Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nature Collage,-and a new lavender pillow

When finding this little remnants from a birds nest, I had to do
a collage using it (in the bottom of my photo over the branches)
It is a beautifull piece of art, and I am so admirering those little birds
that are able to build such beauty.

I used an old book front, as background,look the book-back!is`nt it beautifull,-some barck,-
laces and buttons, and that wonderfull stamp.
I have to admit,that sitting here in my "office",with my stamps out  in my working room,-
I can`t remember from where this came!!sorry, but maybe someone of
you out there nows it????? It is beautifull and with a french text.
I just had to use a little glitter, too.

The lavender pillow, is made of a beautifull fabric rest I got from my friend Solvejg.
on top of that I used a very old piece of handkershief lace

Made a border around the pillow, and added a little tag ,writing.-Lavender.

It is about 14*14 cm.

I so wish all of you, a happy saturday evening,-and a sunny
and wonderfull sunday.
Thanks for being out there ,-all of you.
Love and hugs, Dorthe


Sandy said...

So new beautiful art Dorthe. I love all the details and work. Fantastic my friend. Hugs.

Sherry Goodloe said...

Gorgeous work there!

Sue said...

Dorthe, both are so creative and beautiful - I love the textures that you have incorporated on the bird nest collage and I swear I can almost
smell the sweet scent of lavendar from your pretty little pillow!



Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Dorthe,
I have been missing a few of your posts so I wanted to get over for a visit to tell you that this is the loveliest work of art! I love the little twigs from the birds nest, so sweet!
And the pillow is the prettiest little sachet pillow. Love the details.

hugs to you my sweet friend,


Unknown said...

...well now Dorthe ~ I see you've been creating so more oh-so-lovely pretties!!
These are very natural and I adore how you have used lace to bring some romance to them:)
xo, Rosemary

ps. you should be receiving your package any time now!!

Diane said...

Just beautiful, Dorthe!!

Beth Leintz said...

Dorthe- I love to visit your blog, it always makes me want to make something.

Vicki Boster said...

Oh Dorthe - where to start! The are so lovely. That bird nest collage - oh my goodness it is stuning. I simply love the little added touch of siver glitter! And the use of an actual nest - so creative. If it is for sale in your shop - it will fly out the door!

The little lavendar pillow is just adorable. The lace is so beautiful and I love the little matching tag.

You have been so busy - as have I! This summer is flying by and I cannot keep my head above water so it seems! I am so behind on visiting my blogging friends! How do you stay so busy with your shop and still keep up?

All my love to you~~


Debby said...

Hi Dorthe, more beautiful art! Love both, so pretty.

Hopemore Studio said...

Dorthe, Fantastic artwork, I can see why you love that stamp.


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Just beautiful as always, Dorthe! You sure make lots of wonderful art pieces!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh dear friend, I just LOVE your nature's absolutely beautiful!!!! I love each and every element ~ and the precious lavender pillow is simply gorgeous....I so love what you make dear friend! I hope you are doing so good and having beautiful weather in your corner of the world ~ sending you hugs and love, Dawn

sharon said...

Your bird collage is a beautiful piece of work....I love all of the details...It's perfect!
I loooove lavender, and your pillow is so romantic! said...

Love this fantastic lavender pillow and your bird collage is very very beautiful, Dorthe.
Great work. Love it!!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

You have been busy with all your creations ~ I love your pretty bird collage and the lavender pillow.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend

Anonymous said...


And even a sparkly spider's web!
It looks like your hands have been busy making more pretty things! I'm itching to get my hands on my new laces too, but....a painting project has called me to the brushes all week. I miss my needle and thread! So it's nice to stop by here and see what you've been doing so I can drool and anticipate some "down time" later this week - maybe! Maybe not!
Hugs :-)

Mosaic Magpie said...

I had been wondering why I had not had a visit from you and now I see why. Dorthe this is beautiful, it is amazing how birds can build such a strong nest and intertwine all those grasses to form a cozy home. And they do it with their beak, no hands. Each type of bird builds their own special nest as well.
The lavendar pillow is well just special! That tag you put on it and that handkercheif you put on top. I love when you make new things and give us a peek.

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi, dear sweet Dorthe, You've created some gorgeous art again! I love your collage with all the real nature pieces and the beautiful stamp. The book cover makes a great background. Your lavender pillow turned out so pretty as well and it has such a romantic look!
Have a wonderful afternoon and evening, dear friend!
Lots of hugs and kys,

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

I love your collage sweet Dorthe, all the colors and the texture make my heart go pitty pat. :-) And the lavender pillow is so so pretty and feminine, I can almost smell the lavender.

My Creative House said...

Oh Dorthe what a lovely collage and lavender pillow you have made, hvor er den smuk din nye collage, meget flot stempel du har brugt, og flot med bog ryggen synlig, det har noget med hvad størrelse jeg lægger mine billeder ud i, hvis i small så kan de forstørres, ellers ikke, men så er de så små, og det kan jeg ikke lide.
Knus Anni

Anonymous said...

both of these are just gorgeous, dorthe! i love the bird with its nest and twigs and the spider web and the pillow is just divine! fantastic work!

Marlynn said...

Oh, Dorthe, the details in your collage are so incredible! Thank you for sharing this beauty. Love the lavender pillow. You are so talented! hugs.

Yitte said...

Your bird collage is so beautiful!! I love the glitter and the fabric details!!. The lavender pillow is so sweet. I can almost smell a little france now.

Mosaic Magpie said...

I have sent you an award.

Mosaic Magpie said...

Sorry Dorthe forgot the link.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Dorthe,
your bird collage is amazing and your lavender pillow is absolutely gorgeous - very romantic.
Love it. Have a wonderful day sweet friend!

Laura Quaglia (Fun With This and That) said...

Great project.I have given 2010/06i-awarded-and-passing-it-on The Versatile award. Laura

Jillayne said...

What a wonderful collage - the sparkly spider's web and the little nest bits! It is such a lovely little piece, and a dear little bird. Your work is so lovely.

Lisa said...

I love the little natural collage & the purse, I've never seen you make one before, it's lovely. I can't wait until July when things get back to normal. I miss my blogging friends, I want to see what they are all doing, what they are buying & what they are creating. Hope you are having a terrific week.Lisa

Anneke said...

this is a fantastic piece of fabric dorhte,
the lace looks so precious. and it is all so nice layered.
the shape is gorgeous.

My Vintage Studio said...

Just beautiful!

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Wishing you a wonderful week!


JoAnnA Pierotti said...

LOVE the pillow so much Dorthe. The collage is beautiful too. I love anything bird theme. Keep creating your beautiful treasures.
xo joanna