Sunday, May 30, 2010

Inspired and facinated of beautifull pillows

Since I first saw the very beautifull pillows ,made with old lace and fabric, I have been very facinated , and watching another today, I thought, they would be a wonderfull inspiration,
for very small lavender pillows.

So this was the first I made, using old handkerchief, laces, and placed a tag,
inside the pocket.

This second one, is also made with very old laces, and on the tag, I used an image
chosen from a beautifull book-page I recieved from my dear friend Liz .
I love this old engravings,-and Liz so sweet gifted me with some bird-images.
Thanks so much dear.

This white metal-bowl, alwayes holds varius displayes,-and just
now I have collected some , of my very dear gifts, and buyes,to make a spring display

The most beautifull lace on tag,and clothespin, I got in a very special and beautifull eastergift
from my so dear , and close friend -and very talented artist Julia
The little pillow ,I won in a giveaway from Marie
She has become a new, and dear friend ,too.

And then two of my latest buyes, the beautifull pear, from Diane
a wonderfull woman that I am happy to ,too call my friend

and the birds drawing -it is so sweet, ---purchased from Michelle Palmer.
Well I know I just showed the two last art pieces , but i wanted to do those two fantastic
artists credit again, I so love their work

Last photo is from my yard, showing an old iron urn with a
gorgeus Petunia in the most fantastic soft pink color.
I think it looks so very beautifull.

It started to rain, and storm now, 9,30 evening, it is dark and cold,
Hope my newsowed little things can cope with this autumn - like

Dear friends, thanks for every kind and loving word on my blog,
it makes me feel so very happy, and means more than I can express.

Love and hugs, Dorthe


Sue said...

Dorothe, love the little pillows! I have some antique hankies and what a great idea to use them to make some little lavendar (mmmmm, love lavendar) pillows.

Your antique white bowl and treasures makes a beautiful display and your petunias are gorgeous in that old iron urn.

Sending you some sunshine and warmth from Ontario, Canada!



Lovey said...

Dorthe these are absolutely beautiful! I love them! I am taken back by the beauty of these. Where were you watching these? I'm in pillow happy land! Hugs!!!

Laura Quaglia (Fun With This and That) said...

I love love love your things Come visit Laura Q

Marlynn said...

Dorothe, your work is breath-taking. I love your little lace pillows. Your artistic expression inspires me, dear one.

Vicki Boster said...

Oh my Dorthe - these are so lovely. I love the use of the white vintage linens and the lace -what a beautiful creation. And that tag - is the perfect accessory for the little pillows. So, so sweet. Some lucky person is going to love these!

I just love that white metal bowl - what a perfect place for seasonal collections!

And those flowers - they look very happy on your porch. Sorry about your rainy weather - it has been miserable HOT here!


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Such lovely little creations, Dorthe! Your petunias are so pretty!

Debby said...

Hi Dorthe, your sweet pillows are just gorgeous, love them. Your whole post is really beautiful, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Dorthe, the pillows are wonderful! Someone is going to receive a special treat when you sell those.
It always warms my heart to see your beautiful creations and your heartfelt words to your friends. I'm honored to call you a friend too.
Blessings, sweet lady!

Sandy said...

OMG Dorthe your work is absolutely unique and awesome. So wonderful pillows. Love them my dear.

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Your lavender pillows are just gorgeous, Sweetie! What a great idea to give them an outside pocket! The tags you made to put in there are beautiful as well!
I have a thing for such wonderful metal items and your bowl and the urn are both very pretty and lovely decorated. Hopefully the flowers can brave that ugly weather.
Have a great week, dearest Dorthe!
Big kys og knus,

Lululiz said...

What a thoroughly enjoyable post with a lovely mixture. Your little lavender pillows are just gorgeous, all that beautiful old lace, and the designs are so sweet. I am so happy that you found a use for the bird images. The treasures from your friends look so lovely displayed together. I know I would constantly fondle those beautiful tactile pretties. And your garden urn full of the most delicious pink blooms is so pretty! Have a wonderful week, Dorthe, xxx

My Creative House said...

Oh dear these lavender pillows are so sweet and beautiful, hvor er de fine og romantiske Dorthe, i dag skulle regnen nå Bornholm, så du må hygge dig med at være kreativ, her er det dejligt vejr, døren står åben (hvis du lige skulle kommer forbi, så gå bare ind) og solen skinner.
Knus Anni said...

Whow Dorthe, I love your fantastic lavendel pillow. So unique and so very very beautiful.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hello my dear,
I absolutely love your pillows - gorgeous.
And what a sweet post.Your Urn with the flowers are beautiful.
I'm happy to call you a friend too.
Love and hugs,

Mosaic Magpie said...

I love your little sachet pillows. Very sweet and I love that one with the bird tag most of all. You are such a nice lady filled with good ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

Dorthe, your work is beautiful and gets more so with each piece you are so inspired!

Lynn said...

Your lavender pillows are beautiful, a great use of hankies and vintage linens. I love Michelle's birds too, her drawings are amazing, and it makes your Spring display look sooooo yummy :)

Rein said...

Your lavender pillows are beautiful!!

Judy said...

Dorthe, your little pillows are wonderful! So pretty! Also your urn is lovely with the pretty pink flowers! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

You see it, you make it, it's wonderful! It always looks so easy for you, you are truly gifted. :-)


Anneke said...

this is very beautiful fabric art.
your handbags are so wonderful sewed and i love the lace.
but what you make is perfect and with so much love said...

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful little pillow!! Those old laces and trims are to die for.

Viola said...

Zauberhaft, ganz zauberhaft, liebe Dorthe!!!