Monday, July 4, 2011

Waxed Collage - and more gifts, from dear friends of mine.

As some of you know, I am taking part in some of the classes on Roses on my Table and this is my first waxed collage. I love Zinnia`s  workshops, they are wonderfully teached with lots of videos, and you can take all the time to create-as they are not time limited.
I`m kind of out of my zone hier with all the colors, but I loved to try working like that.

This beautiful little pillow is from my dear friend Marie of Lost bird Studio
can you see the beautiful details ? I so love the nest.

Here from the behind,with a pocket, and verce -it is the most lovely pillow,from a most sweet friend.

And this wonderful tag, ,with the D and the sweet text , isen`t it lovely?

Sweet Marie also send me some beautiful serviettes-I almost can`t bare to use them, as they will be gone then-hihihi- look closely to also see the beautiful embossing thing Marie gave me to my Big Shot maschine.
Thankyou sweet, for all your lovelyes, -I adore them.

The next packet came from my very dear friend, from Denmark :Anni

She made me the sweetest fabric card, with the two soul friends,isen`t it just so romantic and beautiful?

And the most lovely pink tussie mussie--We had agreed to swap a tussi for our birthdays which were only3 dayes apart from each other. This is in my favorite color- pink :) I love the tag,too.

Anni also made me this beautiful icon fastened on an old music sheet-and the madonna made on an old
domino brick.The doily and all fabric used for my gifts Anni colored with Avokado- so wonderful colors.
This is also a beautiful icon-in such a lovely color-and another domino on top ,with
vergin Mary- so very lovely-
Thankyou so much dearest friend- I love it all, Anni.

And last week I had a wonderful surprice, recieving the most beautiful present from dear Sharon from Livewire Jewlery  see the sweet tag, with the hearth lock-

Inside I found the most gorgeus vintage rosary - I collects them and this is so beautiful.
It was hiding in Sharons lovely pouch- real shabby and wonderful.I love the rose with bling inside.

Sharon even added beautiful bits and pieces -beautiful babric and buttons-and the juicy green handcolored doili. Sweet friend, I love it all. Thankyou from my heart.

The rest of this week, I am having my Mathilde here, her parents have had a huge water disaster in their cellar and garden, because of a very big thunderstorm that hit Copenhagen ,where they live- so the sweet little girl will have some dayes on hollyday with her grandparents :)
Well now you know that I will be not that much on my computer this week- but I will have lots of fun here, and return very soon.
Till then  I wish everyone all the best- and sends you love and hugs.
Also welcome to new followers,  I am so happy to see you all.


Robin said...

Your collage is beautiful Dorthe, the colors are amazing! So sorry to hear about the water disaster your family has had, I do hope things get dry quickly. You have more beautiful gifts from wonderful friends too! There seem to be a lot of fellow bloggers who have late June Birthdays. Enjoy your time with sweet Mathilde.


Sugar Lump Studios said...

these are all so lovely! You made such a gorgeous project with it! So many treasures to see here this morning! Hope you have a wonderful day! :)

Karen Larko said...

Such beautiful gifts! How lucky you are to have so many dear friends.

Lynne Moncrieff said...

Dear Dorthe
The colours in the collage is so rich and intense but at the same time such a gorgeous romantic feel to this piece of art - sublime.
Oh those gorgeous, gorgeous birthday gifts that you so deserve.

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi sweetie, Your wax collage is fantastic! I love that it has so much texture from the different materials you have used. I can imagine that it was fun to try something new.
You've been spoiled a lot for your birthday and the gifts from our dear friends Marie and Anni are beautiful. Sharon's pouch is so very pretty too and I know that you will turn the bits and pieces in something wonderful.
I'm sorry to hear about the water disaster at your daughter's house. Hopefully they can get the mess out of their basement soon. Mathilde must be very happy that she can stay with you. You two will have lots of fun. I'll keep my fingers cross for some better weather, so that you can spend some time at the beach with her.
Have a great week, dearest Dorthe!
Sending you mange kys, mange knus og tusind kærlige hilsener :-),

Sonya Badgley said...

Dear Dorthe,
Your gifts are so beautiful! Each and everyone so special. Such talented friends you have! I love seeing there work and yours! Your wax collage is gorgeous!! I wanted to take this class but am already signed up for one of the artful gathering ones. Maybe after the class is over I will try it.
Thank you so much for sharing you beautiful work with us and your wonderful gifts! You've had a great birthday, my dear!

Hoping you enjoy your time with your precious granddaughter!

Lots of hugs to you,

Pretty Ragged Threads said...

Dorthe, more beautiful gifts, you lucky lady. I like your wax collage, love the red. You did a fantastic job on it. Very interesting to look at. I had to double click for a closer look.
Hugs, Jackie

Beth Leintz said...

You've had some wonderful gifts from the mailbox- such pretties. Sorry to hear about the water disaster- I know what an awful headache that can be, but enjoy your time with Mathilde

Esther said...

hi dorthe!! you did great work with beeswax! it's not so easy!! love all your presents!! particularly those of Sharon B. amazing pouch!! and all with Marie.. you are very lucky!! hugs!!

Marlynn said...

Ahhh, Dorothe, have a lovely time with your Granddaughter! I always love visiting your beautiful blog. You are such a wonderful, beautiful, and inspiring artist. Hugs

Gabriela said...

Beautiful work!lOVE IT ALL!
Now I wonder because I always read about what you received as you do some kind of trade?

Vicki Boster said...

Dorthe- you have been gifted such lovely things- I know you treasure them all. Your beautiful creation is fabulous- the colors are amazing!

Enjoy this little visit with your grand daughter- I know that Grandma time is precious--

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

Your wax collage is beautiful and looks like it would have been a fun project. I love all the sweet and precious gifts you received from friends.
So sorry to hear about the flooding in your daughters home, hope they get it cleaned up. Enjoy your special time with sweet Mathilde and have a happy week


Anonymous said...

Most fantastic wax piece, looks like a younger you this image. Gifts from goddesses all these beautiful things you have been receiving. xox Corrine

marie said...

Such wonderful gifts you received Dorthe ~ I especailly love the pillow from Marie. It's so lovely!

Mosaic Magpie said...

What lovely gifts for a lovely lady! Very beautiful items I know you will treasure and love. I know you are happy to have your granddaughter, sorry they are having water problems.

JoAnne said...

Such lovely gifts for such a lovely person!

Viola said...

Guten Morgen liebe Dorthe!
Deine Collage ist wirklich fantastisch! Gefällt mir auch sehr!!
Toll gemacht!
Für Deine Familie tut es mir sehr leid, so ein Wasserschaden ist echt übel! Hoffe, dass sie alles schnellstens wieder trocken bekommen.
Wünsche Dir trotzdem ganz viel Spaß mit Deinem Enkelkind. Viele liebe Grüße, Viola

Cindy Adkins said...

It's official, Dorthe--I think you just opened an art gallery!!! lol These pieces are so beautiful and from such wonderful people...WOW!!!

I love everything!

I hope you enjoy your granddaughter...Tell her that Cindy says "hi!" and I'm so sorry about all the water doing that damage...I hope it is all cleared up soon.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi dear Dorthe,
so sorry to hear about the water disaster and hope they can clean it out real soon.Your wax collage came out beautifully!Glad you liked my gifts as I had fun creating the pillow for you.Love the gifts you received from Anni and Sharon too.Enjoy your time with Mathilde and have a wonderful week.

Suz said...

Your collage is lovely.I enjoy the colors so much. I am in a mini love affair with orange these days. Oh, those gifts from Marie! What a wonderful generous soul You gift each other so beautifully, I love the serviettes and cards and the stunning tussie mussie from Anni! The assemblage and rosary and other treats from Sharon are fabulous. You have beautiful soul friends. Thanks for for sharing the gifts!!!

suziqu's thread works said...

Dearest Dorthe, I so love the beautiful waxed Rossetti image - just how clever are you? It is so full of beautiful colour and she with the reddest hair! It is inspiring me to try it!
You have received some very beautiful gifts from Marie - the little pillow, the tag and those serviettes with the roses are divine. I shall have to give you a link to copy them onto tissue paper and save the originals.
And Anni's gorgeous card and tussie mussie in that divine rose paper and the Virgin Mary image - beautiful!
How sweet of Sharon to send that rosary in the little bag.
You know my sweet friend - you are only receiving back just a little of what you give! Enjoy, enjoy!.
I do hope all will come good from that incredible rain damage to poor Nadja and Rune's cellar! OMG what a terrible mess to clean up but on a positive note- you get a whole week with little Mathilde to spoil and I don't think much creating but happy times playing and cuddling.
Have a wonderful week sweet friend and I am thinking of you.
Big hugs and kisses,
Suzy xoxoxox

sharon said...

Your new collage is so wonderful Dorthe...I love all the color, you have done an amazing job!!
Of course, I am amazing at all your new gifts, all so very beautiful!
Thank you for including me, and I am so glad you are happy with the small gift I sent.
I hope things improve quickly for your daughter's situation.....have a wonderful time with sweet Mathilda!

Anonymous said...

Wow Dorthe i love your beautiful colourful collage its stunning. and what gorgeous gifts too.
If you get chance to pop by my dezinaworld blog please do, and grab the magical midnight background freebie and check out the challenges etc.
Have a wonderful day
hugs June xxxxxxx

creativelenna said...

dearest dorthe, have fun & enjoy your grandchild!
p.s. i love your wax collage and all the beautiful presents you shared!!!!!! xo lenna

Joanne Huffman said...

I love the rich colors and flow of your collage. You have some very talented friends who have sent you lovely gifts. Have fun with your grand-daughter.

Jann said...

Your waxed collage is gorgeous! The gifts you received are all just so lovely! Thank you for sharing!

Paula said...

Dear sweet Dorthe,

The collage you made is so beautiful! I love the colors and textures! You are so very talented my sweet friend!

I love the gorgeous pillow your sweet friend Marie made for you! The details are wonderful! The tag and other goodies are lovely too!

The fabric card your sweet friend Anni made you is gorgeous too! I love the soul friends image! The tussie mussie, music sheet with the madonna, and the virgin Mary art are all so beautiful!

Your sweet friend Sharon gave you some gorgeous gifts too sweetie! The tag is darling and the vintage rosary and pouch, and supplies are all so beautiful!

I am so happy for you dear one! You have so many talented and dear friends… just like YOU! I am so glad you are having Mathilde for the week. I know you two will have so much fun! I am so sorry to hear about the flooding in their home. I hope they can get it cleaned up soon.

Have a beautiful week dear heart! Love you! Paula

Vicki said...

I love your wax collage! I wish I had more time to take her Artful Gathering class. She uses so much texture. I love it. So many pretties here! What a treat. Enjoy your granddaughter this week. xoxo

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Your heartfelt gifts are so lovely and your colorful creation is radiant. I always feel such peace and see so much beauty when I visit your blog ~ Blessings dear friend!

Lovey said...

Oh you will have such a wonderful time in that class...wonderful blog are so loved...always thinking of you my Dorthe!

Unknown said...

LOVELY things- yummy!

June said...

It was so wonderful to hear from you dear Dorthe!
Your waxed collage is gorgeous! Isn't fun to try new things? I've only done one collage with wax, but I really loved how it turned out.
You have received such wonderful gifts. Marie always makes the prettiest things! I love that little pillow.
And then Anni's gift is lovely too. You must be loving all these beautiful things from your dear friends. I saw in your previous post that you got some more beautiful gifts from Sharon and Viola. Oh you are a lucky girl. So many people love you to pieces. I am one of them!
I hope you had a great time with your sweet Mathilde.
sending hugs...

Bohemian said...

Yes I too have found the Dear Blog Friends are the most generous and creative community, it has really touched my Heart.

Your Gifts are just beautiful and I know how exciting it is to receive such unexpected delights from those Kindred Spirits we have connected with through this wonderful Land of Blog!

Blessing from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

QueenBe said...

Dorthe, such eye candy! Love your latest wax collage. She has some tempting looking classes, for sure.

Lisa said...

Well sweet friend, I've finally crawled out from under the massive pile of smelly laundry to visit you!
Wow, you are loved & admired by so many people! That is probably the best gift you got this year, knowing that you touch so many. Everyone has blessed you with amazing work. I always love to get packages from Julia, yours are wonderful! And how lucky you have one of Suzi's beautiful journals! Her work inspire me so. Sharon, Anni & Marie also gifted you generously. Mine should arrive soon, I'm afraid in that company I'll look like an amateur tho! LOL
I love the bon fire pictures. What an interesting tradition.
Hope all is well with Mathilde & her Mother. Have the storms passed?

Unknown said...

Ganz zauberhafte Geschenke hast Du bekommen, liebe Dorthe! Du kannst wirklich stolz auf Deine lieben Freunde sein.
Ich wünsche Dir ein wunderschönes Wochenende.
Liebe Grüße

Janet Ghio said...

Hi Dorthe-love seeing your pieces made in the Roses group. I belong there also, but I found your blog through Suziq's blog--beautiful stitching work you do!!

Evi said...

you must have been in heaven to have Mathilde with you. It is too bad, that it was under such circumstances. Hope the mess got cleared up....water in the basement is terrible.
Your collage came out beautiful. I love the texture.
I also enjoyed all the wonderful gifts you got from such creative friends.
It might get me in the mood!
Enjoy the summer,
many hugs, Evi

Unknown said...

Just wanted to say how much I adore your art. Folk art and folk music tend to be some of my favorites. Your work is beautiful!

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