Sunday, February 13, 2011

ANGEL from the sea- or SEA GODDES

Do you remember all the beautifull driftwood I collected this week-?
well here is some of it-turned into a beautifull angel!

I love to use tattered and worn ols pieces of lace-cheesecloth,tulle, and
everything else, to dress my angels in.

I used a PW image for the face.

My first attemp making a coffe filter flower!
I made the paper wet, colored with a brown ink pad-let it dry-
and then used my T.Holz die cut in the Big Shot maschine.

Doe` s any of you, have ideas on how to stabilize the paper a bit more, so it could keep the form -when touched???????

I wish you all a piecefull, and happy sunday-dears
Welcome to  new followers, I`m alwayes feeling very happy, seing new faces- and very humble,for all of you coming to visit.

love and hugs,


Anneke said...

wow dorthe.
she is beautiful and i love her clothes

Diane said...

Beautiful--gorgeous!!! LOVE the flower!!

Unknown said...

Just love the angel and the flower is wonderful. As for stiffening the flower maybe try a little white glue mixed in water when your moistening the coffee filters? When it dries it will dry into whatever shape you made it and stay in place better.

Unknown said...

Oh wait sorry, just reread your post - you'd have to cut the pieces first and then wet them with the water/glue mixture and then color them. Or put some strong coffee with a little glue water in it instead of painting with a brown ink pad.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hello sweet Dorthe,
I just love your driftwood angels from the sea. They have such personality and are beautiful works of art.

Dorthe, I would love to see more about your home and where you live.
I have always wanted to visit Denmark and I'd love to know more about your way of life. You know how curious we bloggers can be.


Unknown said...

your sea angels are always so enchanting dorthe! i love them! so weet.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi dear Dorthe,
your new driftwood angel is just beautiful!! You dressed her up wonderful.
Love your flower too.
Have a wonderful Sunday.

Lululiz said...

Such a beautiful sea angel, Dorthe, and your filter paper flower is gorgeous! Did you use the American round filters?

Minna Perälä said...

Lovely little driftwood angle again Dorthe! Also that coffee filter rose is stunning - looks so natural and real! I like so much your syle and creativity how you use the natures own materials to your artwork <3 <3

Happy Valentines day for tommorow

Suztats said...

The flower is beautiful, Dorthe! Sorry i can't help with your question--I've haven't made ant, yet.

Robin said...

Your angel is absolutely heavenly Dorthe! Have a wonderful day.


She Uses Her Words said...

Hi Dorothe,
Your driftwood angel is lovely and also your coffee filter flower. I would try a wee bit of liquid starch in the water to help the petals hole their shape.
You showed a picture of your 'backyard' once which was the ocean! You are so blessed! How about a few more pictures when you get time?
Have a great week,
xo, Karen

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hallo Süße, Dein Engel ist wieder ganz entzückend geworden! Die Blume ist auch super schön! Du könntest vielleicht den Kaffeefilter auf ein dünnes Bügelvlies bügeln befor Du ihn durch die Maschine jagst. Das müsste eigentlich für mehr Stabilität sorgen.
Einen schönen und gemütlichen Abend wünsche ich Euch :-)! Ich melde mich morgen per e-mail bei Dir.
Ganz liebe Grüße, kys, kys, kys og mange knus

Alexandra said...

Dein Engel ist total schön geworden Dorthe und die Blume ist der absolute Hammer. FANTASTIC meine Liebe.
Schönen Abend wünsche ich dir
liebe Grüße Alexandra

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello you I love using all those bits of old lace, cheesecloth, scrim etc. and boy you really do make such tiny pieces. She is a darling angel with driftwood arms. It's amazing how much you find on the beach.
Come visit me to learn about a brand new book just published on crazy quilting!
Love Suzy

Unknown said...

Dorthe!! The angels are GORGEOUS!! Can't wait to see more. I stablize dress pattern flowers with spray starch. Works like a charm.

Kathy said...

She is lovely...treasure from the sea....priceless!

Anonymous said...

Like sweet stories of the sea, your angels, charming Dorthe. Xox corrine

Rein said...

your angel is beautiful Dorthe!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Love your angel, Dorthe...and your beautiful flower, too!

Joanne Huffman said...

I love your sea goddess. She is lovely - delicate and strong. I also love your flower.

Jillayne said...

A beautiful sea angel Dorthe and I love your little coffee filter flower. It looks shabby and pretty and just perfect.
Do you use a drill to make the holes in the driftwood? Mine is all so soft it just splits and breaks on me when I try using an awl...
Have a lovely day Dorthe!

Paula said...

Hello sweetheart Dorthe,

I love the beautiful angels from the sea you created with your wonderful driftwood! You are an amazing artist dear friend! I love the image and laces and all the sweet details! The coffee filter flower is beautiful! You did a wonderful job! I hope you have a wonderful week with lovely weather! Sending you lots of love and hugs, Paula

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Dorthe,

Your Angel is beautiful and love that you have made her with driftwood collected from the beach.
Your flower is beautiful - I wonder if you sprayed some starch on it.
My Mother used to make crocheted swans and used the spray on starch, worth a try.

Happy Valentines day

Suz said...

Beautiful, Dorthe,
I just love your angels!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi there, Sweet Dorthe! You amaze me with your creative angels. You can take a simple piece of wood and transform it into such a thing of beauty! Hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day!
many hugs and much love,

Createology said...

Dorthe your precious driftwood angel is very organic and lovely. I like your filter flower. Years ago I used an Aleene's product that stiffened fabric by spraying it. I think it would work for paper also. Just Google Fabric Stiffener. Good Luck...

Anonymous said...

Dorthe, the sea goddess is beautiful! Don't you wonder where all that wood on the beach came from! All around the find its way into your studio! :-)

For stiffening fabric I use a product called "Stiffy". It would probably work on paper too. I've never tried it on paper but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

I love the flower! I have been looking for that Tim Holtz die and can't find it in our stores and hope it fits my Cuttlebug when I do!

Have a wonderful day! Yesterday was so busy for me so I'm just catching up now!

Hugs and love,

Sandy said...


The angel is well...heavenly!

This sounds like a crazy tip but I guarantee it will work to stiffen your coffee filter flowers. Lay your shaped flowers on a surface that you don't mind getting messy. Use simple hairspray in an spray can, mist your flowers and allow them to air dry. You don't want to get them too wet or they will droop and loose the shape. They will stiffen as they dry and keep their shape.

sjmcdowell said...

Dear Dorthe,

Oh I love this new Driftwood Angel of The Sea you have made. She is absolutely beautiful!!

If you can stiffen paper if you wet it lightly with a sponge dabbing it gently and then spray with a little fabric starch. Shape the paper to the desired form while still semi damp, that should do the trick for you.
Thank you for coming to visit me and thankyou for telling me about the pink Angel.

Hugs and Smiles,


Fursdon House said...

Hi Dorthe! I love your driftwood angel! She's lovely! And your flower too! Glad you got my heart! And remember - even if you don't write a card or note to attach to a gift, your sweet thoughts are still expressed in every stitch you make! I still look at the beautiful heart you made and I wonder why I was so lucky to get something so beautiful! Love and Blessings, Jan

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Dorthe,
Oh my goodness, your drift wood angel is so very stunning, she is truly such a treasure!! I am just in awe at how you create your precious angels, I love them all!!
Your flower turned out so beautiful, a friend of mine just sent me a link on how to create them, here it is for you, maybe there is something in her tutorial that would help.

I also want to thank you so much for your very lovely and sweet comments you have left on my blog, they mean so much to me dear Dorthe!
Hugs & Love,
Carol Anne

Yitte said...

Hi Dorthe,

Your driftwood angel is so gorgeous. I love the way you put on the lace and fabric and all the details. Fantastic!!! I can't help you with the flower but it is lovely.

Have a nice week with lots of sunshine.


The French Bear said...

Dorthe, your angel is stunning!!! I love the creativeness you put into each piece. I am really loving the inchies you are making, each one is just are so talented, love the new designs you create with each one!!!! Thank you for always popping in and leaving such warm and kind comments....I am trying hard this year to visit all the blogs on my does take awhile to get around, but I do love to come and visit you!!!
I agree with the others that say to use modge podge or white glue watered down, even hairspray might work...
Margaret B

creativelenna said...

Dear Dorthe, Thank you so much for visiting my blog and all your kind comments! I have been busy getting ready for the new class or i would have visited you sooner. Thanks very much for putting up the Artful Pages banner for us! So sweet of you.

I also love the little driftwood sea angel you made! She is gorgeous and very sea-like. Beautiful!
xo lenna

robin dudley-howes said...

Hi Dorthe

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I love the flower and all your dolls are wonderful. What a bounty you found with the drift wood. take care

Hopemore Studio said...

Dorthe, She is just beautiful! I like the idea of using a fabric stiffener to the paper flower. I wonder if you could treat the paper before the flowers were cut out?


Sandy said...

Hi my sweet friend Dorthe,

Wow your angel is unbelievable. So great design and details. Amazing. I love, love, love it !!!

Have a lovely weekend my dear friend. Hugs.

Sugar Lump Studios said...

she is so lovely! I adore your gorgeous driftwood angels!

Viola said...

Deine Engel sind immer soooo schöööön!
Ich weiß das ja ganz genau, habe ja auch schon ein paar davon, hihi! Und die Blume gefällt mir auch super gut!!