Thursday, March 4, 2010

Two little tags, and new goods in my shop

Two little new tags, have to get a hanger, but I just wanted to show you something new today

A new delivery, from my ordered goods arrived yesterday, look at all this lovely things.
Nye varer i butikken.....

Wonderfull metalhearts with french text ca. 11 cm high dkr. 30,- dollars 6,-
Beautifull sheepmilk soap white and green 5 dollars
Metalhjerter -grøn/hvid m. fransk tekst, kr. 30,-
smukke og dejlige fåremælkssæber a 25,-

Beautifull boxes 2 sizes

Little birdhouse,in wonderfull springcolours
Fuglehus, i forårsfarver ca.22x30 cm. dkr. 250,00

White bird house, here with my flower inside.
hvidt fuglehus måler 35x46 cm dkr. 375,-
Hope you are feeling good all,and wishing you a lovely day.

xoxoxo Dorthe


Lisa said...

Dorthe your works get more beautiful each time you create something. xo Lisa

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Deine Tags sind sehr hübsch, liebe Dorthe! Tolle Sachen für Deinen Laden hast Du bekommen! Die Herzen und Seifen gefallen mir sehr gut und auch das weiße Vogelhaus.
Viele, liebe Grüße und noch einen schönen Tag

Sandy said...

Oh wow das sind ja alles wunderschöne Werke wieder von Dir liebe Dorthe. Fantastisch.

Hearts Turned said...

Such beautiful tags, Dorthe! Love them! And all your new items for your shop are just lovely!

Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Lululiz said...

You chose some beautiful things for your shops, I particularly like the metal hearts, they are gorgeous.

Your tags have turned out so well, they are just lovely, the little girl on the first tag is very very pretty.

My Creative House said...

Lovely tags Dorthe, og flere dejlige billeder fra din butik, da jeg var i byen i lørdags kikkede jeg på sådan et fuglebur som det hvide, det er bare så kønt.
Kærlig hilsen Anni

Sue said...

Love the tags and those birdhouses! Wonderful. I swear I could almost smell the delicious scent of the soap!


Hopemore Studio said...

Dorthe, Your tags are beautiful, so many layers. I love to click on the pictures and study how you have put them together.

Your new items are beautiful too. I imagine those soaps smell wonderful.


Viola said...

Deine tags sind wunderschön! Wie immer! ;o) Und Deine neuen Sachen für den Shop ganz zauberhaft! Der Vogelkäfig ist soooo klasse!!

Anonymous said...

Dorthe, Oh my! Those soaps look so luscious! I have a "thing" for pretty soaps. I don't like all of the new "soft soaps" that come in a bottle. I like bars of soap like this. So pretty!