Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spring is here at last,----with fantastic post delivered

My springfairy greets you all, telling you how happy she is ,that at last spring showed up, here on my insel ,too.

Dosn`t she look happy, and content? She already left me, to live on another adress.

Beautifull flowers greets me in the garden ,now-love the pink colors as you see.

I have followed Michelle Palmer `s blog ,and long wanted
to own one of her so beautifull drawings. So when her post with drawings
upon old sugar sacks, appeared, and I saw this baby birds, I was sold!
They are so sweet, and allive,

and look how great it looks on the old sack.
Love the feather on top.

Michelle also added 2 bags, of sweet image copies,
that I will love to use, for new inspiration on cards, and collages.
Thanks so much Michelle.
Another buy, last week was from dear Diane .
I so love her paperwork, but the last few weeks, she started showing
those wonderfull pears, -they are both machine-and handstiched,and Diane is doing such a
beautifull handwork,-I just could`nt resist those two very gorgeus picusions.

One of them may be given away as a gift!!!!!!!

Not long ago I was so very fortunate to win a giveaway, from Marie -Spun by me.
Marie had found a very special, and beautifull book to give away.
The Beatrix Potter-A journal.
If you have seen it, you knows what a magical, book it is, -full of small surprices,
to open up, little messages, and an owerall story about Beatrix`s life.
Marie wrapped it beautifully , and gifted me with a card, in the same
color tones,

Inside the card ,she even added a sweet tag with the most beautifull
,fine old laces wrapped around.
Thankyou so much sweet Marie, I already long to read , and experience
this special land of adventures, with my grandchild, Mathilde.
I know she will love it as I do.

A little peek, on one of the pages..........
Isn`t it adorable?

Wanted in fact to show more,-but I think this post is long enough ,
so it has to wait.
I hope for all of you, to have a lovely evening.
hugs and love,


marie said...

Hi Dorthe,
Your Spring Fairy is so wonderful! She and the colors of your garden go together beautifully!! I hope she enjoys her new home.

Isn't Michelle's artwork wonderful...I adore the little sketches that she's been doing on bits of fabric, bags and linens. I'm lucky to have some for my own.
Diane's pears are so beautiful ! She has so many great ideas! (So do you!)

I;m so glad your book arrived safely and I'm glad you like it. You and Mathilde (love her name!!) will enjoy it so much!

Have a wonderful day!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Dorthe, my sweet friend.
I just love your spring fairy, she's so cute and sweet. Love her stockings and shoes.

I agree with you that these artists are the best and their work is wonderful.

Thanks for such a lovely post.


Marlynn said...

Dorthe - beautiful post! I too love your Spring Fairy - I am sure the home she went too is loving her! One can tell she was made with love.

Anneke said...

your spring fairy is such a beautie and you have a very good feeling how to make this

Barbara Jean said...

Congratulations on your win.

I too love Diane's work, all her beautiful paper creations, and the new pears.
Good for you for getting one for yourself.

And Michelle Palmer's work!!
I haaad to have one of those sweet birdy pieces for myself, and I rarely buy anything just for me.
A treasures.

Thanks for entering my giveaway and posting it on your side bar.


barbara jean

Lisa said...

your spring fairy is lovely Dorthe.. I hope she's flying away to someplace warm!
I love the photoage of your garden!

Debby said...

Hi Dorthe, your spring fairy is so beautiful. I love all your pretty new goodies, looks like you had a wonderful mail week.

Sue said...


Your Spring Fae is lovely! Love the colours you have used!

You have been one lucky gal with your mail lately! Wonderful items!



Beth A. @ Songbird Hill said...

Such a beautiful spring fairy! And I love the sugar sacks with the birds. How nice! Have a great weekend!

The Feathered Nest said...

So many beautiful goodies Dorthe!!! I love it all...Michelle's birds are so precious to me and Diane's pears are beautiful and Marie gifted you the most gorgeous lace ~ and of course I love your sweet doll, and her kind face! I'm so glad Spring has arrived for you, I know you must be loving it ~ I hope you are having a wonderful week dear friend,
hugs and love,

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

What wonderful goodies, Dorthe...and I just love your spring fairy~ such personality!!

Sandy said...

Dorthe your spring fairy is awesome. You made the absolutely unique dolls in the blogger world. So fantastic. I love them.

Have a lovely day my friend.

Unknown said...

Hi Dorthe!

Oh, those little sugar sacks are just adorable!

I just want to thank you for always coming over and leaving such kind, supportive comments. You really are a wonderful gal! :-)


Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Your spring fairy is such a cutie, dearest Dorthe and what a sweet outfit you made for her! She is a perfect match to your beautiful garden. That's a dreamy place you have there. Hopefully it gets warmer soon, so that you can sit outside and enjoy it.
Michelle's drawings are very lovely and it's a neat idea to do them on a sugar sack. Diane's pears are pretty as well.
Congratulations again on winning that sweet book from Marie! I'm sure Mathilde will love to look at it.
Have a wonderful day, sweet friend!
Lots of kys of knus,

Lululiz said...

Your fairy is so lovely! She looks happy and about to burst into song. But she also has a cheeky little glint in her eyes....... she is definitely not above playing a trick or two on you and then giggling at the result.

Diane said...

I love how everyone is so unique and creative with they're little touches. And it's wonderful how you can appreciate each one of their art work and share it with us--Thank You.

Your Spring fairy is special--she reminds me of our Spring right now--the weather has been beautiful!

Mosaic Magpie said...

Lovely little Springtime Fairy you made. The more I see of your dolls the more I see in them. The legs and shoes are so neatly done. The eyes are so expressive. Great job!
Diane's pears are beautiful too, I like how she puts a stem on them.
Michelle's drawings are truly inspirational. They make me want to get out some paper and draw.
The journal will be a nice thing to look at many times.
You had a great day at the mailbox what a joy to sit and look at your new treasures.
Debbie said...

Whow Dorthe, what a very nice goodies and your spring fairy is really amazing and so sweet/beautiful.
You are a great your artwork.
Hugs, Trudie

Ingrid said...

Ja äntligen har det blivit varmt
Jag blir glad av dina dockor:-)mycket ögongodis som vanligt när man besöker dig,ha en mysig helg:-)

Abi said...

Oh your spring fairy is delightful. Hope you have a lovely weekend :O)

Rebecca said...

Hi Dorthe
My you have a lot of wonderful things that came in the mail! I love your spring fairy, I am sure she went to a good home!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Many Blessings

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Dorthe,
your spring fairy is beautiful - love her and Michelle's artwork is to die for, so many lovely items in the mail for you.WOW.
Your flowers are beautiful too.
Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

My Creative House said...

Dorthe your new fairy is gorgeous,og bestemt en rigtig forårs bebuder med de fine farver,når forår er det nu ikke helt nogen dage er det temmelig koldt, tak for hyggelig samtale, dejligt at snakke med dig, du må have en rigtig god søndag.
Knus Anni

Anonymous said...

Dorthe, I'm just catching up with you after my trip to my daughter's for a few days. You have received some wonderful packages!! Thank you for thanking me so publicly about my pears. Aren't Michelle's drawings just so precious! And Marie is one of the nicest, most generous souls - so kind.
I love your new garden fairy. Her long, slender legs and pointy little toes are so cute!!
I hope you're having a lovely weekend.
Blessings, sweet lady!

Yitte said...

Your Spring fairy is so cute!!! Really gives me a spring feeling along with the flowers in your garden. Unfortunately it's raoining again the whole day here!! I love the beautiful drawings of the birds, will take a look at her blog, thank you for sharing.
Have a nice weekend

Viola said...

Hallo Dorthe, Deine spring fairy ist ja wieder zu schön! Einfach traumhaft! :o)