Friday, March 27, 2009

Wonderfull gifts from a dear friend

I just have to show you , what was waiting for me today, after returning home
from the weekly trip to buy food, to the whole next week.
This box beautifully closed with a ribbon and an old red rose.
Inside was a piece of thin gold and brown glittering material
the most wonderfull card,-look at that moons face!

Two bags of wonderfull valmue seeds

some old black laces, a piece of white tafetas, metal buttons,print
of old family fhotos, a sweet chick, and a bag of candy -UHM

In a nother packet I got some very pritty ribbons
a couple of stickers with religius motifs, old wonderfull belt buckles
and sweet bird paper hanckerchiefs.
I feel so very blessed to recieve all this wonderfull pieces collected of Jytte
and now given to me.
Thankyou so much dear ,
and love and hugs to you.

I cant understand its already week-end again, -the last one seemed to have been there, just yesterday-well I think I`m getting old,when feeling like that.
Anyway, all the best, and a happy relaxing week-end to all of you.
XOX Dorthe

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Gillian .... said...

Hi Dorthe, what a lovely surprise to come home too, hope you have a good weekend:)

P.S I have something for you over on my blog:)