Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another gorgeus birthday gift ,from my dearest Lisa

How very blessed I feel,--- never thought all this could happen,when I startet blogging some years ago.
So many wonderfull friends, I have found in blogland, and one of the dearest
sweetest and most talentet ,is Lisa-  TARNISHED AND TATTERED-

This wonderfull friend, ,when seing I had,had birthday ,send me the most gorgeus presents,
----This was first when I opened up the big packet from USA.
One of LISA`s  beautifull egg carton , inspiration kits,
topped with an old flower,on wonderfull old wall paper, and pearls.

Here the lid,inside,with my initial,and a fantastic brooch
Uhh love old pearl brooches--how did you know ,Lisa?

Inside 3  wonderfull resin pieces-Love the new form .

and this watch  brooch -swoon- and the sweet word crystal.

lots of white.creme buttons

And wow, a gorgeus old rose and some beautifull lace,
Lisa it is not easy to find old flowers,here in DK,
so I`m totally in love with this one.

brown velvet on beautifull  made tag,and see !!!!the sweet lady gave me a dear little packet
with an -M-  metal stamp -for Mathilde  inside -
Many of you know that Mathilde is me grandchild,3years old.
I so love this ,Lisa.

and this special fabric-(I dont know what it is )
maybe old oilcloth ,with a lovely print on ,inside a sweet old photo,
and ivory bricks .I guess the butterfly  is an old hair pin,
so very sweet

This took my heart away, so cute, and wonderfúlly old,
a little doll dress,in the finest cotton-brodery englaise-
and the most darling bonnet.
I love it dearest.

See, isn`t it beautifull?

This doll ( 20 cm) made me go way back, till I was maybe 8 years old.
Back then my parents gifted me with a doll same style, but bigger,and
with moving legs--but with exatly the same sweet face, and the eyes
flickering like butterflye wings.
She is adorable Lisa, and so beautifull dressed.
Thankyou dear friend,

see her wonderfull blue eyes (yes they are, could`nt quite catch it)
and sweet little kiss-mouth.She is having an old Lilly-of-the-valey.around her arm.

Here the cute photo inside the oil-cloth

And ofcourse Lisa`s  so beautifull, and loving tag.The color cheeted me,it is realy a beautifull eggs blue,
with creme velvet flowers, and  look , what Lisa put on!! -24- my birthdate.

Lisa, I don`t have words to thank you enough .
You have a big and loving heart, and I feel so special and loved, recieving those
fantastic ,wonderfull ,and carefully shosen gifts from you,-everything something
you know I would love. AND I DO.
Thankyou my dear friend.

Oh I forgot to show you the last, but so great gift to me from Lisa---
this bunch os  Cloth Papers Scissors magazine.
Lisa has many times told me of great artickels in this mag. and now she even send me 5
copyes .I have startet reading them from one end to the other,They are packed with
special and gorgeus artickels, showing exiting wayes of altering, and lots of other interesting things.

Lisa dear lady, thanks again for all you send me, you made my day so very special.
Big hug-and love to you. 


I would have shown you my first made pieces of 5 inch, for Jillaynes  swap, but I think this is photoes enough for today, so I wish you all, a happy saturday. Here at long last it has reined all night,and it looks like it will go on for the day,too.  Feels good.

Hugs and love and a piecefull week-end to you all out there.


Diane said...

Beautiful, beautiful, Dorthe! Lisa is a special lady and Happy Birthday again!

Sandy said...

Oh Dorthe you are a lucky girl. So wonderful gifts. I´m so happy for you.

Have a sunny day my friend.

Claudia said...

What a beautiful gift from Lisa! She is so talented and giving. Everything is perfect for you. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Dorthe, Lisa has so much heart, doesn't she! It certainly shows in this beautiful gift to you! And she knows what you like!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Blessings XX OO

Lisa said...

Dorthe, lovely heartfelt gifts from Lisa... enjoy!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Our Texas girl is such a sweetie and certainly so talented! Lisa made and picked the perfect gifts for you, my dear friend. The egg carton with all the embellishments looks very yummy and I know you will create some gorgeous things with those goodies. The doll dress as well as the bonnet are both very sweet and the doll is beautifully dressed and has a cute expression. Have fun playing with all your new treasures, Sweets!
Big hugs to you, lots of kys and knus and have a wonderful weekend :-),
Julia said...

Lisa has the touch, doesn't she? Its all just lovely as can be. Happy Birthday!!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Dorthe,
What beautiful gifts from Lisa.
Isn't she the best. So talented, gracious and sweet.

Happy Birthday.


The Feathered Nest said...

Such GORGEOUS goodies sweet Dorthe!!!! All so very beautiful and PERFECT for you, Lisa is such an angel and knows you well ~ she has such a giving heart!!! The oil cloth is paper that she's placed the resin on!! Isn't it wonderful what it turns the paper into? You deserve each and every treasure ~ hugs and love dear friend, Dawn

Lynn said...

Wow, so many wonderful gifts from your friend, I adore the little doll dress and bonnet, and am so happy you have some copies of the magazine now :)

Pretty Things said...

Gorgeousness! I love the doll!

Happy birthday!

Vicki Boster said...

Dorthe - your birthday just keeps on celebrating - how wonderful for you my friend! Your gifts are just so lovely and they are just perfect for you! You are so loved and have so many friends - lucky, lucky you dear sweet Dorthe!


Lovey said...

You are one of the most blessed women I know!! Big Hugs!!!

Beth Leintz said...

Anyone that gets a package from Lisa is very lucky- her art is just beautiful.

And hope you have a very happy birthday.

Sue said...

Dorthe, you have definitely had a fantastic birthday this year. What wonderful treasures you have received - and very deservedly so too!


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Dorthe,
such beautiful trasures your friend Lisa send you. You deserve them all.Enjoy!
Have a wonderful Sunday,my friend.

Viola said...

So many wonderful treasures, Dorthe!! Ganz tolle Sachen hat Dir Lisa geschickt! Super!!

Alexandra said...

Wow what a fantastic birthday gift! Have a nice Sunday Dorthe. G. Alexandra

sharon said...

You and Lisa make a perfect pair Dorthe, such beautiful gifts !

Lisa said...

Dear sweet friend!
I am so happy & surprised the gift reached you so soon & that you enjoyed them. The oil cloth you like is actually old handwriting copied onto computer printer fabric that we can buy here at the fabric store. I wrapped you gift with it but thought you could use it in one of your collages. And don't worry about the mags, I try to copy articles I enjoy & keep them filed. It is such a great publication I wanted to share it with you. Lisa

PS I also never dreamed a little over a year ago that I'd have such a friend in Denmark. Did you know you were my first follower?

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

This really was a very special gift from a very special friend! Thanks for sharing it with us, Dorthe!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

soooo many treasures to see here this morning! Love each and every one. thank you so much for sharing them with us!

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday!! What wonderful lovelies you received. Lisa is the best:) Love, Jamie

My Creative House said...

Oh my dear you are a lucky girl, all these wonderful things Lisa send you, skøn skøn pakke du har fået min kære, hvad mon du kan få ud af alle disse dejlige sager, hyggeligt at snakke med dig i dag, kan du nu være flittig i morgen og få lavet en masse fine sager til butikken.
Kærligt knus Anni