Friday, January 9, 2009

Nellies wonderfull book

I couldnt resist it,-had to buy this ,more than,
wonderfull book from Nellie.
Look how beautifull it is.
Its a little book where you can fill the pages
with sekret thoughts or memories of
special moments. And that is what im going
to do.

see the old lace, and homespun cotton.

All the sides are laid with eighter wonderfull

old papers or fabric. And in between Nellie
giftet the reciever (me) with old pictures


and beautifull fabricks.

Even some metal medaillons, and old hand
writings, and transparensies are inside this book
made with loving hands.

Have you ever seen such a beautifull book?
Nellie i will write all my small and happy
sekrets in it, and alwayes feel happy to
hold it in my hands.
Im so happy i came first to buy this little
I wish you all a wonderfull satterday.
Hugs Dorthe


The Feathered Nest said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!!! Dorthe!!! Nellie's beautiful artwork is so breathtaking! I'm so very happy for you sweet friend ~ what a treasure for you to have...wishing you a wonderful weekend, xxoo, Dawn

Anita said...

Oh wow, that book really looks like a real treasure! Lucky you, Dorthe! ;-)) It's full of goodies and I am sure it was made with lots of love! ;-))

Once again, thanks a lot for your second order! I wish you lots of energy for your creations, too!

By the way, I will try to take some daylight pictures of the two new hearts I made for you tomorrow and I will put them on flickr! ;-)) Will you automatically find them over there?

Best wishes from Germany, Anita

Candy said...

Fab-u-lis-hous! Just made that word up because your new book is great! Thanks for checking out my blog so I could discover YOU.

Shelly said...

The book is such a beautiful treasure !! So much to look at and the textures are just lovely.