Saturday, June 29, 2013


Hello all,- I just want to show you some more beautiful gifts I recieved for my birthday from, 
lovely and dear friends!!
The ones I`m showing you today, I also add as they arrived to my mailbox- and they all came from some very sweet German friends, I`m sure you know them!!!
The first is from my dear  MARIE  from Lost Bird Studio- ,
she is a wonderful friend, and make such beautiful art pieces, alwayes.

See what the opened box showed of goodies!!! ,- (please click the photo to see real)
A wonderful map wherein are some great papers, to play with- and on the old dish towel---(I collect them and use them in my kitchen)-- a matchbox  with the sweetest image,-Marie`s beautiful tag, and a charm made from an old domino ,with a tiny key attached-and a clothes-peg with lovely old lace !! as seen below!!!

And you won`t believe that Marie made this gorgeous feed sack transfer , herself!!!
Dosent it look fabolous!!-I love the old stamp she used on the sack,-and as she 
lovingly gifted me the whole sack, I will have some thoughts about how to use it best -
Thankyou my dear sweet Marie- it is so wonderfully done !! and looks as it was alwayes there!!

And Marie also created this gorgeous hanger for me, showing the most beautiful woman,wearing her cross,
underneath the glass in this wonderfully soldered matchbox--

Isen`t it so gorgeous!!

Here is what was hidden in the  lovely matchbox -
beautiful little charms, and old metal numbers!
I so love my gorgeous gifts from you dearest friend,- you have spoiled me Marie, and I thank you from my heart  for your gifts of love, and for your special and wonderful friendship, which means a lot to me.
Love to you, dearest!!

The next gift ,arrived totally unexpected for me, and came from the wonderful artist MARTINA  from
Stempel-Gewerkel .. she totally surprised me with some most gorgeous gifts...
This fantastic canvas !!!

Look the amazing layers of paper doilies and old book page-and Martinas 
fantastic way of using colours and papers, to create a stunning result !

She also gifted me this beautiful box- matchbox,-
altered to something very gorgeous,...

and filled to the brim with pieces of papers, watch parts, and ,-and.......
Thankyou dear Martina, I love your gifts, and feel so thankful that you send me all this beauty!!
I send you warm hugs and love, dear friend!!

Now I hope you are still here, as I also so want to show you those beautiful things, that arrived on my birthday from dear ALEXANDRA of  Xelas Art Blog.

Isen`t the card she made me giving  such a lovely summer feelings!!
And maybe even the feelings of :Paris in spring!!! 
It is so beautiful!!

And oh my!! a stunning collage,-I have tried to capture all the beauty, but the photoes dosen`t make it 
justice, so please take a look at Alexès blog for more wonderful photoes, of this piece,
in nature and blue tones, so wonderfully created !

Alexandra used wonderful old buttons, which highlight the old image transfer, so beautiful,
together with the bow,and gorgeous old brooch!Se how Alexandra embroidered the lace below, with the tiniest blue pearls,- so beautiful!!!

Thank you sweet dear friend,- AND for the most gorgeous 
earhangers, lovely tucked away in the little sweet envelope !! Aren`t they beautiful!!I love
their blue tones and litte rhinestone pearls -and am in fact wearing them just now :-)

Dear Alexandra, thankyou so very much for those beautiful gifts,- and thankyou
for thinking about me , you are so very kind and sweet.
Warm hugs and love to you from me !!!

A ,for me totally unusual long post, and I so hope you took your time to see all those amazing art pieces,
made from lovely and kind blogging friends - --where in the world do you find such kindness and love between people,- as you experience between blogging friends !!!!!
I am so thankful for all my friends !!!

A little update on my mother, for you, whom dearly send me well wishes and prayers, in my last post-thankyou also for that !!!!!! She is happily feeling a bit better, and have started to be up from bed some hours every day, again... I am so happy for that, and hope she improves!!

Thankyou to you all, for alwayes being there, with a kind word, and a well wishing,-you all means so much to me!!!
Love and hugs, Dorthe


Astrid Maclean said...

What wonderful gifts dear Dorthe, your friends are all such clever, clever artists! And what a house full of treasures you must have with all these wonderful gifts. You are so generous taking the time to photograph them all and share them with us here. They are all truly beautiful!!

Jayne said...

Beautiful, beautiful gifts, again more so because they were made especially for you. Little pieces to treasure. Such lovingly made.

Createology said...

So glad your mother is doing better and able to get up and about even a litte. Dorthe Dear your birthday gifts are very beautiful and truly reflect your generous giving personality. The colors so remind me of the sea and your beloved driftwood. Keep celebrating your birthday...

June said...

You are so blessed dearest Dorthe by your lovely friends. Their gifts are beautiful. Beautiful for a beautiful person :)
many hugs...

Alexandra said...

Hallo meine Liebe, du hast ja wunderschöne Sachen bekommen. Einfach traumhaft. Und ich freu mich das dir meine Sachen gefallen.
1000 Knuddler und hugs

nelly said...

Здравей скъпа Дороти, честит рожден ден и от мен макар и със закъснение.
Подаръците ти са невероятни и направени с толкова любов. Всичко е толкова красиво.
Поздрави и хубаво нова седмица от мен.

Maureen said...

Wow, such beautiful gifts, and they are all so lovingly admired by you I know the artists are proud to have you own and appreciate them.

Glad to read your mother is improving. Have a lovely Sunday Dorthe!

Terri said...

Hello Dorthe,
I am so glad to hear your mother has improved. I am hoping she only continues to do so : )
Happy Birthday to you sweet one! Oh my! Your gifts are wonderful!
May this next you bring you many opportunities for joy and wellbeing.

Sugar Lump Studios said...

What gorgeous treasures you have received Dorthe! Lovely!

butterfly said...

Wonderful, wonderful gifts from your incredibly skilful and generous friends... thank you so much for sharing them with us, and links to all those amazing blogs too!
Alison x

Anonymous said...

Dear Dorthe
I am so enjoying reading the posts where you share what your beautiful friends have gifted to you.
The pin Marie sent for my birthday is something I receive so much pleasure in wearing and I am sure you will be the same with this amazing pendant she created for you and all the other gifts she sent your way. I viewed Martina's gifts on her Blog - stunning then the beautiful collage from your other friend.
Your home must be brimming with amazing creations!
We will continue to send wishes for your Mum's improved health.
Lynne x

May said...

O my word... Such wonderful gifts..Stunning work from your dear friends... such treasures & keepsakes... Love them all... Hugs May x x x

Anneke said...

dear Dorthe.
i think that your house is loaded with the most beautiful trasures from your dear friends.
i have seen these gifts and wow, what a Lucky you!.
but you are a sweet and dear friend and thats the reason that you are so beloved.
hugs to you.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hello dear Dorthe,
first of all I'm so glad to hear that your mother is feeling better.
What beautiful gifts from our dear Alex.So glad you liked my gifts and thanks for your kind words:)
Have a wonderful start of the week my friend.

suziqu's thread works said...

Dearest Dorthe
Such incredibly beautiful pieces of artwork all designed and gifted to you from the most wonderful blogging friends, Marie, Martina and Alexandra.
Each piece is a treasure and I know how much you appreciate each one! Enjoy viewing and in the wearing also!
Wishing you some big hugs and Summer love with sun filled days!
Your Suzy

Unknown said...

OMG Dorthe, you got very wonderful birthday gift from your dear blog friends. Isn`t that lovely? Because you can see how popular you are:-) I rejoice with you.
Thank you for sharing.
Have a wonderful week my dear.
ugs and smile

Caterina Giglio said...

what lovely pressies, and your flowers are just swoon worthy! xo

Karina Beck said...

Et forsinket tillykke.
Hvor er det nogle fine ting, du har modtaget.

~*~Patty S said...

First of all I hope your mother continues to do well dear Dorthe and so sorry she was not feeling well (missed that while I was away)

Your share your good fortune and friends in such a special way...I admire you and Love you for it

You deserve all the goodness and beauty that comes your way!

Brightest of Blessings to you always my dear friend!

Claudia said...

Beautiful gifts, dear Dorthe. Happy Belated Birthday!


Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

So happy to hear that your dear Mother is doing better and will keep her in my thoughts and hope she will get back to good health and strength.
Love all the beautiful gifts you got and your pretty pink flowers.

Have a happy week

Minna Perälä said...

Happy Birthday sweet Dorthe! What an amazing creations you have received!!! I am sure you are so happy from each and everyone!

Hugs, Minnamarika

Erika said...

Liebe Freundin Dorthe, first let me say a very big tahk you for all you lovely words on my blog. Ich freue mich sehr, wenn Du mich besuchst! Leider ist es nur in der virtuellen world ...
Ich sehe, dass Du so many beautiful gifts erhalten hast, zu Deinem Geburtstag. So wonderful and amazing art, full with love - and also I see your joy and pleasure! Simply beautiful things are this.
I hope the sun shines on your beautiful island meanwhile - the rain finally comes to an end!
Here waren auch so many rainy days and many things are left lying were. Also my "artistic Inspiration" has seen better days :) But it will be better so now (hopefully).
I hope your family is doing well, dear Dorthe! I often think of you and I am sending you lots of love, viele Grüße und Küsse und liebe Gedanken! Ich knuddel Dich - alles Liebe Deine Erika

AppleApricot Wen said...

Such sweet friends to give you so many gorgeous gifts. But you're always so sweet to everyone, so I can see why they love to spoil you sweetie :)
I'm glad to hear your mom's feeling a little better now.

Wishing you a beautiful day and sending you hugs, Wendy

Alisa Noble said...

Happy {belated} birthday!
And I'm so glad your mama is doing a bit better.

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi sweetie, I'm so glad to hear that your Mom is doing better. I'll keep her in my thoughts and hope that she'll recover even more.
You've been spoiled big time and I'm so happy for you. All the gifts you've received from our dear friends are just beautiful. Enjoy all the treasures, my dear Dorthe.
Thank you for your e-mail. I'll get back to you soon.
Mange kys og knus og kærlige hilsener ♥

rivergardenstudio said...

Lovely photographs of these gifts sent from the heart. Have a beautiful day sweet Dorthe...

Olga Siedlecka said...

Happy Birthday!

Sarina said...

Stunning gifts, Dorthe.
I was on holiday, when you celebrated your birthday, but, (a little late) Congratulations.

Big hug from me,


Viola said...

Wunderschöne Geschenke hast Du wieder bekommen, Liebe! Bin froh, dass es Deiner Mutter wieder ein bißchen besser geht! Alles Gute für sie!

Junibears said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes my dear and Thank you for showing us all the delicious gifts you've received. Blessings and hugs xx

Jillayne said...

I just read about your mother Dorthe - I hope she continues to get better and better. It is such a worry when they are ill - I imagine it must have been hard for you...
And a Happy Belated birthday to you!!

Yellow Octopus said...

Oh, those are so lovely! Anything vintage, classic, and antique is really PRICELESS. These timeless pieces are great fixtures in your collection. Anyway, thanks for sharing these gifts to your readers. Happy birthday!