautifully made,
thankyou so much dear friend for winning it. I love both wonderful pieces.
My first day christmas show today, was not fantastic......I payed my bill standing there, and earned some 100 dollars more........I hope and pray it will be better tomorrow!
I dearly hope you all have a great week-end ,-dear friends far-and near
Hugs and love to you all.


Silke Powers said...

That is truly beautiful, all of it! And I love the photo of little Mathilda - what a cutie!!

I hope your show goes better tomorrow!! And I hope you are doing well!

Hugs, Silke

JoAnne said...

What a beautiful angel Dorthe! And that domino book is a charming win!

Anonymous said...

Good luck for tomorrow, hope the crowds come out to see you dear Dorthe. Beautiful winnings and gifts all. xox Corrine

morkaren said...

Skøn, skøn Matilde dukke du har lavet, jeg kunne virkelig godt tænke mig at se hende i hel figur, du er meget fingernem til de der stofdukker, jeg har selv lavet dukker i forskelligt matriale.
v.h. morkaren.

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

Your Christmas Angel is so beautiful and I love her sweet smile.
How wonderful that you got such beautiful gifts in a friends givewaway.
I do hope that your Christmas Show will be better tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend

BECKY said...

Hi Sweet Dorthe,
Sorry to hear that the show didn't go that well. Will be praying that it gets better!

Love your treasures! That domino book is sooo cute!!

Big hugs and joy to you!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Dorthe,
I just love your newest creations. Her hair reminds me of mine!!
Love her big dreamy eyes too.

Such lovely gifts that you have received. I know they are real treasures to keep forever.

Best of luck at your sale.


Createology said...

Your angels are beautiful and sweet...both mohair one and Mathilde angel. What a fun domino book and treasures. I really must make a domino book as I adore all that can fit into such a tiny venue. Blissful inspirations dear...

the old white house said...

Your doll is wonderful Dorthe and what a lucky girl you are, the surprises are fantastic! i hope tomorrow is a better day at the sale for you...good luck! Surely everyone must want to own one of your special creations! t.xoxoxoox

Suz said...

First of all, thanks for your wonderful words of support. I cannot tell you how much it helps. I am sorry about your fair and hope the sales get better. These are hard times economically all over the world, I think. People just aren't buying. Love the gift you got. You give and receive such deserved.
Love and hugs,

Suztats said...

I love your white Christmas angel, Dorthe! She has such a nice smile.
Isn't it lovely to win such wonderful items? I hope you enjoy them.
Perhaps tomorrow your shop will be crowded with shoppers all wanting to purchase some of your treasures. I hope so. Hugs

Tanya said...

It looks like you have Christmas every day, Dorthe...beautiful gifts, and another darling angel!

Marlynn said...

As always, dear Dorthe, your blog is as beautiful as ever with the most beautiful images. I love to stop by and linger. Hugs, dear friend!

sharon said...

I always love seeing your doll creations, they are always so happy and beautiful!
Your gifts from Sandy are amazing! And i so love Matilda the sweet!
Wishing you a good business ahead, and sending you big big hugs!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Your Christmas fairy has the cutest expression, my dear Dorthe! Suzy's mohair worked just wonderful to create her hair.
Mathilde is such a cutie and the ornament is very pretty.
Congratulations on winning Sandy's fantastic domino book and the other goodies.
I'll keep my fingers cross for better sales today, sweetie.
Have fun and enjoy the show :-)!
Mange kys og knus,

Rein said...

congratulations, enjoy your domino book!

love your fairy, she is wonderful!

Gaby Bee said...

Your Christmas Angel is very pretty, Dorthe. Love her smile:)
The gifts from Sandy are really beautiful. You are one lucky gal!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Angela Richardson said...

Hello Dorthe,
Love your doll, I can see she is
special and such beautiful gifts.
I start my Christmas fair next Friday but am never sure how well they will do, it's hard when you put your heart and soul into your work.
Good luck for the rest of the fair.
Hugs, Angela.

blackenpot said...

Good luck today, hope you sell all your goodies! I just loved the doll, what a beautiful expression on her small face.

Thank you for sharing.

suziqu's thread works said...

Good morning my sweet friend!
Those eyes of that Christmas Angel make me melt. She is so gorgeous and so pretty with her golden hair but not quite as precious as the angel underneath her - little Mathilde framed so beautifully ready to hang and I can just see her in the wall in your new room or hanging with your Christmas decorations.
What an angel to have in your life along with a few other special angels.
Lucky girl to win that tiny domino altered book. So clever and so pretty.
Thinking of you today at the Christmas show and crossing my fingers that more sales are made for you for all your precious work and effort you have put in! You so deserve the rewards.

Sending warm thoughts and love you from afar!
Big hugs too,
Suzy xoxox

creativelenna said...

dearest dorthe, thank you for visiting me and commenting on my sketchbook in progress - I know you love those colours!
I hope your christmas show goes well all in all, wishing the best for you! xoxo

Sandy said...

Hi sweetie,

Wow Thanks so much for your lovely words to my work.
This made my day and I´m so happy that you like it all.

I wish you a lovely new week and here is a big HUG form me. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Wow! What wonderful gifts! You are a lucky, lucky girl :)

Lululiz said...

Just look at that gorgeous big smile on your Christmas Fairy, she looks so happy and sweet and full of Christmas cheer. She is adorable.
Congratulations on winning those gorgeous gifts. They are so pretty. Now I wish you a very happy Sunday evening. xxx

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Congrats to you and I love your creations! It is always a pleasure to see your beautiful work (and blog)...have a wonderful Sunday!

Shari Replogle said...

What a sweet face on your White Christmas fairy Dorthe! The golden mohair curls are adorable as well. And congratulations on your domino book win it looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Oh beautiful Dorthe!! I love your Christmas Fairy so much ~ She is lovely! You won so many sweet things - I love the Domino book! Happy week! xo

Vicki Boster said...

Hi Dorthe- I do hope your day at the craft show is better -- I've been there--- I must tell you my story sometime about participating in a craft fair and selling nothing-- it was a horrible experience!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Anonymous said...

Your domino book is such a treasure. I can just imagine how magical it is in person.



P.S. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on getting published on Somerset Life.

Viola said...

Guten Morgen, meine liebe Dorthe!
Deine fairy ist wieder super, super schön. Sie guckt sooo lieb, wie Deine Mathilde! :) Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Deinem tollen Gewinn und viel Spaß damit.
Hoffe, dass es für Dich gestern auf der Ausstellung besser gelaufen ist.
Wünsche Dir einen wunderschönen Montag und ganz viele liebe Grüße, Viola

My Creative House said...

Oh dearest Dorthe your new doll is so wonderful and the christmas hanger with Mathilde so sweet, love it, congratulations dear Sandy's domino book is fantastic.
Hugs Anni

Anonymous said...

Oh everything is so beautiful Dorthe. Your White Christmas angel is so adorable, her hair is so pretty too. I love your beautiful Mathilde hanger its sweet and your lovely gifts from Sandy
Have a lovely day
hugs June x

Hearts Turned said...

Oh, goodness! Such a beautiful Christmas angel, Dorthe! Love her golden always create the loveliest things, dear friend!

Wishing you the most wonderful day!


Lynne Moncrieff said...

Dear Dorthe
The white angel is so beautiful and she makes me smile.
What a lovely Giveaway you won, so precious.
I hope you had a better day at your Christmas Fair.

Terri said...

Oh my, but your new dollie is absolutely gorgeous! What a wonderful prize!
Your other gifties are amazing too, I love that domino book! Well done! How fun that she sent you the pages for it and extras to make one! You will really enjoy it!

Old Paper Roses said...

Lovely fairy!!
And congratulations on winning such a beautiful giveaway.

Hope the second day of the christmas show was better for you!

Hugs Michelle :)

Anneke said...

i like your hanger very much and your cute angel.
lovely work Dorthe, and very creative.

Gustaviana said...

the hanger is very very very nice ... is it difficult to make it???? I realy love it but here in holland i never saw a school for it... and your angel is very lovley... so sweet ..... xx viana

Vicki said...

What a beautiful angel and Christmas hanger! I love your domino necklace win. She is a beauty. Hope the second day of the show was better for you!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Lovely work you're doing!
And congratulations on winning the domino book!

Lynn said...

Your Christmas fairy is the sweetest, love her little face, and the domino book from Sandy is just beautiful isn't it? You lucky girl :)
Hoping your days at the Christmas show bring you more, I am sure they will :)

Sandy said...


Your doll is darling! I love the sweet expression on her face, so precious. Wonderful win too!

Rebecca said...

Hi Sweet
Your fairy is sooo sweet, I love your dolls. Will you be making some angels for Christmas?
I hope your show got better, it is still early.
I have another show on the third and then I am done. I will be glad.
I will be having my family here for Thanksgiving, so there will be a house full... we are quite a bunch with all the grandkids. This old house will be rock'in.
Wishing you a beautiful day, it has turned chilly here now, got down in the 20s last night.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi dear Dorthe,
your Christmas fairy is just adorable. Love the expression on her face.The ornament with your sweet Mathilde came out beautifully.Congratulations on winning that wonderful domino book.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Sending big hugs,

Anneke said...

these gifts are realy beautiful and the domino book is gorgeous.
so nice to get this presents and find them on the doormat.
i have the christmas market on the 14th of december.
have a nice weekend my friend and hugs!

Lorraine said...

glad you won Sandy's gifts..they are fab. You made me laugh when you said my recent ATCs reminded you of old Catholicism..I was brought up with very strict Catholicism and I wanted to capture this!

Alisa Noble said...

So lovely... all of it!
I hope your second day went better for you.

Amanda said...

What lovely treasures! Thank you for sharing them with us! I am so happy to have "met" you! I wish you the best of luck with your sale!

busyascanbe said...

I love the doll and your blog!

mette laumann said...

IIIIIhhh hvor er hun skøn din glade fe med hovdet på skrå........ og jeg kan se "julemanden" kommer tit på besøg ;O)
Tusinde tak for dit gode råd om printer håber jeg får den i morgen.
Kæmpe krammer og fed jule salg <3 mette

Lisa Graham said...

Such a beautiful angel and hanger! What a sweet little girl.

And such lovely winnings. I love getting packages in the mail.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Oh what darling pieces! You are special and deserve each one. Continued good fortune with your booth! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!