Wednesday, August 17, 2011


My sweet tattered angel  (already sold in my shop)--
to a sweet lady, living in Jylland-whom own 2 other dolls already.

As you can see she is looking out for new adventures,- I`m sure she will be happy in her new home :)

Can you understand, I was so very exited when a big package from my dear Lisa  Tarnished and Tattered had arrived,while I was in the wedding of my niece!!!
Lisa told me some time ago it was on it`s way, and there it was welcoming me home--
This was her so special, and very beautiful gift to me- isen`t it wonderful?
The most gorgeus nature collage, -the fern covered with wax, and also the other leaves-and the GREAT  iron handle filled with dried pieces from Lisa`s nature, --I felt so overwhelmed- both from the beautiful art- and that Lisa picked those elements in her part of the world,- and send them to me in Denmark, as a most special part of her collage -for my birthday.They all survived the travel-

I hope you when clicking the photoes ,can see this wonderful art piece ,it is truly amazing, -I love the sweet girl in the old photo,the old pin- and the wooden handle on top -
Lisa ,you are fantastic- -- I love it , dear.

A card from one end of the world, to the other- showing time differences -
it is wonderful,-can you see the one watch is a real  one-and sewed to the card.

Also I was gifted with this bunch of beautiful nature fabric`s- some of which Lisa colored herself, in soft green tones- they are beautiful.

Do you remember Lisa not long ago, had a little tutorial about using those tissues for printing -leaving you with great transparent sheets, to use in your art--WOOHOOO this dear friend also send me a package of that, and I can`t wait to try them :)

And see behind in this picture- a big cardstock filled with many different laces- the beautiful little handmade carpet,  and a wonderful old book cover.
The sweet card  contains an :M----M for Mathilde...

Lisa`s dear sweet girl Lily wanted to add this funny and darling doll, for Mathilde- as she have one herself-
isen`t that the sweetest ? Mathilde will just love her, I know. THANKYOU DEAR LILY.

And WOW- Lisa also send this amazing book to me- filled with beautiful nature art and inspiration-it is
a very beautiful book

here is just one page to show you-----fantastic root -dolls --and the book shows amazing nature art pieces.
Thankyou, dearest Lisa, you spoiled me, and made me very happy--your wonderful collage will hang in my new "office"  for me to treasure together with other loved things you made.
-I will show photoes from there, when it is finished.

And here  Mathilde---she told me some time ago ,why I had not given her a heart !
so last week I sewed this and send it of to her- it is napkins on fabric- and a photo of the dearest girl I know.

Hope you are all having a happy week- with beautiful hours spend with family and friends.
Thankyou so much for lovely comments, and visits, and welcome to all new followers, I am so happy you are ther, sharing a part of my life with me.
Hugs, and love-


Robin said...

I knew your angel would sell quickly Dorthe, she is just gorgeous. What a wonderful package you received, and your heart is just darling. Have a great day.


My Creative House said...

My dear Dorthe your new angel is gorgeous, love everything about her, and you birthday gift from Lisa are wonderful - tak for i dag søde, nu er det sengetid, godnat og sov godt.
Knus Anni

Anonymous said...

Your tattered angel is a sweet soul like you. I am sure she will be happy in her new home surrounded by other loving dolls you have created. Treasure follows you wherever you go. xox Corrine

mette laumann said...

Hej søde Dorthe
Nu ved jeg vi ses i efterårs ferien det glæder jeg mig meget til, jeg savner for vildt at komme til Bornholm , jeg ved godt jeg lige har haft ferie men rigtig ferie for mig er melsted ;O)
Det er da nogle søde pakker og så kan du jo altså noget med de der skønne dukker.
Tak for hilsen på min blog.
Knus Mette

Terri said...

Oh my! Your tattered angel is so amazing! I am glad she is off to her home. What a lucky lady who gets her.
Your gifts from lisa too, are awesome! Her nature collage is so gorgeous. I clicked on the photo to see it well. All the items she sent you are fab. I am so thrilled for you!
The heart you sent Matilda is very sweet too. I love everything you make.

Beth Leintz said...

Happy birthday, sweet Dorthe. Oh my what a package of goodness from Lisa-I love how you both use nature in your art- and its so sweet that Lily included a doll for your dear Mathilde- I'm Mathilde got a heart, too.

Vicki said...

What a wonderful post. So many beautiful things and great friends. You are so blessed.

Mosaic Magpie said...

What a lovely post full of love. That heart you created with the napkin on fabric, and that beautiful little face is perfect! I can see why the tattered angel is sold. Dorthe her face and that great hair, well done, my friend!

LV said...

That is a most interesting and different doll. No wonder it sold so quickly. I enjoyed visiting with you and seeing all the goodies you shared.

Sandy said...

Hi sweetie,

Your angel, what can I say ??? Yes I love it. She is a dream. Absolutely lovely.

Gorgeous gifts for you my dear. You are a lucky girl.

Have a lovely day. xoxo

Sonya Badgley said...

Dear Dorthe,
I'm not surprised your adorable angel sold already! :)She is so cute!
What wonderful gifts you received from the wonderfully talented Lisa! Wow! What a friend you have!
Thanks for sharing your goodies!
xo, Sonya

Alexandra said...

I m sure your wonderful tattered Angel will be happy in there new home.
Hugs Alexandra

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

I adore your sweet Angel and can see why she has already sold in the shop.
She has a gorgeous face and love the hair.
What a special gift you got from Lisa,
everything is so beautiful.
Love the sweet heart and photo of Mathilde, she is such a darling.

Have a happy day

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Good morning, dearest Dorthe! I'm not amzazed that your fabulous angel doll sold so quick. I love her plaited braids. Her feet are so cute with those buttons and she is dressed beautifully.
Sweet Lisa has spoiled you with some fantastic gifts and how cute of Lily to send the doll for Mathilde.
Your little granddaughter is such a cutie. I'm sure she loved the pretty heart you made for her.
Have a wonderful day, sweet friend :-)!
Mange kys og knus und ganz viele allerliebste Grüße,

Emilie said...

Først og fremmest: Hvilken kær engel, du har lavet, som nu skal flytte til Jylland.
Og hvilke fantastiske ting, Lisa har sendt til dig. Der er næsten ikke noget bedre end at få en pakke med posten, ikke sandt. :-) Det er altid så spændende!
Fortsat rigtig god uge, Dorthe!

Gaby Bee said...

Your new angel is adorable. Love her face! I'm not surprised this angel sold already.
You are one lucky gal, you have recieved really beautiful things:)

Have a lovely week!


whyte said...

What a fabulous doll, someone is very very fortunate to give her a new home! And what a wonderful birthday surprise awaiting you, I had to post your blog on my whyte Facebook page this morning, I want to share it will all my friends there!

mo said...

The gift you received in the mail is beautiful and the heart you made divine!



Lisa said...

Hi sweet friend,
I'm so glad you got your package in one piece! It was either brave or stupid of me to send a collage made of wax 1/2 way around the world in this heat!
Your angels just continue to evolve Dorthe! This last one is truly wonderful! She will inspire her new owner.
Mathildes heart is precious! I may have to commission one for a christmas gift for my little angel.
Have a great day. We are off to the American Girl store for Liliy's birthday party. Lisa

Suztats said...

What wonderful treasures Lisa sent you for your Birthday! Isn't it wonderful having kind and generous friends?
Your angel is lovely Dorthe, and sure to be happy in her new home. Hugs

Paula said...

Hello my sweetheart Dorthe! I LOVE Your gorgeous angel doll! Your dolls are just amazing and have so much beautiful details! You are such a talented artist! You did a beautiful job with her facial expression! I love her eyes, nose and lovely smile! Her hair is so pretty and her dress is gorgeous! The angel wings are perfect! The sweet lady you made this for will LOVE and treasure her as I do my sweet little Dorthe doll you made me!

Your package from Lisa is beautiful! I love all the pretties she made and found for you my sweet friend. She knows you well! Oh, the little doll for Mathilde from Lily is so sweet! That was very nice of her!

Enjoy your birthday goodies dear one, you deserve all the happiness in the world! I love the heart you made for your sweet Mathilde! She will love this so much! She is such a pretty girl… just like her grandma!

I love you dear friend and wish you a very happy end of the week and upcoming weekend! Hugs and love from my heart to yours! Paula

Diane said...

What a special angel--not a surprise that she's already found a home.
Lisa's gifts to you are wonderful--she's such a talented lady--lovely gifts for a lovely lady....

Rein said...

Love your tattered angel.

inge said...

beautiful angel and again you´re spoiled ...enjoy it !

Anonymous said...

Your doll is beautiful, Dorthe. I especially love her skirt.

Hugs, Diane

Cassy said...

Your friends are so thoughtful on your birthday. I love their presents to you.

I also your doll.

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Ragamuffin Gal said...

So much beauty dear Dorthe ~ so much love! That book is amazing! Hugs and love!

Carole said...

Dorthe the talent on your blog is often overwhelming. You and your friends just blow me away.

Carole said...

Lisa is a generous soul!

Tanya said...

You angel is BEAUTIFUL, Dorthe...I am sure she went to someone who loves her very much. And, I ADORE the heart with the "dearest girl I know"...she's an angel, herself! Darling!

Your gifts are stunning, as can tell how much you are loved and admired! Happy Thursday, Dorthe - Tanya

Viola said...

Dein Engel ist ( war ) einfach wieder genial! Kein Wunder, dass sie Dich schon wieder so schnell verlassen hat!! ;o)
Lisa und Paula haben Dir so zauberhafte Sachen geschickt. Ganz besonders süß ist ja das Püppchen für Mathilde. Da hat sie sich bestimmt wahnsinnig drüber gefreut. Herzallerliebst!
Wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende, liebe Dorthe und ganz viele kys, kys :o)