Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just a hallo, with a few pictures from my garden

Look whom visited us in the backgarden,
the other day,-and look at this wonderfull
Have a nice week, and a beautifull week-end.


Mo'a said...

Your garden is amazing...lovely little fellow.
You are so lucky to have an ocean view.

juliaman said...

Hej Dorthe,

Beautiful pictures! I feel like I am right there looking towards Gudhjem. And that little bambi reminds me of Holkavej!

Say Hello to Henning from me. I think of him a lot. I hope he is able to see some light in what must feel like darkness. A terrible accident.

Love, Julia

juliaman said...

Just another note! I wish I could make my blog look as great as yours!!! How do you get a heading that is so great?? Julia

Boxwood Cottage said...

You have such a dreamy garden Dorthe! Beautiful photos! I send you prayers and well wishes for your husband! Think positive is the best you both can do!
Warmest wishes