Wednesday, December 19, 2012


My most dear and lovely friend, Suzy, and I agreed in only sending each other a little flat 
before christmas gift, to bless each other with a heartfelt greeting before christmas.
I recieved this most stunning and amazing beautiful heart from    Suzy.

It is a gorgeous and very fabolous art work, and I
so love it.

Kept in white-beige-greenish and a little blue, it is the most wonderful heart.
I don`t know if you can see it, but Suzy used sari ribbons to create the heart with,which gives a fantastic effect. The images is such a piecefull picture of the angel and child, and I love the sweet tassels.
She used different laces, and all anchored on top of  sackcloth 
Suzy send me blessings with this beautiful piece, and I truly feel blessed  recieving this gift and even more your wonderful friendship, my dearest Suzy, 
Thankyou from my heart.

As Suzy now also have recieved my gift for her, I will  show it, too.
I made her this collage , telling a story of a child being born,
while the angels are joyful  watching. 

They are from an very old danish  magazine,
and I used the original piece- there are many different layers of paper and fabric and also a dried 
leaf  which together with the shining stars, shows Heaven and Erth and the magic that
happened ! 

It is also in neutral colours -white ,beige  and black with the little silver.

I want to welcome new followers, I am so happy you have found me and my blog, 
I know you are all very bussy this week ,and hope you don`t
stress yourself too much!

I send you  hugs and love
and in case I will not return before christmas I
 wisches you all a wonderful christmas, and the most happy new year to come.



JoAnne said...

Beautiful gifts on both ends! Merry Christmas Dorthe! xoxo

Astrid Maclean said...


I wish you the most wonderful, light filled and peaceful Christmas with many, many blessings in the coming year!!!

butterfly said...

What a beautiful exchange of gifts... both of them are absolutely lovely!
Alison x

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Dear Dorthe,
Beautiful gifts for sure. Such a treasure to have and be such friends. Merriest of Christmas to you and your family.
hugs and JOY,

Unknown said...

there is nothing more special than a gift from the heart. you both have poured so much of your own into your gifts for each other. how beautiful!! merry xmas dear dorthe! i wish you many moments of joy with your loved ones! ;)

Sandy said...

Hi Sweetie,

what a lovely heart from Suzy.
Wonderful and your hanger is absolutely perfect.
So many things on it.
I love them so much.

Shane Pollard said...

Dear Dorthe
Oh that exquisite 'Blessings' heart from Suzy - made just for you from her heart! I remember having a Holy picture of her Guardian Angel when I was a little girl - I loved it then and I love it now!

Your Nativity themed collage is wonderful too Dorthe with layer upon layer telling the story - you are so artistic.

I have your beautiful Angel lighting up my tree!

Christmas Blessings to you and your family Dorthe, be careful driving in the snow.

Erika said...

Liebe Dorthe, this is a wonderful and peaceful gift from your friend, with gorgeous colors. I think you are a little "greenish"-lover and it is still perfect, in that cosy mood. And your collage is just perfect also. Less colors, reduced in colors to show the motiv at the best. I love both, dear friend.
Hope you´re fine and your christmas time is special and lovely too. Ich wünsche Dir zauberhafte Tage bis Weihnachten und alles Liebe zu Dir - und viel Freude mit Deinen Lieben. Many big warm hugs and kisses to you, my dear! :)

nelly said...

Здравей скъпа Дороти, сърцето което си получила е прекрасно.
А колажа е възхитителен, наистина разказва една цяла история... Всички елементи са та така красиво подредени. Весели празници и само хубави моменти.
Поздрави и прегръдки от мен.

Unknown said...

Dearie, these gifts are absolutely stunning, you gals must have had FUN! :D So beautiful!


Dreaming of Vintage said...

Gorgeous gifts Dorthe!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful from some lovely ladies.....xox

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hello sweet Dorthe, You and dear Suzy have given each other the most beautiful gifts. Both creations are stunning and you must both have been thrilled when you unwrapped your gifts. I love all the creations of your last post too. Your friends will be excited to receive those fantastic gifts, my dearest Dorthe.
It's been crazy here lately with lots of animals to care of and so many power and internet outages. I've received your package but have not unwrapped the gifts yet. Thank you so much! I will e-mail you soon, sweetie.
Sending mange kys og knus und ganz viele allerliebste Grüße

sharon said...

Each gift is so beautiful as you give each other a little piece of absolutley gorgeous!

Karina Beck said...

Rigtig smukke gaver!!!!!
God aften til dig.

Bente said...

Heia Dorthe. Så mye fint du har laget. Hjertet fra din venn er nydelig og din collage er helt fantastisk. Hjertet du har laget under her var utrolig vakkert.

Ønsker deg nydelige dager, Dorthe


rivergardenstudio said...

Dear Dorthe, your gifts are lovely, those to you and the hearts that you made for your friends. I love all the textures, all the details and care which each piece of art was made. Happy holidays to you!

Lisa said...

2 amazing artists, 2 beautiful gifts. I would be thrilled to own either! I recieved your sweet gift yesterday. You are a dear friend to me.

Emilie said...

Kære Dorthe.

Smukke kreationer og henrivende måde at sende hinanden en lille julehilsen.

Jeg vil benytte denne lejlighed til at ønske dig en rigtig dejlig jul og et lykkebringende nytår.

Selv skal jeg fejre julen her i udlandet sammen med min kæreste. Det bliver anderledes ikke at skulle fejre jul sammen med min familie, men min kæreste og jeg skal nok få nogle dejlige dage sammen, selvom det i år bliver uden resten af familien.

Rigtig glædelig jul og godt nytår!


~*~Patty S said...

Thank you for sharing these most beautiful creations which shine a lovely light on your friendship together!

Both are stunning!

Happy Winter Solstice dear friend...continued blessings to you by the turning of the wheel

Monica said...

OMG, simply stunning pieces! I adore the symbolism in your own artwork. You made a little masterpiece, Dorthe!
Thanks for always leaving such friendly, kind and lovely words to me. They are treasured.
Merry Christmas, may it be magical, joyous and white!
Monica xo

Yitte said...

Beautiful gifts from the heart to another heart. You are both such lovely and creative ladies love you both.

Have a nice christmas.
Hugs Yvonne

Celestina Marie said...

Dear Dorthe, What beautiful gifts between two friends. Each one is gorgeous, filled with lovely details and so much meaning for the season.
Treasured gifts are very special.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.
See you after the new year.
Blessings always.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Anonymous said...

Dear Dorthe
Such a wonderful post, a post that shares the art of two of my favourite fabric collage artists, artists that are not only such special people but also incredibly gifted with their immense talents.
The heart most certainly will bless you as Suzy has given you a piece of her heart in its creation and then the stunning collage you created with the details that tell a story.
A most beautiful post my friend.

Vicki Boster said...

Dorthe -- Both you and dear Suzy have blessed each other with wondrous and beautiful gifts from your heart and hands. Suzy's beautiful collage is stunning -- she creates so beautifully with lace and is a true master at her art. I now have one of her lovely creations to call my very own and I treasure it as I do the little angel dolls that you have shared with me.

Your collage is more than just an amazingly beautiful work of art - you have taken a story that is old as the ages and is the very essence of this season that we celebrate and given it a new home in your lovely collage.

Bless you this season and in the new year to come -- you are such a kind and generous person -- loved by so many. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations with us from your little home and shop -- so far away.