Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I finished two more pumpkins for me to enjoy in my new room,here they are on white painted old wooden candle-holders-in the window.Have you seen my new find, in front of the candle sticks? - the old french ink and pen holder- a beautiful old doll sits now in the ink-bottle hole

The old lovely  flowers used on the pumpkins, I once bought from Karla -Karla`s Cottage she has a wonderful Shop.

I found this two vintage candle glasses in a flea market ,this summer, and thought they could look sweet with a little lace and a "french" charm.The beautiful lace, was  once wrapped around an order I recieved from dear Rhonda, from


Some time ago I saw a wonderful sea horse, reading  Rosemary`s blog  ---
and at once followed her link to Robin`s fantasi world-and Etsy shop
Here I fell in love with Ernestine-so totally different from what I create myself.
Isen`t she cute with her pumpkin?

This is Lydia, that I so wonderfully won -because I was number 200 buyer -JUUBIII

And this is Tombs- Robin tells me she might be a Zombie ,lol
-Now someone might think, this bunch are ugly-but I think they are the most adorable,and charming beings-
and love them very much.As a special touch they all comes with a written story-.

With my first order Robin so generously gifted me with one of her sweet birds

And this one -:BOO- I bought ,as I thought they could become friends .

Robin also made this wonderful ribbon and added it to my first buy!

Thankyou so much dear Robin, for adding this new joy to my life-
You are a wonderful artist-and thankyou for your special gifts.
I hope you are all well, out there -all over----here it is dark-and the wind blows very loud-
Autumn has surely arrived to Denmark.
I wish you all the very best- and sends you hugs and love.


Unknown said...

your pumpkins are so lovely dorthe and those candle glass jars...i love how you've adorned them!! so very French-inspired! your dolls are a sweet collection....they make a nice "family!" as for has yet to arrive here. as a matter of fact, we are feeling the sun and heat of summer once again. it is what we call our "Indian Summer." But, by the week's end, we will be in the 60's during the day and in the 40's at night. i welcome it! Happy day to you dear dorthe! ;)

lynne h said...

dorthe, i just want to say hi and thank you for your nice words over at my place. AND, lydia *totally* inspires me!!!



marie said...

Those pumpkins and candles are make such pretty things! The window display is pretty too!
Your new family is adorable! I love their sweet, funny faces and those birds are amazing...the little boo bird on the spool is my favorite.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful treasures!

Paula said...

Hi sweetheart Dorthe,

I love seeing a new post from you! Your pumpkins are gorgeous!!! The look perfect on your old wooden candle holders! That is a fabulous idea! I love the old French ink stand and pen holder. The old doll is absolutely beautiful and looks perfect sitting there. She looks like a little queen on a throne! You add so many pretty details to your pumpkins!

I love the vintage candle glasses and how you added the "French" charm! They are just lovely sweetie!

I LOVE your new family! They are so adorable! Yes, Ernestine is very cute with her pumpkin! Lydia is darling and I am so happy you won her! Tombs is so sweet too! I agree with you dear heart, they are all adorable and charming! Thank you so much for sharing them! I love that they come with a written story too. The bird Robin gave you is so sweet and I love the one you bought too. They will be good friends! The details on them very pretty!
The ribbon she gave you is beautiful too!

I enjoyed your lovely post so much! I hope you are keeping warm and cozy in your beautiful home with your new sweet family! I hope autumn arrives here soon too! Love you sweetie! Paula

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Dorthe, your pumpkins are just adorable!! and I love "Boo" the sweet little bird! your new family is really fun and one of a kind! xoxo Debra

Mina Gouldsamadiner said...

Wow,har tittat runt på dina underbara dockor du gör.Helt underbart fantastiska.Blir grön av avundsjuka =))
Kram Kicki

Mosaic Magpie said...

The dolls are wonderful, they look as though they were well loved and patched up a bit. The birds are really great too. I am glad you decided Boo should come home with you too. That ribbon is so neat she made. Great interesting post!

Rhonda said...

I'm smiling Dorthe, this post is so sweet. Your doll collection is so wonderful and brings a smile to my face. Your pumpkins are so shabby and unique, I love them! xo Rhonda

Marlynn said...

OH Dorthe, you're white pumpkins are marvelous. Your new family is so beautiful. I LOvE them. Such incredible faces and that little pumpkin - ahhhh, so adorable. However, back to your creations, I do really think they are so creative. Thanks for stopping by the Honeysuckle Breeze. You are the sweetest! Hugs

JoAnne said...

Oh Dorthe, everything is so lovely and I love your new family!! That little Boo is so cute.
Autumn has arrived in the US too and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Look forward to your next autumn creation.

Sandy said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah OMG these pumpkins are so cool and lovely. Fantastic halloween decoration. I LOVE it.
And your new family awesome. Really unique and very inspiring work my dear friend.

I hope you have a lovely day Dorthe. xoxo

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Good morning, my dear friend! Your pumpkins are so adorable. I love them very much. The candle glasses are beautiful and were a great find. What did your hubby say about three more women in the house, LOL? Your new family looks quite funny and the birdies are cute.
Have a wonderful day, sweetie :-)!
Mange kys og knus og kærlige hilsener,

Suztats said...

I hope the autumn winds are not too cold or fierce as you play with your new family and your cute birds. Enjoy, Dorthe, and hugs

suziqu's thread works said...

My dearest friend - I see you have made some brand new friends too. I can't stop looking at them! Am I a geek??? I have to say I am becoming very partial to Tombs and little Boo.
I wish Mathilda was there to play with them too!
Your pumpkins look so regal sitting so high on those beautiful candestick
holders and I can see so much rain ralling behind on the windows! Autumn has definitely arrived.
The vintage glasses look special with the burning candles!
Everything is looking just so homely and cosy in your room. Enjoy your day my special friend.
Big love and big hugs,
Suzy xoxoxox

Candylei said...

How wonderful to find your blog! I love making dolls. Yours are sweet and the ones you just purchased are adorable as well! It's still warm here in Maryland which we are glad for. Happy stitching and creating!

Yitte said...

Hi Dorthe,

I love the new pumpkins you made. They loook so lovely- high above everything on their candle holders. Your new family is very charming. Who dares to call them ugly?? They are sooooo cute.
Have a nice day.
Hugs Yvonne

Lynne Moncrieff said...

Dear Dorthe
First I want to thank you for always being such a lovely friend to my blog (and to me!) and your special comments which I never take for granted.
These might be ugly but they are adorable ugly. They look so soft and squishy.
The pumpkins are so beautifully displayed high on the candlesticks, what a beautiful home decor idea.
I love the vintage glasses with lace and charms.
Finally, congratulations on your win - what a beautiful surprise.

Cindy Adkins said...

OH MY GOSH--It's all to fabulous for words, Dorthe!! Purely dreamy, my friend!!!

Tanya said...

Dorthe...these treasures are delightful - especially your new family. I will save the website and check it out Mom is in from CO, since last Thursday, and we have been running at break-neck speed. Will drop you a line when I get a bit more time, once she goes home (sadly). Have a wonderful day - Tanya

Sonya Badgley said...

Hello dear Dorthe,
Your pumpkins are so adorable love the adornments you put on them. Those candle holders are so pretty and love what you added to them.Your new family is so cute. I really love Boo! :) Have a wonderful day, my friend.

My Creative House said...

Hi sweetie what a wonderful post your pumpkins are all so beautifully made, and your new family, I can see they all look like you, sweet and lovely just like you.
Hugs Anni

Minna Perälä said...

Dear Dorthe, your pumpkins look beautiful in the candlesticks! Also that little French Doll is a lovely find.

I totally understand your love to those unigue ragdolls - they are totally different and adorable of their own way. Ernestine is my favorite, little cutie :-))

Have a great weekend, dear friend and thanks for stopping by my blog

Hopemore Studio said...

Dorthe, I think your new dolls are very charming. You have a very nice collection started. I really admire your candles, very french chic!

Hope it warms up a bit for you, windy here in the states today too but oh how I do love that first chill in the air.

Diane said...

These little guys are adorable Dorthe, and I love what you've done with your pumpkins-such wonderful creativity!

Rebecca said...

Hi Sweetie
I am still alive and kicking!
Been working and recouping...
Just stopped by to say hi and to see all your lovely inspiration

Vicki Boster said...

Sweet Dorthe- so many things I want to say here! I adore the pumpkins you created and the way you have them displayed. They look totally beautiful in your window- just perfect for fall decor.

Your new "family" is so so precious. I can see why you love them so- they are full of personality and fun. They are perfect to display in any season- they make me smile.

Yes- here too- Autumn is here too. Drastic changes in temperatures and crazy weather. We came home from our travels to find a tree down in our yard. I know what is just around the corner--- and I am so NOT ready!!

Love you-

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi dear Dorthe,
sorry I'm always late these days.Your pumpkins are so very beautiful and your new family is just charming.Have a wonderful upcoming weekend dear friend.
Hugs and love,

Createology said...

Your pumpkins are charming. As for your new family...they are enchanting and the little birds are just super sweet and make me smile. So thoughtful for Robin to include extra special gifts for you purchasing. That is truly customer service that is so lacking in the commercial world these days. Happy Autumn dear Dorthe...

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

I love all the new things you have been making, the pumpkins at the window are lovely, as is your dear new family.
Boo the sweet bird is so cute too and you have been busy.

Hope the weather brightens up and you have a lovely weekend

Anneke said...

wow, what a gorgeous pumpkins and other decorations.
everything is so beautiful and looks precious.
i also love the awesome tribute you made for 11th september.

Guriana said...

Your pumpkins looks so beautiful in the window:))...and the candle glasses are gorgeous!!:))

have a nice weekend:)

Anonymous said...

Dear Dorthe, I think I like the little birdie the best! It looks like you could hold it in the palm of your hand!

Your pumpkins look so pretty in the window.

Hugs to you!

June said...

Oh my goodness Dorthe, your new little family is adorable. So perfect for the season. And of course I love your beautiful pumpkins my friend. I always get such enjoyment coming here to your place to see the new things you have been making, and I see from the posts I have missed that your hands have not been idle. I adore every thing you do Dorthe, and so thankful to be able to visit here.
Each time is like a vacation.
hugs from here...

Vicki said...

Hello, Dorthe! I am crazy for Ernestine and her pumpkin plus I LOVE the birds Robin made. How sweet! Your pumpkins look so sweet in the window too. I love how you incorporated bits and pieces from friends here. xoxo

Evy said...

As you creations are beautiful directions in your house, I like, your talent is immense!

Beautiful day Dorthe

Lovey said...

So cool Dorthe!!! Sorry been away for so long...trying times but thinking of all my blog land friends...

Lisa said...

Love Robins creations! I'll bet you have a 'huge family' of dolls, angels & fairies! I imagine at night when you shut the lights off they all come to life & dance the night away!
I'm so loving the pumpkins! Did I tell you I have 50 stems collected last year from the pumpkin patch? True. I need to make some too. Love your white with the lace & flower embellishments.
Happy weekend my friend.

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Dorthe,
Wishing you a Happy Weekend!!! and also, I've got the link party going on at the Shabby Chic Girls' Club if you'd like to link up!!

Jillayne said...

I love your new family Dorthe - they are each of them adorable, and so full of character!
And your pumpkins are pretty wonderful too - you have a beautiful display going on and it is a lovely tribute to Fall. And we are having Fall here too; teh days are shorter and it is very cool at night - soon we will light the fireplaces and be cozy!

Emilie said...

Kære Dorthe.
Sikken en kær ny familie, du har fået dig! Man bliver helt glad af at se på dem. :-)
Ja, det er godt nok blevet efterår herhjemme. Lidt for meget efter min smag. Jeg kan leve med, at tempereturen bliver koldere, men alt det stormvejr og regnvejr, som vi har haft her ovre i den vestlige del af Danmark, det er simpelthen for meget for mig! Man får jo slet ikke mulighed for at nyde efterårets smukke farver.
Vi krydser fingre for flot vejr i den kommende uge.
Rigtig god søndag til dig fra mig!

God's Little People said...

Kære Dorthe
Tusind tak for dine søde ord, og det var dejligt at høre om efteråret ude foran dit vindue (jeg savner alle farverne!!). Dine græskar er skønne og så er jeg vild med dine Etsy køb - det er simpelthen så inspirerende hvad man kan finde dér. Og mange tak for besøget på min anden blog, ja du kan tro at det er livsbekræftende at opleve før og efter. Nogle af dem hænger jo (i bogstaveligste forstand) i en tynd tråd når jeg finder dem, og selvom det nogle gange kræver mange ugers koncentreret arbejde, så er det det hele værd.
Tak fordi du hoppede forbi Dorthe, og ha' en rigtig skøn uge forude.
Solskin og knus fra Joan

Rebecca Nelson said...

Oh my everything! Never seen pumpkin people. WOW! Fabulous!


Baggaraggs: said...


Why I didn't think to comment is just beyond me. THANK you so much for your lovely write up. I appreciate your friendship so much. It has been grand geeting to know you. I love your work. I think we are kindred spirits, acoss the ocean. We like so many of the same things. Thank you so much Dear Dorthe. I appreciate you. HUGS, and lOve, Robin

Becca said...

Hi Dorthe, love the pumpkins and your sweet little art dolls. Thank you for always stopping over and leaving sweet comments on my blog.

Evi said...

Dorthe, I love your pretty pumpkins.
I think they look cool on the candle sticks. You know, not every doll has to be exact and pretty. These three have quite some in the USA, they call them prims, and I find them charming.
I love the spool birds too.
Still dealing with my very painful upper back, 6 weeks now.
Hope you are doing well and crafting.
Hugs, Evi said...

I popped over from Robin`s to visit your beautiful blog,so many lovely creations!You & Robin inspire me to get busy & make something to welcome in the fall season,phyllis

Unknown said...

Wow, Dorthe!!!!! Your doll collection is gorgeous and this pumpkins are REALLY breathtaking!!!!!!! I love them! Wishes

Suz said...

Dear Dorthe,
Your Halloween home is just charming. I happen to love your little people and don't think they look ugly at all. I also love their special ribbon!
Thank you for your lovely words of support and rejoicing for Jud. You have been there for us all along the way.

Anonymous said...

YOur new family is a hoot - so charming - are they lost cousins? Nice pumpkins, don't lose the girls in your pumpkin patch! xox Corrine

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Dorthe,
I hope you're having a wonderful, creative day, my friend!!!

the old white house said...

Hello Dorthe! Your pumpkins are wonderful, I love them on the candlesticks! I love your new family... I used to make prims and the dolls that I made used to freak my kids out a bit. I used to say that they were so ugly they were cute! I think those are adorable :) t. xoxoxo

Lisa Graham said...

Your dolls are amazing! And your blog is beautiful!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Oh Dorthe
your pumpkins and dolls are all AMAZING! you make the neatest dolls - and I am so honored to have one in my home. I love your take with the primitive faces!! Hope you have a wonderful week dear one! xoxo

Pretty Ragged Threads said...

Dorthe, your pumpkins are lovely. The candle glasses are really pretty love them both. Quite a family you have they make me smile and I love the birds.
Hugs, Jackie

Ella said...

How fun; I love Lydia...Congrats on receiving her! The pumpkins are wonderful, too. I love the way you have arranged your new finds~ enJOY!

Viola said...

Deine Kürbisse sind wieder ein Traum! So zauberhaft! Und Deine neuen Familienmitglieder sind einfach zu cooool, hihi! Klasse!!

Eugenia Maru said...

Qué lindo todo! quiero aprender crazy quilt.... , vi el blog de Suzy y es tan bonito como el tuyo.... ojalá algún día pueda hacer algo tan bello.
saludos desde Valdivia - Chile