Saturday, December 12, 2015

Just a little shout out for my dear friend Liz !!

My very dear friend ,

tries to collect money for dogs shelters in
 Bulgaria, Romania and Portugal, where it seems they are 
treated so very badly by many people, it is really heartbreaking photos .

But this wonderful lady have decided  to try collecting money to help those 
working in the shelters to rescue as many dogs as possible from the 
terrible "life" they are living.
As many of you know,  Liz is a collector of all things French, and from her many 
wonderful finds, she now offers a lot of different things on auctions,-
for you to bid, if there are some of the pieces, you favor.

Here is an example 

Here another,  but there are so many wonderful finds to study, and maybe
bid on, if you want to give yourself a special Christmas gift, and in the
same time help in making better circumstances for some dogs, needing to
be just a little lucky !!

Thank you for reading this, and for maybe visiting Liz,
and bid,- for her to help!!

I hope your weekend will be just wonderful.

Hugs and Love


Tanya said...

How very sweet of your friend, Liz...I will definitely drop by her page! Happy weekend, Dorthe! XOXO

butterfly said...

What a lovely gesture from Liz - I wish her lots of luck with the auctions, and thank you for sharing the news.
Alison xx

Paper Profusion said...

Looks like a great cause. Good luck to Liz in selling her beautiful pieces. Nicola x

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet to share, she doing a wonderful thing. I support my local rescue whenever I can as well. As you know. I hope she does well for them. xox

Lululiz said...

Thank you so much, Dorthe, for this lovely post. The more people know about, the better the chance of raising a bit more money for the rescuers. xxx

JoAnne said...

Thank you for sharing this Dorthe. I love your Christmas in My Home post. Everything looks so beautiful! XO

Roosterhead Designs said...

Hello dear Dorthe! I am sorry to be late in commenting and telling you THANKS for sharing Liz's message with your blogger friends!
I am proud of her to take a stand and do this work to earn them money for rescuing. I have made some bids on her auction and plan to contribute~ Blessings to you my friend. ~Karen O

suziqu's thread works said...

So kind of you to support Liz in this mission! She has been so incredibly kind to offer these wonderful auctions all from her own collections.
Bless you sweet friend,
Much love and warm hugs as we prepare for Christmas!

Celestina Marie said...

Such a good cause and Liz is a dear. Thank you for sharing all this and the importance. I am going to visit your Christmas in my Home post next. Wishing you a lovely week dear friend. xo

~*~Patty S said...

Very best wishes to your friend in this worthy cause!