Monday, November 23, 2009

Exchange of ATC

This beautifull envelope arrived in my postbox last week.
I had asked Viola if she would exhange ATS with me, and
I was very happy, that she said yes.
Is`nt it just sweet?

Inside was this little envelope, fitting perfectly the ATC ,I had chosen.
It is so very great.
Look at the round tag, with her name on,
so professional.

And then here the ATC, -it is so fanta´stic, beautifull in colors, and emage.
(the colors much more vibrant ,than shown here).
I can`t tell you how 2wonderfull an art piece this is.

And then Viola also added a beautifull card for me, The photo here also don`t give justice
to the colors in real. It is full of texture, and wonderfully stamped.
I love the text :"inside you can be anything"

It is realy a gift to know this so very sweet and talented lady from Germany.
I`m happy I met you here in blogland liebe Viola.
Vielen dank für dieser wunderschönes brief.
Hope all of you friends out there are having a lovely monday, and wish
everyone a happy evening.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

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Sandy said...

Oh ja Post von Viola ist immer eine Freude. Tolle Sachen hast Du bekommen.