Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Midsummer bonfire- and more fantastic birthday gifts

This was the bonfire we went to see, on the harbor in the nearby city

And here are some wonderful witches- whom did luckyly not end up on the bonfire  ,lol.

As I told in my last post ,I so want to show you all the most wonderful gifts I recieved from dear blogging friends- and as I show them in the order they were here,-today I will share with you some gorgeus artpieces, that came from sweet dear friends in Germany.
This beautiful card was made of a very dear friend  JULIA Vintage With Laces ,please click the photo, to see the wonderfil details, and see the old angel card.

Julia is a wonderful artist,and my close friend,- see this so sweet and gorgeus collage, in the most lovely frame, also with added lace and funny shells.
I love the two friends ,on the beach, and all the sweetness about this wonderful picture.(Could be us ,Julia?)

As I have so many pictures to show, and as I was in such a hurry to open up all this wonderful gifts, everything is unpacked,and also the most lovely lavender pillow, from dear Julia, but it was sweppet in the most lovely old handkerchief, as you see below.

And this gorgeus can with lid, that is also a beach theme, was filled with laces and other lovelyes, just look the next photo. I so love how Julia, made it a tiny bit with rosa tones here and there, also the
beautiful shell on top of the lid-(sorry you can`t see it)

Here is the inside: old spool with silkyarn-beuatiful old price tags,small crystals-
and the laces ,so lovely.

Julia also added an old needle paper , and the most lovely coloured laces.
Thankyou so much sweetest Julia, they are all so beautiful,you spoiled me- and I thankyou from my heart-your picture is on my wall now, with some  other gorgeus gifts from you, my dear.

The other fantastic packet came next day, also from Germany, from my other very special friend,-VIOLA
She is a wonderful artist and very sweet friend ,too.

See the amazing collage she made on top of a piece of barck-it is gorgeus.

and so is this very beautiful picture/collage- I love the frame with old text and numbers-and the beautiful materials, Viola used to make this a very special piece.

See the added beautiful items. 

And this little sweet pillow-can you see the many wonderful layers of lace-love the bit of added red color.

The card dear Viola made and send me, is fantastic,too, see she even found and added the date-24-and the most sweet text.
Viola you also spoiled me with all your most wonderful gifts, dear friend-as I told you ,you have a Viola corner on my wall , with all this and many other beautiful artpieces from you.
Thankyou from my heart -I so love every piece.

I hope you enjoyed seing all the beauties,- I am so very grateful for this most amaxing gifts from dear and treasured friends. There will be some more in my next post- :)
Thankyou for looking,  I wish you all a great day,-and evening.
Love and hugs, to all.


sharon said...

Love seeing your witches, bonfires, and wonderful traditions Dorthe!
Your gifts are mind boggling, I am overwhelmed withj all the are so special!

Emilie said...

Hej Dorthe.
Jeg håber, du havde en dejlig Sankt Hans. Bålet ser i al fald ud til at have været mægtig flot, og jeg kan rigtig godt lide de udklædte hekse. De er virkelig fine! :-)
Og endnu en gang; hvilke henrivende gaver du har modtaget fra nær og fjern!
Knus fra Emilie.

P.S. Du må gerne kende mit rigtige navn. Da jeg startede op med min blog og blev en del af denne blogverden, var jeg blot en smule ubekvem ved tanken om at lægge mig selv til al offentlig skue og derfor valgte jeg at have et 'kunstnernavn'. ;-)

Unknown said...

...wonderful treasure for you Birthday girl!
Happiest Year to you:)

xo, Rosemary

is the witches bonfire, like halloween??

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Dorthe,
You are so loved and I know why. You are so sweet and caring. I love all of your gifts.

The bonfire burning of the witches looked like lots of fun.


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Dorthe! You are well loved!!

Pretty Ragged Threads said...

Dorthe, I am so glad you posted some photos of the midsummer bonfires. It is so interesting to see the customs of other countries. Your birthday gifts are just gorgeous. It must have been so much fun to open each one and see these great pieces of art.
Hugs, Jackie

Createology said...

Your friends certainly showered you with treasures and beautiful labors of love. Continued Happy Birthday Dear Dorthe...

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

What beautiful birthday gifts you received from the very talented Ladies. Love all the lace, vintage photos and pretty treasures.
It was great to see the photos of your Midsummer bonfire night.
Thanks for sharing and I hope you are having a lovely week


Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi, my sweet friend! It seems like you had a good time at the bonfire. The witches look just great. I had to smile about the ones who came in flip flops :-). How cute is that?
Viola's gifts are gorgeous as always and it must have been such a joy to unwrap all her fantastic presents.
I'm glad you like my creations and other gifts for you as well as the picture of the two of us at the beach :-).
Have a lovely day, dearest Dorthe!
Mange kys, mange knus og kærlige hilsener fra
Din Julia

Sonya Badgley said...

Dear Dorthe,
My goodness, dear! Truly gorgeous presents you have received from your talented friends.
What a great birthday you have had!
Many blessings to you,

Esther said...

Happy birthday Dorthe!! Julia made treasures for you!! lucky girl!!

Ayesha said...

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suziqu's thread works said...

My dear sweet friend, Dorthe.
You have been so blessed this birthday!
Julia has held you close in her thoughts to create such a beautiful beachy collage and gifted you so kindly with a number of things, cards (oh that is a very special one with the angel!), the tin, pillow, laces, threads etc. and you are so worthy of receiving them. What a kind and dear soul she is and too Viola with those
very beautiful collages which she creates with ease and her collaged card is so sweet.
Still in my thoughts with Birthday hugs and love,
Suzy xoxox

Anonymous said...

YOu have some most amazingly talented friends, wow. I remember bonfires from my youth but not so much now. Very cool, Dorthe. xox Corrine

Anne Bente said...

åh,,, wawwww så mange super skønne ting på din blog, og sikke herlige hekse


Vicki Boster said...

Dorthe-I think the bonfire looks like a wonderfullly fun tradition and a good time! Love the silly witches - so funny!!

You certainly did have a wonderful birthday - your gifts from friends are beautiful - the laces, the beautiful card - the special place for your beach finds - it is all perfect for you!

Hugs from me~

Lululiz said...

My goodness, Dorthe, what stunning presents! Your home must be overflowing with beautiful things by now.

Paula said...

Hello sweetheart Dorthe,

The midsummer bonfire is wonderful! It looks like a lot of fun! I am so glad you are sharing more of your beautiful birthday gifts sweetie! The card Julia made you is so pretty and I love the gorgeous collage! Yes, that is you and Julia on the beach! :) The colors are so pretty and she added so many lovely details! The hanky and pillow are lovely! Oh, the Beach Finds altered can is perfect for you dear one! It is gorgeous and you an fill it with all your pretty finds on your lovely beach! The laces and sewing things are very pretty too!

I love the beautiful collages that Viola made for you too! They are both gorgeous and have such pretty details and colors! The pillow is gorgeous as well! I love the pretty card too! You have so many talented, sweet and generous friends, just like YOU dear friend!!! I look forward to seeing more!

Sending you lots of love and big hugs! Your friend, Paula

Lynne Moncrieff said...

Dear Dorthe
I wish I had know it was your birthday!!
These gifts are so very special. The love and attention to detail. I so enjoyed studying the artwork, beautiful photographs you took of all the pieces of art.
I love everything you received, simply gorgeous.
Sending belated birthday wishes to you.

Viola said...

Guten Morgen Du Süße, da bist Du von Julia aber wieder verwöhnt worden. So zauberhafte Dinge!!
Hihi, und die Hexen sind einfach zu cool! Klasse Fotos!
Einen wunderbaren Tag wünsche ich Dir! Kys,kys, Viola

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Good morning Dorthe,
the midsummer bonfire looked like such fun - thanks for sharing.
Julia and Viola spoiled you big time.The gifts are absolutely gorgeous.Special gifts for a special Lady:)Enjoy all your treasures.Have a wonderful weekend.

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Loved seeing some of the traditions in Denmark and your gorgeous birthday surprises. Each one is so special. We celebrate our 4th of July here this weekend...hope to have a peaceful one! Have a wonderful weekend m'dear!

Abi said...

Stunning Birthday gifts! happy belated birthday!
The fire party looks fun!
Thank you for visiting - hope you have a great weekend.

Anneke said...

dear dorhte
happy birthday although it is a little bit late, but i did not konw.
you got the most beautiful and gorgeous birthday gifts.
they look all so precious, and it will be wonderful to have them in your home.
have a nice weekend and hugs from Ann

Evi said...

happy belated birthday, Dorthe.
I wish you many happy and creative moments in the new year.
Loved all the beautiful gifts you received. Though they were all so special, my heart went to the little girl collage.
Loved the bonfire. The witches looked like something we would do on Halloween....great!
Hugs, Evi

Rustique Gal said...

Dear Dorthe,
You are truly blessed on your birthday, by all the sweet friends. I can see that you are a strong influence in their art! Enjoy yourself, Dear!
Happy Summer to you,

Rebecca said...

There must be some folk lore or tradition behind the bonfire?
All your gifts are just lovely, I am so happy you are so loved and with good reason.
Wishing you a good weekend
Many Blessings

Alexandra said...

Alles alles Gute nachträglich zu deinem Geburtstag meine Liebe. Verzeih bitte dass ich so spät bin :O *Asche über mein Haupt*
Ich sehe du hast wunderschöne Geschenke bekommen die das Herz erfeuen :)
Ich wünsche dir ein ganz ganz tolles Wochenende.
liebe Grüße Alexandra

Debrina said...

Hello Dorthe! Lovely to have you come by and visit my blog :-) Glad you liked my garden journal - it's very special to me. Love all these gifts you've received from your friends. viola is a favourite of mine!

Evi said...

Happy belated birthday Dorthe.
I wish you many happy and creative moments.
Loved all the beautiful gifts you received.
Though they were all so special, the little girl ( I think Q10) collage had my heart.
Loved the bonfire. The witches looked like something we would do on Halloween....great!
Many hugs, Evi

Anonymous said...

Love the witch pics and the bonfire. that looks like so much fun.
Beautiful gifts you recieved too Dorthe.
hugs June xxxx

Cindy Adkins said...

WOW, these gifts are breathtaking--and so special!!! What wonderful friends, dear Dorthe!!! I hope you're having a beautiful day~

Boxwood Cottage said...

Hello dear Dorthe,

I'm finally catching up with my blogging friends and by reading your latest posts I just had to stop here, sending you some very belated happy birthday wishes (sorry I'm so late) and tell you how enchanting I think are Julia's handmade gifts for you, what a wonderful friend she is and so is Viola!

Wishing you a peaceful and creative new Summer week!

xoxo~ Carola