Friday, November 12, 2010

First Christmas card, and cone. A packet looking as droven over!!!

My first christmas card made this year--I bought the wonderfull sheet from Stampington.
and used the bird,together with bits of this and that....

This little cone (12 cm.long) made of zinc, I sold in my shop many years ago, and I have had some left...
This year I decited to use them, and decorate, them a bit myself.
I used rabbit fur, in grey ,silver band,a beautifull bling,bling and dipped the end of the cone, in silver glitter

I think it looks quit pretty!

Some weeks ago I bought Dawns dear sweet little fairy shoe pattern, -click and have a look!!
Dear Dawn has so many wonderfull tutorials, wonderfull photographed,and explained.
It is so tiny and sweet, I only made one, for now,as I`m so bussy with my dolls

Now hold your breath, and take a look at the package I recieved some weeks ago from USA.
I have never seen something like it, and was almost afraid to open the plactic bag, it was kept inside!!!

But as I could see it came from my dear friend Vicki, I new it had to be my gorgeus beach bird nest.

Vicki makes the most fantastic knitted nests, they are like little jewels,and so lovingly made,
by hand ,of this sweet, and dear woman.

There it was, totally unharmed, beautifull looking, and only with a pair of pearls damaged in the emvelope.
I don`t know what caused this thing-the envelope pressed open ,totally black from some kind of dirt, ----
maybe ran over of something!!!!
but the sweet nest is here, in my house,so wonderfull made ,full of beach treasures, and 3 small handmade eggs ,dos`nt it look fantastic? I so love it dear friend.
Here it rests with a mermaid, given to me from  Bente, a dear danish friend
living in Australia.

Hope you all have a wonderfull friday, and week-end.
Thankyou so much for all the heartwarming wishes from you, to come make dolls with me--
How fantastic it would be, if it was possibly- but I guess it is only in my dreams :)

Thanks for every lovely hello, and comment,
love and hugs, Dorthe


Alba Linea said...

this looks all so enchanted! i love all your glitter and your dolls! have a very nice weekend! big bear hugs! di

Mosaic Magpie said...

Vicki's beautiful nest...what a treasure. I can imagine how you felt seeing that package! And now Vicki will see it and I can imagine how she will feel, knowing all the work that she had loving put into that precious nest.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

From looking at the package I am amazed something so wonderful came out of it unharmed. I love her nests.

My Creative House said...

Hi dear your cone and your christmas card are gorgeous, love your work, jeg er vild med dit kræmmerhus, hvor ville et juletræ være smukt og specielt med flere af dem på, og så kun sølvkugler - lige til et julemagasin, kan du så så i seng og sove godt, vi tales ved.
Godnat og knus Anni

Rebecca said...

Hi Dorthe
I can't believe the nest made it without a scratch! That is amazing, I am so glad for you and how sweet that nest is!
I would be glad to send you a star, I will be putting them up on my blogshop... they are $58, the old metal garland makes them expensive. It is getting harder and harder to find here and each star takes 1 yard of it.
I sold the brown star but I have another very much like the one you online. I can send you a picture if you like
Thanks so much for your interest in my stuff, you are always a sweetheart.
Many Blessings

sjmcdowell said...

Hello Dear Dorthe,

I am so thrilled that you have a beautiful nest from Vicki as well, and that it arrived safely to your home even though the box was falling apart and dirty. God kept an Angel with it the whole time to arrive safely at your home.

Thank you for coming to visit me and always for your kind comments!

Love and Hugs,


Claudia said...

I'm so glad the beautiful nest survived! It is so pretty - I'm sure you will find a lovely place for it in your home.

I love your Christmas card, Dorthe!


Jane said...

So many pretty things. Your Christmas card is just beautiful and the cone is awesome!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Linda M. said...

Dorthe, Your Christmas card is wonderful. Do you hand make all of your cards? The cones are gorgeous, what a beautiful gift to give. It's a miracle your nest made it all the way to you with such a damaged package. What is the shoe made of? I bought Dawn's pattern too. I'm hoping to make some when I retire at the end of the year.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Look at all these goodies, Dorthe! Love your beautiful card!

Createology said...

Dorthe you certainly are a very busy lady. Your card and cone are fabulous. How fortunate you acquired one of Vicki's stunning knitted nests. Happy creating...

Pearl said...

Such a pretty card you made and the hanger my girls from Denmark would love these things. Love the nest your friend made.

Anneke said...

i love your chirstmas card and cone dorthe.
you are very creative and the cone has a lovely color

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

I love your sweet cone and the Christmas card you made.
Also so glad that your gift came mostly unharmed. It is gorgeous and love the little nest.
You really wonder what the Postal service do sometimes, I have had the same thing happen, broken boxes etc.

Happy weekend

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Dorthe....that nest was so meant to be with you!!! Living by the water as you do ~ it is PERFECT!!! I love Vicki's nests and am so thankful I own one too. Your card is so beautiful and the cone is GORGEOUS to me ~ what a wonderful idea to add the elegant touches of fur and jewels. And I just knew you would make the most precious shoe with the tutorial!!! It's so good to visit your blog and see what you've been up to dear friend, sending you big hugs and love, Dawn

Silke Powers said...

Ok, first of all - your Christmas card is gorgeous!! I can't believe it's that time of the year already... That cone you did is amazing!! Love it!! And I am glad that Vicki's nest arrived safely - aren't they wonderful?!? I hope you'll have a wonderful weekend!! Love, Silke

sharon said...

Your cone is to die for rich looking, and the glitter is so pretty!
Aaaaaah, the nest from Vicki safely made it to you!! And how beautiful for you to enjoy!
I wish I could see all of your treasures that fill your home, and make it so special!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Good morning, my sweet friend! Your Christmas card is beautiful and the cone looks very elegant in gray with silver! The little fairy shoe turned out so cute.
What a shock to receive such a package! I'm so glad that the pretty nest wasn't destroyed.
Have a wonderful weekend :-)!
Lots of kys og knus to you,

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hello Dorthe,
what a beautiful Christmas card and I love your cone!It's amazing that the beautiful nest came out in one piece. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

Alexandra said...

Hallo liebe Dorthe,
wunderschöne Sachen hast du gemacht. Deine Christmas Karte ist traumhaft!
Ich wünsche dir auch ein schönes Wochenende.
Hugs Alexandra

Lululiz said...

OMG Dorthe, you have one of your amazing nests?!?!? What a treasure. They are exquisite. What on earth could have happened to that box? It looks in a terrible state, and I can't believe that the nest has survived so well. But then you are quite a special person, so someone up there has protected it for you ;-)
I love your zinc cone! It looks so classy and elegant. Very different and absolutely gorgeous.

Sandy said...

Hi my dear friend Dorthe,

Wow you´ve made so wonderful new things. Your christmas card is awesome. Absolutely a dream.

Have a lovely weekend my dear friend. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Dorthe, how did that beautiful nest ever survive that catastrophe!

I just love the zinc cone. I have two paper mache' ones that I am going to make something for Christmas from - have set them aside for inspiration. Yours is just beautiful and so wintry looking. And , of course, I love the card!
Hugs, Diane

Katherine said...

You are fortunate in deed to have such lovely friends. You have received some wonderful gifts. Isn't it marvelous what treasured friendships are made through our blogs. Hugs!

Diane said...

The condition of that package is actually impressive--to go through what it went through, but yet it protected the treasure that was inside of it. Absolutely gorgeous!! And I LOVE your Christmas card!

Gabriela said...

Beautiful card and cone!And you are so lucky to have one of Vicki's bird nests! Absolutely beautiful! Enjoy!

Sarsaparilla said...

Dorthe, these are all so lovely! But I especially love that Christmas card. The friend who receives that card from you this year is very lucky!

June said...

Oh I love your beautiful card Dorthe! You are such a wonderful artist and I can see by the tings in this post that there isn't anything that you can't do. Anything you create turns out so beautiful. The cone dipped in glitter and the fur around the lovely.
Dawn is amazing, and she would be so proud of your little shoe.

I think you were very lucky to have even got that little nest. That box was so beat up. But the nest came through it all beautifully.
hugs to you sweet friend...

Silver said...

Cool cool ideas to make our own Christmas cards this year! That's wonderful!


Lovey said...

Oh I'm so glad that everything was damaged. Your card and cone are both really beautiful Dorthe! You are such a versatile artists! Have a great weekend my friend!

carole brungar said...

Christmas cards all ready?? You are very organised. I love your birds nest too!!

Jan Thomason said...

Dorthe, everything is gorgeous.
This is my first time to visit your blog and I have not been disappointed.
I invite you to visit mine if time permits.

I must tell you that I also own Vicki's beach nest along with one of her "green" nests.
More importantly than the beach bird nest which absolutely makes my heart sing, is the friendship that i've developed with her. I can tell that she is a friend of yours also. Is she not just the sweetest thing?

Again, I so enjoyed your blog!
Warmly, Jan

Vicki Boster said...

Dorthe - Seeing these photos again makes my heart stop! I still cannot believe that your nest survived such tragedy!!! Thank goodness the little nest is now safe and sound - with a beautiful sea nymph doll to watch over it! If there is such a thing as a miracle (and I know that there is) then this little nest has surely seen one!

Your Christmas card is so very beautiful - your handmade cards bear the warmth of your heart and anyone would be so very lucky to receive such a gift. I love the bird on this one~~

The little cone is perfect with the added bling and the fur - just adorable! These are so cute - I can't believe you have any left at all!

Hugs dear friend