Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gifts from dear friends

Today the mail-woman delivered a package from one very dear friend of mine
-Jytte-. Inside was wonderfull gifts, just look her----
Two porselaine heads ca. 7 cm high, ready to be painted , and used for a special art doll-
The heads are made of the sister of Jytte, that for many years made dolls, but as I understand,
now gave it up.
Also Jytte send me this 3 wonderfull old rusty things , I`m sure I will find a good use
for theese pieces.-And take a look at the beautifull Batik-colored embroidered cloth,
just right for fairy cloths.

The wonderfull childrens heads here, is also made of Jytte`s sister--I love them
and hope I can do them justise, when painting them. Thanks so very much.
Last -take a look at the glass pieces -all collected on the beach near Ringkøbing city
where Jytte lives. Just perfect for my beach-angels.Did`nt show you, --but there was also
chokolate and sweet caramels. UHm , dear Jytte thanks so very much for a wonderfull
gift packet.

A copple of weeks ago I got another packet from a sweet friend also living in Jylland.
Mette made this beautifull glass ornament, that adornent a bag of old Domino pieces.

Also she send me a collection of beautifull roses to work with

and a lot of sweet hearths made of flax,

I took off the hanging band(meant for christmass) and did a little altering
on the heart, -I hope you likes it Mette,-It`s for you.
Thanks so much dear. I feel so very blessed recieving wonderfull gifts from
loving friends, thanks so much both.
And a happy evening for all and everyone reading this.
xoxo Dorthe


Silke Powers said...

Oh, you lucky woman - so many new things to play with! I love what you did with the heart!! Thanks, too, for leaving such lovely comments on my blog. :) Silke

The Feathered Nest said...

So many wonderful things sweet friend!! The baby heads are so beautiful to me....and the heart you finished, just gorgeous! Sweet gifts for a sweet girl ~ xxoo, Dawn