Thursday, April 18, 2013


This is the  final result from my workshop made from dear Nellie`s 
wonderful DVD where she shows and covers every aspect about making a book,
filled with whatever you choose yourself.
I wanted to incoorporate nature from my surroundings, together with old
lovely laces and embroideries. I also added smal pieces fitting this ,which was send to me from friends
in blogland- !!

Here you can see the spine made from laces ,a piece of bark,and old embroidered white fabrics.

Opened up to see the whole cover!

A stone heart I found on the beach ,paired with a lovely blue 
pearl bough my dear friend LIZ send me  thank`s dear friend---The 3 sisters
kind of reminds me of my two sisters and me, approximately the same age!
long time ago!

Bird copied on tissue paper,with a driftwood piece..

Beautiful stamped feathers and butterfly gifted me from my dear BETTINA
Thankyou kære ven!

A beautiful leafe found together with my dear daughter some years ago- the bird also a gift from Bettina, 
---a teabag- and so much more!

Here a spread with a pressed Orchid flower behind mica flake,a piece
of rusted metal from the beach, a bird and driftwood on the other page!

Photo I painted on,- and decked with a piece of embossed plastic!

The inside cover of the front page. 

Wonderful findings from the beach-

And sweet gifts from dear TERRI :----feathers,button,shell and little tags, bow
and tulle,too--fitting perfectly to this project, thankyou dear Terri!

Here the bound and finished book standing on my outdoor table,I
so love all the wonderful laces and fabrics you can see spilling out!

And last the back cover also with a bit of tulle sewed to this
amazing spine, learned from NELLIE
I`m so happy having made this book, after Nellie`s workshop dvd- Thankyou my
dear friend, you are a wonderful teacher and a stunning artist!

Now for the next 4 dayes, I will spend my time with my grandkids, so there will not be
much time for blogging- therefore I wish you all a happy weekend-
and send you many smiles and hugs.
Love ---Dorthe


Emilie said...

Kære Dorthe.

Hvor er den blevet flot, din bog.
Så mange spændende materialer og sammensætninger. Det giver et henrivende spil og liv til bogen.

Jeg vil ønske dig nogle skønne dage sammen med dine børnebørn. Forhåbentlig får I dejligt forårsvejr, så I kan nyde vejret udendøres.

God weekend.
Knus, Emilie

junemac2 said...

such a beautiful treasure dear Dorthe. The pages are exquisite
hugs June x

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Oh Dorthe,
Your book is stunningly gorgeous! And so many sweet treasures and memories covering every page. Thank you for sharing and inspiring with your beautiful work, my dear friend. Be sure to get plenty of hugging time in this weekend.
hugs and JOY to you,

Terri said...

Oh Dorthe! What a labor of love! Your entire book is page after page of nature love! I have appreciated seeing your pages as you finished them, and now seeing them in the book, all done, is amazing! The special pieces from friends and family, (and family memories too!)really make it quite the treasure! You must be so thrilled with it. I am sure you enjoyed creating this beautiful book.

Anonymous said...

This is a remarkable creation each page is filled with one delight after the other and all those amazing textures and the most gorgeous laces.
A stunning piece and I am sure it will bring you such joy every time you look at it or pick it up to study the pages.
Thank you for sharing such beauty with us dear Dorthe.

butterfly said...

Oh my goodness, Dorthe - it's so completely glorious... every page has such special things to see and admire, but when you put them all together it's simply breathtaking! What a work of art...
Alison x

My Creative House said...

Hi sweet Dorthe, I enjoyed this post with your fantastic,wonderful and oh so beautifully made book, every page is so well done, love you book, er det ikke dejligt at sidde med den og at kikke i den ?, du kan være stolt af dig selv søde, godt gået.
Knus Anni

Liesbeth Fidder said...

Wow, your book is amazing Dorthe !! Wonderful ! :-D

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Dorthe,
Your book is stunning my friend. Your talents just shine through each and every detail. What a treasure and I love the heart shaped stone you found. It must have been there just for you to find.
Thank you for stopping by and your always kind and encouraging words. You are such a dear. Wishing you and great weekend.
Hugs, CM

Unknown said...

Enjoy your time with your Grandkids Dorthe, ILove the album and took that class myself, also purchased the DVD, I have taken most of Nellies classes and this one with the lush spine is my favorite, pics don't do it justice.
Hugs and love, Marilou

Kate Yetter said...

So beautiful! Looks like every page has delicious eye candy. Such a lovely creation to have completed and be able to show off!

Createology said...

Dorthe Dear you book is divine. Such a wonderful way to savor all those bits and pieces together to enjoy every day. All that lace spilling over every edge is making me swoon with delight. Beautiful Creation. Enjoy your Grandma time making memories...

Anneke said...

Dear Dorthe
what a gorgeous book and you know i am a big fan of your work.
at the moment i have big eye problems and so i am not able to come every time but i won,t forget you.
lovely layers in this book and details.
hugs to you and i try to visit you more.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

I love your beautiful book Dorthe. It must be wonderful to look at it and know that each piece has a memory and a friendship attached to it. I love the way the laces and all the bits and pieces come together to make it a true work of art.

Just lovely.


Unknown said...

oh dorthe..this book is just SO lovely! truly. each and every page is a piece of art in itself! i LOVE the page with all of your seaside finds! oh my. SO beautiful! enjoy your time with your grandchildren! ;)

rivergardenstudio said...

Dorthe this is lovely! Your book is a treasure to be cherished forever. I especially love the birds and the pieces from nature. Wow!

marda said...

So beautiful. Love all the old laces and the personal elements you've used. Stunning.

Astrid Maclean said...

Dorthe this is a totally stunning book!!! Each and every page is so full of meaning and so beautiful! What a wonderful treasure and keep sake! This is an amazing piece of art, every detail is a total delight and I just love the cover as well!!!

*Pearls on a string** Dorthe said...

Jamen jeg er helt mundlam, kære Dorthe. SÅ spændende og SÅ smuk. Hvilket arbejde, jeg er fuld af beundring! Så kom ikke og sig du ikke er dronning i dit rige ;D

Rigtig god weekend.
Knus Dorthe

nelly said...

Скъпа Дороти книгата ти е зашеметяваща! Събрала си в нея толкова много. Парченцата от твоите приятели я прави пълна с любов.
Поздрави и хубав уикенд от мен.

morkaren said...

Din bog er super smuk, den oser af din kærlighed til naturen om dig, og dine kreative gener, kære Dorte nyd nu dine børnebørn medens de er hos dig (osse selv om de støjer og roder lidt) de bliver så hurtig store, og jeg regner heller ikke med at få flere børnebørn, men er glad for de fem jeg har. knus morkaren.

JoAnne said...

Your book is absolutely gorgeous Dorthe! Enjoy the grandkids this weekend. xoxo JoAnne

Unknown said...

Your book is lovely! I have nellie's DVD, too -- looking forward to watching it!!

Suztats said...

A stunning book, Dorthe, made all the more special because it is beautifully filled with treasures-those you've gathered, and those sent by friends. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I truly think you have found a NEW calling in making this book, an additional direction for your work.....this is a cloud of loveliness Dorthe. xox

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hello my dear sweet Dorthe, You've been so busy finishing that gorgeous book. Each page tells about your creativity and your love for nature. I can feel how much you enjoyed working on your book. The soft shades of blue look wonderful together with the nature colors and as always you've added lots of great details. Enjoy your creation!
Hopefully you have lovely weather and can spend some time outside with your grandkids.
Mange kys og knus und viele allerliebste Grüße

Bente said...

Hei kjære Dorthe.
Boken din ble helt fantastisk fin. Vakkert, vakkert.


Carole said...

Just lovely Dorthe


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! Dorthe, your book is just wonderful! I love all pages ..such a vintage goodness! Love all the details you've used. Really beautifully done!

Have a nice sundy my dear friend.

Minna Perälä said...

Absolutely fabulous creation Dorthe! I love each and every page of it! The colours, old laces, birds, sea findings - it it so you!!
You inspire me so much!!!

Hugs, Minnamarika

Viola said...

Hallo Süße,
Dein Buch ist soooo traumhaft schön geworden!Absolutely gorgeous!!
Viel Spaß mit Deinen Enkelkindern!
Viele sonnige Grüße, Viola :)

Mom E. said...

Sweet, Talented, Dear Dorthe!!
I keep coming back again and again to look at your book! It is so gorgeously beautiful. . . it shows your personality, your love from your bloggy friends and their love for YOU! the laces and design you put on each page are magnificent and I love how yo incorporate treasures from nature on each page. So much like you! I love your creations! Everytime you post.
Heart hugs to you,

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh my Dear Dorthe
Congratulations on finishing completely your first book. It is filled with so many special treasures from friends and the memories from the place where you live on that beautiful island with all the birds and wildlife from the land and sea will live inside your beautiful book for you to always recall this time in your lovely life.
It is really stunning and you have done such an amazing job with this new creation! Love it!
Many hugs and much love flying to you over the seas to join you on the island!

Erika said...

Liebe Dorthe,
das ist ein wunderschönes Buch geworden! So voller Liebe und schöner Farben, und eine Hommage an Deine Freunde in Blogland. I just love it!
Hope, you are fine and your grandkids too and having a lot of fun! Spring is hopefully arrieved in Denmark too, so every thing else is with sun shine.
I am working in the garden and I am happy. It is so ggod to feel the sun shine on my skin.
Ich schicke Dir viele liebe Grüße und umarme Dich herzlich!
Deine Freundin Erika

Jillayne said...

Dorthe, your book is amazing! I love to see how you have incorporated nature on each page, from the adorable little bird to your wonderful heart-shaped stone. This is such a work of art, and I am sure it will be a special treasure you will enjoy for many years. Beautiful!

AppleApricot Wen said...

Oh my goodness Dorthe, your book is stunning, so gorgeous! Wow! You really did a great job. I love all the sweet gifts and finds you gathered in one precious book. That heart shaped stone is amazing, great find. And all the yummie fabrics and laces that pop out of the pages when you close the book, that's always such a delicious sight. I love it all dear, I'm happy for you to have finished your first book. Nellie really is an amazing artist, love her work too.
What great news to have your grandchildren around you for four days. I'm sure you enjoyed every bit of your time with them. Big hug and wonderful week to you, Wendy

~*~Patty S said...

Dear Dorthe ~ I am enjoying looking at your beautiful book pages again and again...
each one is SO stunning combining fabric treasures and bits of precious nature ... transfers and stamping too...
from the heart rock and beaded wire flower sprig to the crackled remnant from the sea with string and sea glass...
everything tells a story and combines so beautifully the things you Love...

thank you for sharing this with us ... I can only imagine seeing the cover of your book and what a delight it would be to open it and turn the pages ... you inspire me again and again dear one!

Dortesjs said...

waue waue waue, den er da super smuk din bog, lige op min boldgade, dine sider er vildt romantiske og fine. det er lige dig.

knus dorte
gorgeous book your so talented

Paula said...

Hello sweetheart Dorthe, Your book is gorgeous my dear friend! You did an amazing job with it! You are so creative and talented! I love all the wonderful gifts and sentimental items you included from your friends and your own treasures. Your beautiful creations are a reflection of your beautiful heart! I am so happy you will be spending time with your grandkids. I know how you love them dear heart! I send you lots of love and hugs and kisses! Paula xo

Vicki Boster said...

Dorthe-- oh my gosh--- it's gorgeous!! I have no words to describe this gorgeous heirloom. YOU have set the bar on making these beautiful cloth books-- truly this is beyond beautiful. I can't imagine the hours and hours and hours-- your inspirations have lead you to a place of great beauty--

I'm totally amazed--

The Feathered Nest said...

Dearest Dorthe...this book, this piece of artwork is truly AMAZING!!!! It's is so gorgeous!!! Each fragment, each snippet and component is beautiful placed ~ I know you must just love it! Thank you so much for sharing all that you do precious friend, you inspire me when I need it most ~ I do hope you've enjoyed your babies so much!! hugs and love to you, Dawn

sharon said...

Oh sweetie, I apologize for almost missing this beautiful post. I have been so unorganized lately. Your book is an amazing creation, you have filled it with so many remarkable details of the nature you love and that you are surrounded by! Each page is so unique and special withal of your special creative sewing skills and the laces that you have is a beautiful keepsake, truly unique! It is stunning!Hugs to you sweet friend!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

your book is amazing Dorthe. I have loved seeing each page put together. gorgeous details and art throughout!

Angela Richardson said...

Exquisite Dorthe, a beautiful treasure.
Enjoy your time with your grandchildren.
Hugs ans smiles,

Alisa Noble said...

Beautiful work, Dorthe! I love the end result in all of it's frothiness.
Have a great weekend with your grands!

theresa martin said...

This is a very beautiful book Dorthe.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Dorthe, Love seeing your gorgeous book once again. It is just amazing and you are so very talented.
Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment and kind encouraging words. You always uplift with your visit and I thank you so much for being such a dear blogging friend.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Shane Pollard said...

Hello dear Dorthe
I can't understand how I missed leaving a comment on your beautiful "Nellie" book.... I must have been interrupted to provide food for mortals!lol

Oh I just love every page especially the ones with treasures you have collected from the sea shore "Remnants from the Sea", the piece of chippy paint and glass are so lovely.

The spine with that gorgeous lace is making my heart skip beats, the tulle and tiny beads oooh I lOVe it so much.

You create with an artist's eye, carefully using all your precious pieces.
How lovely you have added all those lovely bits and bobs from your dear blogging friends!
I must tell you I am making a Nellie book too Dorthe – I did her on-line workshop and I agree with you, Nellie is the best teacher!
I hope to collect some pieces for it when I am in France this June/July!

Sending love and hugs from 12,000 miles away in the South Pacific!
Shane ♥

Lululiz said...

I don't know what to say, Dorthe, this oh so beautiful creation just leaves me open mouthed and speechless. A wonderful heirloom to be treasured for generations.

JansArtyJunk said...

OMG Dorthe...your gorgeous book is just breath-takingly Stunning!! So many wonderful details, fabrics, embellishments and textures...LOVE it!! for another look!!! x

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

The book you made is precious with all the gorgeous photos, fabrics and lace you have used. You must be thrilled with it and will be such a keepsake.
Hope you had a wonderful time with your sweet Grandkids.


Jann said...

Your book is GORGEOUS! So much work and love you put into it!