Thursday, June 6, 2013


Here they are,- aren`t they the sweetest!!
When seing them in my dear friend DAWN  `s new Etsy shop  where she sells
her own collected treasures, I just had to buy them!!

Dawn being the most dear and wonderful friend, made me 
so very happy , adding all this huge bunch of lovely seambindings, and buttons
from her stasches!! It is not possibly to buy them here, so it is a most
treasured gift!

Here all the beautiful laces dearest Dawn had hidden in the shoes!!
Thank you from my heart my precious friend-you are the most 
caring ,and lovely person,- and an amazing friend.

Another very dear friend BETTINA also gave me a very special
present ,in lending me her needle felting machine for some dayes!!
I had so much fun trying this,for me  total new maschine,-
and had a great time creating two pieces!! 

This bird collage I made for her as a thankyou.

I used a birds stamp, Bettina also gave me, some time ago!!

Thankyou for being so generous my dear friend,-It was so
very sweet and kind of you !

This is the other collage I made with wool ,papers,fabrics and laces!!

A little close up, of all the textures !!


Thankyou for all your wonderful comments on my last post,
showing the gorgeous gifts from dear Yvonne! 

I hope your week is filled with happy creating ( among other things)
and wishes you all a wonderful friday and weekend!



Bente said...

Heia Dorthe. Skoene var nydelige. Så heldig du er som har så fantastiske venner.
Collagene dine er helt utrolige. Nydelige farger.

Ha ei finfin helg


Shane Pollard said...

Oh what cute little shoes Dorthe.
Your needle felting collages are so beautiful and so kind of Bettina to lend you her machine.

After seeing Patty's this week, I became interested too!
It will all have to wait until I get home again.

It's a bleak, cold Friday here - hope the sun is shining for you in Denmark.
love and hugs
Shane ♥

Terri said...

Hello Dorthe, I love your new collages! So fresh and vintage at the same time. You created such a gorgeous collage to view and wonderful textures.
The little shoes are just like my daughters first pair! Very sweet!
What are you going to make with all those lovely laces? How exciting!

Jayne said...

What gorgeous little shoes and to be filled with all those trims and buttons, what a lovely surprise you must have got when you opened your parcel. I love the collages you have made, lots of lovely textures and colours. hope the sun is shining on you dorthe x

Astrid Maclean said...

Oh Dorthe those baby shoes are just the most wonderful sweet little things and what an amazing collection of laces and trims, no doubt you will do hours of wonderful creating with them.
Your collages are incredible, I specially love that stamped bird, it came out so beautifully!

Createology said...

I adore Mary Jane shoes and Dawn really filled them with wonderful goodies for your creations. How very generous of your friend Bettina to let you use her machine. Your collages are stunning and sew beautiful. Happy Creative Hearts Dear...

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Such wonderful goodies, Dorthe...your posts are always so lovely! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Anneke said...

wow, i love your baby shoes Dorthe and i have a copple mysellf which my mother saved for me.
i had wear these mysellf.
and i love the beautiful lace and things you made.
you are so good in sewing and all kinds of fabric work.
have a wonderful week my friend and a big hug to you.
ps, we have 26 degrees today

Bettina Breiding Hansen said...

Kære Dorthe - waw what lovely collages You made - I just LOVE MINE!!The coloures are so wonderful and all the layers are so beautiful!
And what a lovely gift - the shoes are just gorgeous.
Have a lovely day dear friend!!

Angela Richardson said...

Hi Dorthe,
You certainly had fun with Bettina's embellisher and with beautiful results. I love the soft shades of pink. A wonderful way to make a collage.
Lovely gifts too, you're going to have such fun with those goodies.
Enjoy the weekend.

Lisa said...

Hi Dorthe,
I loved those little shoes Dawn sold you. Don't you love the way she packs things? It's better than the gift!!
Love your new collages, I'm ready for some color.
Have a great weekend!

June said...

I LOVE Dawn! She has the most generous spirit of anyone I have ever known. The shoes are precious Dorthe.
I love the beauty collage your friend sent to you. So pretty.
Have a wonderful weekend dear friend.
hugs from me...

butterfly said...

I can absolutely understand why you couldn't resist those shoes, and what a wonderful collection of things to go with them! Beautiful creation from Bettina too...
Alison x
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe

How darling the little baby shoes are and the gorgeous lace and buttons. Your collages are so sweet and always love seeing your beautiful creations.
Wishing you a happy weekend dear


Ephemera said...

Such gorgeous vintage baby shoes, adorable and I just love your amazing collages. Such a wonderful mix of textures, exquisite. XX

Anonymous said...

Your collages are so pretty Dorthe. Nice use of color here and those shoes, oh what will you do with them???? xox

The Feathered Nest said...

Dear sweet Dorthe...thank you so much for purchasing the sweet little shoes from me and I'm so very glad you enjoyed the other goodies too!!! How wonderful for you to be able to use a felting machine, your collages are just GORGEOUS!! You are always so thoughtful, making a collage for Bettina as a thank you gift was a wonderful idea. Sending you big hugs and much love across the miles dear friend, Dawn

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Dear Dorthe,
Your collages are so very lovely. The soft colors and wonderful textures work beautifully together.
hugs, JOY, and a lovely Sunday,

Maureen said...

Your collages are fabulous Dorthe!

And isn't Dawn just the best??? I have two of her creations gracing my studio; I just love her work. Your new shoes are darling!!!

sharon said...

I know you will put the laces to good use , but am curious to see what you will do with the shoes??!!! They are beautiful, and so are your gorgeous collages, filled up with so many precious details and pretties, so sweet Dorthe!

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello my dear Dorthe,
Oh aren't they just the cutest little pair of shoes from dear Dawn and isn't she just the kindest soul to fill them with all that "candy" of lace and seam binding. Oh girl what fun you will have creating with these.
Such a sweet collage. I love how you have embraced the new felted textures. It looks so soft and beautiful in the pinks.
Beautiful work dear friend and am loving it all from here,
My best love and hugs winging their way to you now,

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

The shoes are just adorable,dear Dorthe and I love your new collages.Have a lovely Sunday.
Sending big hugs,

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I found your blog again. I used to have it saved in my favorites on my old computer, but my daughter's friend did something to it that wiped out all my saved blogs. I saw your comment on Dawn's blog and found you again! I love your work, and I will be checking everyday now to see what new treasures you have to show!

junemac2 said...

Dear Dorthe these are all so beautiful. I am in love with the beautiful bird piece, it is magical.
Thank you my friend for helping me so much with the depression, i am feeling a little better but still a way to go to feel properly well again. but at least there are some smiles now. xxxxx

rivergardenstudio said...

Dorthe, this post is filled with joy! I love your laces and buttons and your beautiful art piece that you made for Bettina. I am almost ready for posting the new projects for our workshop tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are so precious I can understand why you had to treat yourself my dear friend! Dawn was most generous with all those gorgeous extras for you to create with.
I absolutely adore the collages, the bird collage speaks so much of your art with your love of nature BUT it is the beautiful pink colours and that vintage woman that my eye is drawn to.
A beautiful post.
Wishes to you

Unknown said...

Oh how sweet! These baby shoes are really adorable. And your fabric collage with this cute bird is a dream. Wonderful, dear Dorthe! Made with so much love.
I wish you a nice week, my friend.

Jillayne said...

The collage you have made is just delightful Dorthe - so much pink and other pretty colours, it is truly a feast for the eyes!