Tuesday, April 16, 2013


This was the wiev over the fields last night before going to bed,-
isen`t it so very beautiful?  As you can see the trees are still bare ,and nothing
green have appeared yet,-I hope it will soon show!

These last weeks I have had beautiful gifts in my mailbox, and this so
wonderful and lovely little hanger came from my also so lovely friend
See the driftwood she used -it came from "my" Baltic Sea, and am now returning back,to me. 
I love this sweet collage.----Lynne also send me a piece of pretty lace,
but the photo came out very bad, so I`m not showing that.
I know you all know her, but if some of you have not visited her blog 
please click the link, to see all her amazing creations.
Thankyou my dearest friend, for your beautiful art, and even more your
beautiful friendship.

And from another dear-and danish friend-
I got this beautiful giftbag, and a bunch of wonderful stamped and coloured
images, she had made at home,before visiting me! Yes we are that close,
in distance on our little island,that we can visit :-)

Isen`t it beautiful- I love the embossed bag,with Bettina`s so 
lovely flowers. Thankyou my dear ,sweet friend, so much!
Please also visit Bettina`s new blog,to see her wonderful creations,in felt ,paper and fabric!

And another surprice came from CHERYL http://cheryl-cherylscreativeatcscards.blogspot.dk/
The sweetest woman I met on Facebook.
Cheryl, just send me this book because she is a  very kind woman!!!
It is filled with her wonderful handmade and hand stamped pages, with
beautiful adds of butterflyes and birds, 

Amazing tecniques, 

And beautiful pages. I was so touched to recieve this ,
dear Cheryl,-THANKYOU so very much my friend.

Those of you ,not knowing Cheryl, please visit her blog by clicking
her link above!
There will soon be an envelope off to your adress Cheryl  :-)

Thankyou also to my new followers, you are all so very much appriciated,
and also your comments makes my dayes brighter and warmer.

Today at last we had a beautiful warm day, not much sun, but so
lovely warm, that I could keep my door in the studio open for ceveral hours ,
so wonderful!
Now it is evening and dark, here, and I will wish you all
a wonderful day / evening and send you
love and hugs


Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

I loved seeing the beautiful sunset from your place and how very special.
You have some lovely friends and how gorgeous all the gifts are you got from them. How neat that you and Bettina live close to each other.

Wishing you a happy week, dear friend

Rhonda said...

Hello Dorthe,
What sweet gifts you received. Love the last book the most, though. Truly blessed are we to know you!!

AppleApricot Wen said...

Hello dear Dorthe,
Your friends have sent you gorgeous gifts, so sweet of them. Love your beautiful photo of the sun setting. We have some trees here that show little signs of spring. It will come soon, I'm sure.

hugs and sweet day,

morkaren said...

Kære Dorte, du har da den skønneste udsigt, og ud over det, søde gavmilde venner der tænker på dig. knus morkaren.

Bettina Breiding Hansen said...

Kæreste ven - TAk for dine kære ord!
dejligt vi bor så tæt - knus og dejlig dag til dig - Bettina

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Thak you so much for sharing the beautiful sunset with us,dear Dorthe.Enjoy your beautiful gifts from your lovely friends.Wishing you a wonderful week with lots of sunshine:)
Hugs and love,

Anonymous said...

Dear friend
Did the driftwood break into two as it travelled from Scotland to Denmark?
What a pity!!!
Such special gifts you received from your lovely friends.
Thank you for that amazing photograph you shared with us.
Wishes to you.

Suztats said...

Dorthe, you have the sweetest friends! What lovely gifts to receive. Thank you, too, for the links. Here's hoping we get some more warmer days with lots of sunshine.

Createology said...

Sunsets are so magical. The sky glows with such beautiful colors. Lovely gifts for a lovely lady. Shivering Springtime Sunshine Smiles...

Terri said...

Hello Dorthe,
What lovely gifts you have received! You might have to rename your blog....Dorhte's Lovely Gifts! lol!
I just love that you are the joyful recipient of so many heart felt creations! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Love the views from your windows - so serene and the gifts from your friends, so beautiful. xox

sharon said...

You have received the most amazing gifts sweetest friend! That book is a treasure!You are surely blessed!
Sending hugs to you!

Shane Pollard said...

Dearest Dorthe

Such lovely gifts for such a lovely lady!
Everything that Lynne creates is beautiful - what a lovely surprise for you to find a piece of your driftwood in her collage!

It must be wonderful to have Bettina close by and you can visit one another - her gifts are so thoughtful too.

Cheryl's book is created with Spring in mind - the blue glitter page and the butterflies are a sure sign!
Spring will come very soon I think – hang in there Dorthe!
Shane ♥

Viola said...

Wundervolle Geschenke hast Du in der letzten Zeit wieder erhalten. Viel Spaß damit, liebe Dorthe!
Wünsche Dir einen sonnigen und kreativen Tag. Alles Liebe, Viola

cheryl said...

My dear sweet friend i am so glad you liked the book and i am so chuffed to have you by my side. Take care sweetheart love cheryl xx

butterfly said...

What enchanting gifts... so much love and care and beauty! Thank you for always sharing your amazing happy mail with us, Dorthe...
Alison x