Sunday, August 24, 2014


Here we have had both rain and sun today, but my husbond
and I managed a lovely walk together.

I also managed to finish something for a birthday present, 
this is a part of it !!

A photo from our walk today, -this is a tiny beach along the coast line , only 
half an hours walk from our own home. Look at the beautiful sky !

Also the Elderberry busches are so beautiful, now , with both green 
unripe berries, and black wonderful ripe  berries ,too.

Thank you again dearest friends whom so lovingly comforted me
with your comments after the death of my dear mother.
I can never thank you enough for all the love and kindness 
you gave me . You are the best friends anyone could wish for.

With love and hugs


Lululiz said...

Ooooh, elderberries! You know, the make the most delicious wine and if left for a couple of years, it is like a gorgeous smooth rich portwine. Errmm, I used to make country wines a lot, and we have just started again with plums this year. Ask me next year how it turned out, lol.
Your new project is looking great, such lovely lace and embellishments. I am so glad you are creating.

Dortesjs said...

Heii Dorthe, hvordan går det ? dejligt at se du var lidt igang i blogland. Ja nu går vi lige straks mod 1 efterår mdr.så skal vi ud og tage skønne fotos.dit kyst billed ser bare super ud og er helt sikkert en skøn tur at gå. fortsat go søndag

Jayne said...

So glad you have had a lovely walk with your husband on such a lovely day. The weather is the same here Dorthe, rain and sun. We have to make the most of the sunny spells!

morkaren said...

Sikken en skøn udsigt, godt ligger Bornholm langt ude i vandet, men naturen kan man ikke klage på. knus morkaren.

Bente said...

Det ser ut som en nydelig gave, Dorthe.
Så vakkert det er rundt om der du bor.


Astrid Maclean said...

Oh the project looks wonderful! Whoever will get this is going to be very lucky!! The photo shows in what a beautiful part of the world you live, those elderberry branches look so stunning too!!

Anonymous said...

The birthday gift looks as though it belongs to a bygone era, a time of gentle ladies with lace gloves and pretty lace handkerchiefs. Such a beautiful image of the lady as the focal.
Dear Dorthe, thank you for sharing your artistry with us.

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

Lovely that you and your husband were able to get out for a walk - such a pretty place with the little beach and the pretty sky.
The birthday present you made is beautiful.
Wishing you a lovely week

Rhonda said...

Sending you a hug Dorthe. Your walk looks lovely.

Bettina Breiding Hansen said...

Kæreste ven, hvor er din collage smuk med alle de sarte og fine lag - smuk smuk!!!
Og skønne billeder af vores smukke natur! Knus

Viola said...

Hallo Süße,
da hatten wir gestern ja den gleichen Gedanken, wir sind auch gewandert.Und meine Fotos sehen sogar ähnlich aus, hihi.Die Wolken sahen gestern wirklich toll aus. Freut mich sehr, dass Du mal ein bißchen abschalten konntest.Viele liebe Grüße, Viola

Anni - My Creative Life and Mixed Media Books said...

Smuk collage du har lavet søde og nogle dejlige billeder af naturen rundt om dig, ligger med influenza så vi snakkes ved.
Knus Anni

Minna Perälä said...

Dear Dorthe

So beautifully arranged fabric collage. All that lace and light colours makes it look very romantic piece of art.
Picture of a calm beautiful beach is very comforting.
I am so, so sorry to hear about your dear mother passed away. I send you the warmest of hugs and wish you all the best for future days

with love


Suztats said...

Oh, what wonderful weather you had for your walk! The beach looks beautiful. I love elderberries! I used to pick them from the wild and make jam, until the land was sold. The new people cut down the bushes--I could have cried.
That's a gorgeous birthday gift you're creating, Dorthe. You must carry much beauty in your heart to be able to create such beauty for others.

Tanya said...

Glad you found some creative time, my friend - just beautiful! And the second photo down, from your walk...breathtaking. I'm sure your Mom was smiling down from those clouds! XOXOXO

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hello dearest Dorthe, I'm glad to see you creating and enjoying nature and hope that gave you some distraction. The collage is lovely and such a wonderful birthday gift.
Are you going to make something with the elderberries? You can check out Pinterest for lots of recipes, like jelly, syrup, gummies and more.
Sending lots of big hugs and love your way,

Aspiring crafter said...

A beautiful project for someone who will be so happy to receive it.
Glad you have enjoyed a walk and the wonderful scenery-it lifts ones spirit so,
Take care Dorthe

~*~Patty S said...

So lovely to look at your beautiful photos up close Dorthe ♥!
What you made for your friend is so pretty in every detail.
Your walk to the sea looks just perfect with the wild roses and that boat and sky ooh la laa!
and ooo those bodacious elderberries!
Sending lots of warm hugs your way dear one...

Anonymous said...

So glad to see you creating...and walking with your husband on your lovely beach walks. One step, one day at a time. xox

Ana K. said...

This will be fabulous gift; I am sure that lucky person will love and treasured it! I am very glad you manage to do some crafting.... Great photos from your walk! Hugs dear friend!

Createology said...

This is such a lovely walk to meander and enjoy along with elderberries for the picking. Gorgeous lace collage you are creating Dorthe Dear. I love the beautiful sky you photographed. Loving Hugs My Friend...

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh such a stunning lacey collage for your lovely friend sweet Dorthe! It certainly helps to fill the empty spaces of your heart creating such beauty!
That is such an incredibly picturesque photo of your nearby beach. It is so alluring! If only!!!!
Oh yes like Liz we have made Elderberry wine from our own Elderberries and how sublime!
Nature has so much to offer. Just imagine the colour from the dyed plant?
Sending much love and big comforting hugs,
Suzy xox

May said...

Hi Dorthe, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your wonderful mother my thoughts are with you & your family x x...I am glad you enjoyed a walk today with your husband the beach looks so peaceful...and the gift is Gorgeous Beautiful laces & sweet image... Hugs May x x

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Hello Dorthe
Your tag is very beautiful and so is the area where you live. I feel so very sad that summer is over, I long to go to the beach on our big Great Lakes. Thank you for the words of encouragement after my stroke - it means so much to me! Nancy

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hello my dear Dorthe,
the gift you made for your friend is just stunning and such a treasure.
Hope this finds you well sweet friend.
Have a lovely Sunday.
Sending big hugs and love,

Jillayne said...

I love your little beach Dorthe - what a perfect spot that would be for a picnic! And the elderberries! I love elderflower cordial but have never had anything made with the berries ... They look so pretty hanging there in great juicy clumps!